Sometimes, just because you can does not mean you should. With great kydex comes great responsibility. Ok so let us take a look at what is going on with this picture. This guy had a custom kydex holster made for his AR Pistol. I have seen some Kydex holsters for ARs and while somewhat unnecessary they seem to have a purpose.

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Remember this one?


While silly, I could see the justification for those holsters. The holster on the back is just not a good idea. Sure if you are trying to cosplay as some post apocalyptic character from some comic book then I guess you have achieved your goal. I am more concerned with the manipulation and lack of safety using this holster. How would one draw their pistol from that back holster? I am sure many of you at some time in your lives, most likely in childhood, tried to draw a sword and sheath a sword in a scabbard behind your back. We have seen it in movies and cartoons, but we learn that it is not reasonable to draw a sword from your back. The same would apply here. Only much more dangerously. At the range most if not all range officers follow the 180 degree rule. The muzzle must not go past the 180 degree line of the shooting bay/range. Now imagine trying to draw that AR pistol out of the back holster? How would you do it without flagging everyone behind you? How would you safely re-holster it? If someone came up from behind you, would you be able to retain that AR pistol and prevent them from taking it?  This holster does not cover up the trigger guard. Someone can reach out and start pulling the trigger without even having to take the AR pistol out of the holster. The AR pistol looks cumbersome. Trying to get in or out of a vehicle with that thing on would be difficult.


  • Roy G Bunting

    Looks to me that it can only be holstered without a magazine installed. Still dumb, not quite as unsafe, if the user doesn’t leave a round in the chamber.

  • Kyle

    I mean I guess you can make a custom holster. Or just use one of those rope things people use to retain their rifle. Damn, what were they called again? Something with an S….. Oh right slings, they are called slings. They even come in several varities and a slew of different mounting options.

    • USMC03Vet

      Don’t forget the carabeaner!

    • RICH


  • Spade

    I thought these were stupid until I hit the Jeep one, but that’s mostly because I’m a sucker for putting more crap on my Jeep.

    • hami

      We all have to admit that the ACR on the Jeep is awesome.

      I vote to ammendment the article in a way that praises this particular instance and condems all the rest

  • hking

    The jeep one is the only half acceptable one, and even then it has really limited utility. I could see something like that on my ranger or 4Wheeler, but not on a actual vehicle that is taken anywhere other than around the farm/ranch.

  • Wingbert

    Looks like the guy just half ass made it in his garage. It’s formed terribly and doesn’t even cover the trigger guard.

    • Bill

      It’s be hilarious if he went to sit down somewhere and a seat cover or something got caught in the trigger guard. What a sec, no it wouldn’t.

  • El Duderino

    More ‘murrican than you f-tards!

  • Budogunner

    Well, if you are going to carry an AR pistol you might as well place it in the least accessible location possible. Molding and mounting the kydex in such a way as it can’t be carried loaded is even better.

  • Al

    I guess you can sell any kind of crap for an AR. Talk about a pointless solution to a nonexistent problem…

  • Jambo

    I could see the use of this if you were carrying a rifle in addition to something like a SAW. I could even see this working for an m500, but really it’s a solution looking for a problem. Nobody asked for this.

  • Lance

    I like the OD Jeep wrangler in the pic!

  • imachinegunstuff

    I remeber the VBSS guys having AR holsters, kind of, it worked with a sling, and allowed them to climb ladders inside ships with their rifles out of the way.

    • Bill

      I bet your referring to a weapon latch. They can be handy, are inexpensive, and can be rigged out of 550 cord. Going up guarded ladders, that’s ladders with guards around them, can be a headache if you can’t lock the long gun down. I also wrote into policy that a copper could not go hands-on with someone unless they had a means of latching a long gun, as opposed to just having it swinging from a sling.

  • Daniel

    When hunting I like keeping my AR slung to the front while walking. Something not cumbersome on my chest to attach the AR to and keep it close to the body and stable while climbing up and down ladder stands would be nice.

  • davidio flavio

    Younze miss the point. Pissing off libs.

    What a bunch of funds.

    • davidio flavio

      FUDDS dammit. I hate spell check….

      • Bill

        I pretty liberal and it doesn’t piss me off. It just makes me alternate between laughing and weeping for the future of humanity.

    • Anon

      I think you’re lost, friendo. TheTruthAboutGuns is somewhere over there ——>

  • Bill

    it might approach making some sort of theoretical sense if it was a chest rig, but then where would you wear your chest rig, on your back? Actually, I may have out-snarked myself, because I think I could reach the mags and stuff in my BFG 10 Speed rig if it was backwards. Something to try next time I’ve had too much NyQuil.

  • Bill

    The way I drive a Jeep I’d only risk having an AirSoft gun on the outside of it.

  • LV-426

    Hmmm, about as legit as………

  • Bill

    Well, it works for her…

    • Dan

      Everything works for her in that picture.

  • George Griffin

    Seems legit.

  • KestrelBike


  • koko

    Someone just overdosed videogames…

  • The problem with a lot of these sorts of things is that if you modify your AR after the custom kydex holster is made, you can’t use it anymore. The lower “Holster” thing is better in that it grabs and holds the mag well and covers the trigger guard. That’s fine, but the “Draw” is awkward and will be difficult from positions other than standing.
    I’ve got a crazy idea. How about a simple strap? A strap that say – you can connect at two points on the gun to carry it over your shoulder or across the back. Or maybe with one point to just let it hang vertically.
    I know.
    Crazy talk.
    That would never catch on.

  • CJS3

    I always thought a “Mare’s Leg” holster would make a good starting point for an AR pistol holster. Something that would allow for use of a single point sling as a lanyard. Not exactly a practical day to day setup, but you’d sell a ton of them to the tacticool guys.