Shot Show Optics: Burris XTR II 1-8x24mm Riflescope

Burris XTR II 1-8x24mm is the 3rd 1-8x scope released at Shot Show 2016. I have previously reviewed the 1-5x24mm model of the Burris XTR II series and I found it to be an excellent performer for the money (Burris XTR II 1-5x24mm review). When Burris Optic announced the 1-8x24mm model just before Shot Show 2016, I was looking forward to checking it out.



The two samples at the Burris booth seems to be fully functional. The Burris XTR II 1-8x24mm will be offered in both first focal plane and second focal plane models. Both focal plane models will be featuring true 1x magnification and daylight visible reticle illumination.



Size wise, both models are listed as 10.75 inchs long, which is shorter than the 1-5x24mm model. The tube size is 34mm, which is common for 1-8x scopes. The uncapped elevation and windage turrets offer 30 Mils of adjustment in 1/10 Mil per click. Weigh in at 24.4 ounce without rings, the Burris 1-8x24mm scope is quit heavy for its size.



There are two reticle options for the Burris XTR II 1-8x24mm. I’m assuming the FFP Ballistic Circle Dot reticle version is the tactical model and the RFP Ballistic Dot reticle variant is more of a hunting/sporting model. The daylight bright reticle illumination is powered by a single CR2032 lithium battery.



The Burris XTR II 1-8x24mm riflescope will be available in May-June 2016 time-frame with the retail price of $959 to $1139 depends on the options. The production model will be featuring the Burris’ new M.A.D. modular knob system that allows customization of turrets with the option of MOA adjustment, capped turret and custom laser engraved ballistic turret.

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Nice optic ruined with garbage reticles.

    Oh Burris. For all the work you put in, you end up with something Nikon would do and mouthbreathers think that somehow magically their bullet drop to the preconceived marks, because apparently long distance shooting is magic and not math :

  • Sledgecrowbar

    I like the idea of these new 6- and 8-multiplier scopes, especially starting at 1x because they offer no-compromise function for combat use, but I’d like to get a cheaper one for my budget builds. All the companies I’ve thought of as acceptable cheap scope sources (with better quality than the bargain sources, even though it’s the same production line the QC is better) seem to be pushing four-figure prices for this new scope. I hope a second product line shows up from these companies, preferably with MOA reticles, because I think the 8-multiplier will become a new de rigueur on MSR’s.

  • Mullet

    Why oh why didn’t Burris keep the same reticle as the 1.5-8 with dual focal plane?