Troy Responder

Troy Responder

Troy announced a new Responder semi-automatic rifle that is designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and military personnel. The rifle is shipped as a complete “turnkey weapon system” and not as a base rifle that would need additional outfitting to be placed into service.

The heart of the gun is a Troy AR system. The gun is chambered for the 5.56 NATO caliber and it comes equipped with a 12.3″ barrel that has a 1:7″ twist. The end of the barrel is topped with the company’s own three prong flash hider with suppressor mount.

At the back end, Troy is using one of its new Tomahawk BattleAx stocks. This stock is a PDW-style stock that combines with the relatively short barrel to give you a rifle that is less than 27″ in length. For someone in cramped quarters or with limited storage space – like a motorcycle patrol officer – the short overall length can be a very real advantage.

Troy Responder

For accessory mounting, Troy uses a 10″ Revolution carbon fiber M-LOK rail. An InForce WMLx 500 lumen weapon light is a standard accessory included with the rifle.Β Troy folding sights (with a tritium front post) are standard, as is the AimPoint Micro T2 mounted up top. Rounding out the included accessories is a Proctor 2-point sling.

The suggested retail price on this rifle is $1,999.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Damn, that is actually pretty sweet and at a price thats not insane. I like it.

    • thedonn007

      I agree, that price is actually quite fair. The optic by itself is, what $600?

      • Harrison Jones

        $600+ for the optic and mount.
        $200 for the BUIS
        $170 for the Light
        $30 for the sling

        That’s $1000 for the base rifle. That’s an incredible deal.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Plus $350-500 for the PDW stock.

        • Rick5555

          The Carbon stock goes for roughly $250 too. This is actually a great turnkey rifle deal. I bet Troy sells a lot of these. If not to a govt. contract. Most definitely the commercial market will see the value in this deal.

          • Harrison Jones

            If properly marketed I could see this gun alone increase the number of NFA owners out there. The saving alone are enough to justify the cost of a trust and $200.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I know, if I had a spare grand laying around I’d be on it.

      • hydepark

        I would LOVE it if someone could show me where to find an Aimpoint T-2 for $600, even without a mount. Kindly post a link in your response.

        • hydepark

          Darn. I was hoping someone could save me a couple hundred off my next Aimpoint purchase. $600 vs ~$730 is an error of almost 20%.

  • CommonSense23

    So while I get that you have two extra inches of barrel, why would someone choose this over a proven SBR like the MK18.

    • Harrison Jones

      Velocity, reliability, wear on the rifle etc…

      The 12.5inch barrels have been around a while and are more proven than the 10.5 for the most part. The 10.5s had lots of issues early on.

      • CommonSense23

        The 10.5s have had their issues worked out for a long time now. The MK18s have pretty much set the standard for SBR in military use for over a decade now. And at SBR range you really aren’t going to see any practical gain with another 2 inches or barrel at realistic engagement distances with good ammo.

        • Harrison Jones

          You seem knowable enough on the subject. I think you’re just looking for a lively discussion.

        • Mrninjatoes

          The MK18’s run best with a can. That 10.5 inch barrel tends to get a lot of gas port erosion. The 12.5 makes a lot sense.

          • CommonSense23

            The MK18s run fine without a can. Had them issued to me for almost 6 years.

          • Mrninjatoes

            Where did you get your Mk18? Crane? Colt? DD? SAW? And what elevation do you shoot at? What ammo were you using? What buffer were you using?

          • CommonSense23

            Well they are Colt guns. With DD rails. Have shot everything from 55 grain to 80 grain with no issue. Either suppressed or unseppressed. At multiple different elevations.

        • iksnilol

          John Noveske was #12.5InchMasterRace

          So I am trusting him.

      • Kivaari

        OK, where does my 11.5 inch barrel fit in the good or bad range scale? The current one has only had 40 rounds down range. The snow is too deep to get excited about zeroing the thing.

        • Harrison Jones

          It’s not as simple as 11.5, 12.5 10.3, 10.5, 7.5 etc. It’s a conbination of the buffer, buffer spring, gas port, ammo, etc… Just shoot it and if it works it works! I’d test all ammo before trusting you life to it.

