British Action Match With AMU

The U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) sent their Action Shooting Team to train the British Army Combat Action Shooting Team. Here is a video of the BACST showing off what they learned in a 3Gun style action stage. They are using the SA80 and what looks like a Glock 17. The British soldier is in Multi-Terrain Pattern (MTP) which is a hybrid of the British Disruptive Pattern Material (DPM) and Multicam.

Nicholas C

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  • Regulus

    Nice. I love that bull pup. Wish they would bring one over here or someone start making one. I would spend the money just for the cool factor

    • Iggy

      I mean no personal offense, but I think you’re the first person I’ve seen say they like the SA80.

      • Regulus

        No offense taken. I’ve heard they r crappy but after watching that movie dog soldiers I think it’s called got me into the rifle. And just think they r cool. Me want me want

    • Lt M

      The ergonomics are lacking, making IA drills a bit of a pain.
      Having been issued both the SA80 and the C8SFW, I can definitely say I prefer the C8.

      • As someone who’s sat and watched UK guys run through their L85 drills. Yeah, I second everything you said. Plus as a Canadian I have a special love for the C8

  • Ken

    I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around: The British sent their team here. That’s the Fort Benning Action Shooting range.

  • Rock or Something

    I left the Army few years ago, but I would have loved getting some drills and pointers from the Army Marksman Unit.

    (obligatory cute girl with gun photo attached)

  • Ryan

    I’m aware that nobody likes the SA80A2 but you cannot deny that it isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

  • Kevin

    That turn at the end. “Yeah I’m a good shot, what of it?”

  • Matt L.

    No way to tell how he scored, of course, but the guy did seem a little on the slow side overall. That last string of fire with the pistol was pretty nice, though!

  • Lance

    L-85 looks cool. But I do correct some no standard infantry in the British army uses C-8 or C-7s. They use the (SA-80) L-85. But SAS and other special forces do use C-7s and C-8s.

    • snmp

      British SAS use Armalite AR15 rifle before the M16

  • Dan

    Yeah that’s Krilling range on Benning. The amu team does however travel all over training allied forces.

  • Ron Swanson

    Agonizingly slow. I hope this was before AMU got ahold of them.

  • spydersniper

    Good job. It’s a start. Maybe we’ll shoot competitions against them in a couple years. True, the shooter was a little slow, but he sure was smiling when he got done!