SHOT Show 2016: EAA Concealed Carry Holster

When I stopped by the European American Armory (EAA) booth at SHOT there were quite a few things to see starting with their 1911s, but there was more of interest than just the guns this year. The rep I spoke to gave me a demo of a holster he was wearing attached to his belt and I admit it looked like a neat gadget. It’s called the ABDO Concealed Carry Portable Firearm Safe and it gives owners of pocket pistols a different way of handling concealment.

If there’s one gun that’s seen a significant increase in sales in recent years it’s those chambered in .380 ACP. Although those pocket pistols have numerous methods of carry thanks to their size and lighter weight, it’s always interesting to see a company think outside the holster, so to speak. The ABDO is made for on-the-belt wear and at first glance appears to be nothing but a slim plastic case. In fact, it does resemble many of the holsters worn by tech fans for cell phones and other electronics. This particular rectangular case is made to hold a pocket pistol, though.

There are two cases being made by EAA. One is the case currently listed on the company’s website which simply holds the pistol inside and can be opened at the press of a button. The other has a computer chip programmed to sync with the user’s cell phone. Not only that, the electronic version will sound a shrill alarm if it’s removed from the user’s belt or disturbed when it should be sitting still in a safe or on a bedside table. The alarm can be easily disabled by the user and text messages alerting the user to activity are sent to the cell phone. This other case can also be opened by the user’s cell phone and not only when the user is in the same city, or even the same state. According to the rep I spoke to, he was able to unlock the case for his wife while he was out of the country.

The basic holster is listed on EAA’s website with an MSRP of $49.00. The electronic version does not yet have an MSRP and is not yet shown on the company’s site.

Take a look at the ABDO at The ABDO is visually and basically the same as the model containing a computer chip so you can get an idea of what the newer model looks like by visiting the link.

Visit the company’s website at

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  • wartzilla

    This is the stupidest thing I have seen all week.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Whoa, it’s so… concealed… in plain view. And so stylish as well.

  • Don Ward

    The “hide” in plain sight generic one is an interesting concept that I won’t reject out of hand. That one with the cell phone actives computer chip with an alarm system is a no go, dead on arrival.

  • Phablet holsters, where I live, are the domain of older men that just refuse to age gracefully. Anyone under 40 wearing this would be suspect.

    • Bill

      This guy over 40 got an IPhone 6 Plus that should have come with a backpack. The phone is big enough to have it’s own area code. I still can’t figure out how to haul it around, particularly in uniform.

      • I pocket carry a Galaxy Note 4 without any problems. If it’s not playing nice with you, try pants with secure cargo pockets or an interior jacket breast pocket.

        • Bill

          Yeah, though I try to avoid 5.11s and vests and jackets, but right now it’s the only option. I could pocket carry an IPhone 5 in jeans, but I just had to “upgrade.”

  • Andrew

    Yep, wearing a freaking iPad Mini on your belt isn’t suspicious at all. Everyone does that. Oh wait, no, they don’t.

    • Don Ward

      I live in the Seattle area and see dudes with their largish electronic devices strapped to their belt all the time. I was at a political thing last night and scanning the room like I normally do, I saw two or three. It’s not for me but honestly it’s not the worst idea in the world if someone wants a deep concealment type of holster.

      • Bill

        There’s Another Company that makes one that looks halfway normal, and not like some type of external medical device. But when your carry rig is physical more ginormous than the gun it’s carrying, the equation doesn’t compute.

        • Don Ward

          I agree. I think 99 percent of the time just go with the old standby. But I can think of a few odd, one-off scenarios where a person would be able to make use of this contraption (or one made by Another Company) and it would be useful. Especially for a $50 price tag for the El Jippo one.

      • Adam Wienieski

        Sure, but when was the last time you saw somebody wearing a trail cam? Does it come with a ‘Shoot Me First’ t-shirt?

  • raz-0

    That’s subtle and unobtrusive.

  • Vizzini


  • Marcus D.

    This type of holster has been around for a number of years, and it is still ugly, still obvious, and still not as useful as an OWB holster covered by a shirt or jacket.

  • MySpin1776

    I actually laughed out loud when I saw that picture.

    • Swarf

      Because it was clearly taken with a flip-phone from 2002 and posted on a supposedly professional blog?