          • Kivaari

            I am confident it will work. It’ a Bushmaster factory upper on a Colt M4 lower. I just find the contradicting pros and cons to be a little off mark. That is unless people are doing a build where they pick a gas port diameter that may not match the barrel length. The bigger companies should have learned by now what combinations work properly. That said, there seem to be plenty of .308 ARs, that don’t work reliably. Even the ones used by the Navy. In Kyle’s book he mentioned the unreliable .308 AR. My favorite dealer steered me away from them as the don’t give good reliability – YET.
            I’ve seen quite a few home builds (assemblies) that just were not done well. That does involve old prejudices I have for Olympic Arms. In their early years they sold parts that would be rejected at any reputable business. It put them into a never buy heir junk category.

          • Harrison Jones

            Exactly! The big boys should have it down perfected. The problems I’ve seen are the companies that buy most of their parts from overruns and don’t have standardized models. The guys that see a good deal on barrels and buy the lot and just throw the guns together with whatever parts are on hand.

  • Danny Wildman

    Courtesy PSA: Boycott Troy

    bearingarms dot com/troy-industries-faces-backlash-over-handling-of-anti-gun-hires/

    • hydepark

      What was the final disposition of all that? Did that one jackboot get thrown out, or did they just quietly side-step the whole matter?

      • Danny Wildman

        That’d be the latter.

    • Rick5555

      The person in question who was subsequently employed at Troy. Was fired 18 months ago. Boycott Troy if you want. However, you’re missing out on some quality made accessories and other items. PSA is not known for the quality materials they use in some of their products…hence why it’s so cheap for said item(s). Ask PSA what four metals are used in their BCG’s and how they’re manufactured. I bet you don’t get an answer.

      • Francis

        Public Service Announcement = PSA (since before the days of the firearms manufacturer/retailer, Palmetto State Armory)

        It’s okay, because sometimes in our rush to put anonymous people in their places we make mistakes. Hell, I’m sure I have a grammatical error or two in my response. πŸ™‚

      • Danny Wildman

        Troy hired more than one murderer: www dot thetruthaboutguns dot com/2013/08/daniel-zimmerman/what-the-hells-the-problem-with-troy-industries/

        Besides, the AR/AR accessories market is saturated, Troy is hardly some standout manufacturer.

        • Bill

          You haven’t used many ARs or parts. Go through the employment roster of any company and you’ll find people with histories.

          • Danny Wildman

            “You haven’t used many ARs or parts”

            Sure, it’s not like there are established manufacturers like Noveske, DD and BCM with proven track records out there. No, we should buy from Troy instead.

            Apparently you can’t see the difference between a company possibly hiring sketchy people, versus the executive management of a company deliberately hiring a person who proudly stands by government murder, then stands by their hiring decision despite the outcry from the community.

            And you know why they weren’t convicted? Sovereign immunity. Of course you can hold the opinion that government murder isn’t murder because the government said it is totally cool. It’s just that most people in the gun community happen to disagree with your opinion.

          • Bill

            Troy has been around as long or longer than those companies you mentioned. And study up on sovereign immunity, there are plenty of cops convicted of crimes and in prison. What most of the gun community “thinks” doesn’t mean squat in the legal realm, nor was I aware that you had polled them. Feel free not to buy Troy products. They’ll do fine without your business.

          • Danny Wildman

            And how long has Troy been making full rifles eh? Answer that. Better question: how long have you worked at Troy?

            I do like your argument that the legal decision is the end-all on a discussion on morality and right vs wrong. You know segregation and slavery were legal, right? Ergo it must be right. Heh.

          • Bill

            I don’t work for Troy. I’ve used their parts for years and found them to be equal to or superior than many other brands. Noveske and BCM didn’t start out making complete rifles either.

            You must have missed the day in history class when it was explained that segregation and slavery are no longer legal. If you think there’s a legal case against any of the people you’ve named, go ahead and file an action, that’s your right as a citizen. If so many people think that what they did was illegal, apparently it wasn’t enough to convince US attorneys, local attorneys, grand juries or anyone else except “most of the gun community.” So is that 50.5 % or what?

            1992 called and wants it whiners back.

          • Danny Wildman

            Way to miss the point entirely. Your entire argument rests upon the legality of the actions. The gun community’s negative reaction against Troy and HS Precision revolve around the justness and morality of the actions. Those are two different things.

            By the way, AG’s and grand juries aren’t elected. Good one with the 50.5% bit.

          • n0truscotsman

            I have. Just about every one imaginable tbh. troy sells good stuff, but nothing ‘better’ than say BCM, PSA, daniel defense, or LMT.

            I do like their magazines having bought some for 10 a pop for a sale a while ago.

      • n0truscotsman

        palmetto state armory’s military contract stuff is just fine, being equivalent in terms of durability to any other military specification part.

        But sure. Keep paying troy prices, if you think it helps you. LOL.

  • Sianmink

    I want to know more about this new version of their PDW stock.

  • john huscio

    Lon horiuchi/dale monroe approved?

    • Edeco

      Googled it. Wow *smh*

    • Bill

      Old news. How many purchasers were still in grade school then?

      • Danny Wildman

        No statute of limitations for murder, bro.

        I recall you defending Troy in another thread. Do you work there?

        • Bill

          Go ahead and get a US attorney to file a complaint. The local prosecuting attorney tried and failed.

          Bad things happened when you facilitate, aid and abet the killer of a federal agent. A smart person would have left. Of course, the argument could be made that her balls were bigger than his, so….

          • Danny Wildman

            Nice revisionism. The Idaho AG was pressured to drop the case by the feds. The case did not “fail” (i.e. Hourichi/Monroe were not acquitted), it was simply dropped due to politics.

            “killer of a federal agent”

            That line proves you are either entirely ignorant of the facts of Ruby Ridge and Waco, or you’re just a thorough bootlicker.

          • Bill

            Just consider this – it inspired Tim McVeigh to blow up a day care center, so I’m sure you and your ilk can take comfort in that.

            Don’t you have a NOAA Marine Sanctuary or Interstate highway rest stop to occupy until the feds start behaving the way you want?

          • Danny Wildman

            So… now you’re actually blaming the Weavers for the OKC bombing?

            Looks like Dale Monroe isn’t Troy’s only hiring error. πŸ™‚

          • Bill

            Reading comprehension isn’t just for smart people, you ought to give it a try. Move your lips if it helps.

          • Danny Wildman

            Just be honest and admit that’s what you are saying.

            “smart people”

            Oh, the irony.

          • Bill

            Guys like you are the interweb equivalent of a broken manure spreader: you just go around in circles trying to cough up the same tired BS.

            Tell you what, Spunky, if you can get me a gig at Troy, I’ll take it. Furthermore, if you promise to get really peed off, I’ll buy two of these, to make up for your lack of business, which given your ‘tude, I doubt they’d want.

          • Danny Wildman

            Facts about Ruby Ridge and Waco are now BS. Got it.

          • Bill

            You’re constantly and continuously wrong: your “facts” about Ruby Ridge WERE wrong, and continue to be so. 20 plus years of mistruth doesn’t make something true.

            Are you boycotting the ammo used also? Do I work for that company? How about GM, who sold the feds a boatload of vehicles over the years. Then so did Ford, and Chrysler. Do you have a stuffy for them? How about the Port-a-Potty contractors? I bet they’re your speed.

          • Danny Wildman

            Feel free to point out where I am wrong regarding Ruby Ridge.

            Why would I boycott the ammo and vehicles used at Ruby Ridge? Are you an animist like the gun control people? Do you think the ammo and SUV’s have a will of their own, like the men who made the conscious decision to put a bullet into Vicki Weaver?

          • Bill

            I would, but I boxed my books and files away somewhere towards the end of the last century. Of course, you can instantaneously pop up proof of intent to “murder” Weaver because you have full access to the interviews and forensics. Don’t respond to that, because you don’t have anything remotely resembling evidence, except for possibly some stuff that was debunked when my daughter was in grade school. Plus there’s that old saying about wrestling in the mud with pigs…..

            It’s been real, but I’d suggest you pack up your stuff from the wildlife refuge and go home with the rest of your reactionary little buddies.

          • Danny Wildman

            Excuses, excuses. How can you read any books when you’ve been bootlicking for the last 25 years?

            Also, murder doesn’t require intent. Add that to your list of falsehoods regarding Ruby Ridge.

          • Bill

            I….can’t……resist. Cite me a murder statute that doesn’t require a level of culpable mental intent. That’s murder, not homicide, not negligent homicide, not voluntary manslaughter, not involuntary manslaughter, you said murder. It appears that your lack of knowledge about Ruby Ridge is only matched by your lack of knowledge of the legal elements of crimes and concepts like mens rea.

            Once you’ve done that, your village called, they need you back ASAP.

          • Danny Wildman

            Second-degree murder: any intentional murder with malice aforethought, but is not premeditated or planned in advance.

            One of the definitions of malice aforethought being: Reckless indifference to an unjustifiably high risk to human life (sometimes described as an “abandoned and malignant heart”)

            Note that Dale Monroe was caught on tape saying he would have taken the shot on Vicki Weaver himself if Hourichi did not do so:

            www thetruthaboutguns com 2013/08/daniel-zimmerman/what-the-hells-the-problem-with-troy-industries/

            The documented, deliberate deviance from FBI RoE on the part of the Ruby Ridge shooters (which were written in part to preserve human life, as the FBI is not a military organization) indicates this is a clear-cut case of reckless indifference.

            I’ll tell you what you can resist: the facts.

          • Bill

            “Cite me a murder statute”

            That means as USC number, state statute, some actual law, not something you pulled off of wikipedia. Even your lame “aforethought” is a measure of mental culpability….

            Seriously, they miss their idiot.

          • Danny Wildman

            My oh my, aren’t you just totally useless and incompetent. You can’t google, you can’t click on citation links, you can’t dig up your books from the basement. LOL.

            18 U.S.C. Β§ 1111: To kill with malice aforethought means to kill either deliberately and intentionally or *recklessly with extreme disregard for human life* (emphasis mine).

            www3 dot ce9 dot uscourts dot gov/jury-instructions/node/565

            Funny how you throw around “idiot” and yet you have not been able to refute a single fact I’ve stated, nor have you used any facts to defend your opinion of the matter. Pro-tip: “it’s legal, deal with it” is not a legitimate argument on the morality of the Hourichi/Monroe duo.

          • Bill

            So there is a level of mental culpability. But you’re right, it’s all a conspiracy.

          • Bill

            And Troy makes Satan’s communion plates.

          • Danny Wildman

            When and where did I say there is a conspiracy? It’s not like the government’s sovereign immunity defense was secret, it was completely public.

            And who is mentally culpable, and for what? Can you at least try to construct a complete sentence?

            Is this your attempt to explain yourself? I’ll give you a straight up F for effort. This is pathetic.

          • Bill

            Yep, you’re right, about everything.

          • Danny Wildman

            Go cry into your basement boxes. πŸ™‚

          • Frebitz

            And the winner is Danny.

          • n0truscotsman

            “it inspired Tim McVeigh to blow up a day care center, so I’m sure you and your ilk can take comfort in that”

            What a scumbag statement to make.

            Since you are interested in hitting below the belt, you excuse makers for government abuse should find comfort in the body count you’ve accumulated from the global war on terror and drug wars…

            dare to compare? i can play this game all day long.

  • Mister Thomas

    Love carbon fiber hand guards.

    • hydepark

      Yeah, I just looked up the Revolution. Looks great. Too bad it’s made by Troy.

  • Joe

    Would someone please tell Gun companies to STOP bridging the Handguard 12 o’clock rail and the upper rail with optics! It doesn’t work, it’s a bad idea, it doesn’t look cooler, it’s not necessary EVER.

  • Harley Criswell

    I think they used a 12″ barrle and that flash supper so you can get it with out filling a form 1

  • chris lynch

    I was VERY surprised by this price. Wow. An AR (system) being put out by one of the big names for a reasonable price, in 2016? Pinch me!

  • JamesRPatrick

    I like it. Neat idea selling the package like that. Good price, too.

  • Rod Jos

    T2 mounted across the upper and ff rails? lel

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    Before I read anyone’s opinions on the package, I’d like to state for the record that I like it. The optic and light are nice additions, the handguard is slick, the flash hider is optimal, and the stock is interesting. I hope to see how it runs on youtube soon, hopefully it’s reliable.

  • Kivaari

    AND that nasty $200 FET and extra months before getting it. The NFA needs to go away.

    • KestrelBike

      extra months, it’s really honestly half a year at this point. Ridiculous. Damn the atf.

  • That new stock doesn’t appear to be much – if any – shorter than a standard collapsible carbine stock, so what’s the point? It looks like it would be very difficult to use in some shooting positions, and appears to be heavier than a normal stock, as well.

    • CommonSense23

      That’s what I am trying to figure out about this. They are claiming a overall length roughly the same as a MK18, with the only major difference between them being a extra two inches of barrel length. Two extra inches is nice, but it doesn’t really give you much in terms of useful ballistics for normal SBR use.

  • LV-426

    Anyone shoulder one of these new Troy stocks?? Talk about minimalist. IDK do they shoulder better than the other PDW offerings out there??

  • Steve Truffer

    Another over-engineered, overpriced stock.
    Come on guys, I know there are times when playing up ignorance is useful, but come on.