CMP gets M1 Carbines (that you can order, right now)

Unlike the previous hysteria and excitement about the 1911s from the CMP earlier, this news is actually quite concrete. I asked the CMP booth about the 1911s while at SHOT, and the answer was that even though the President signed that act into place that allows the CMP to accept 1911s from the Army, it still doesn’t mean that the Army has to give them up at all. So real bummer until future notice. Anyways, CMP has a number of full stock M1 Carbines up for sale, all from a number of original World War Two era manufacturers. I assume that this is due to the recent legislation. The carbines can be mail ordered on February 1st, and can be bought in person at either the Port Clinton store in Ohio, or the Anniston store in Alabama. Although all the shipping will be from the Anniston store. If you live in either Ohio or Alabama, the morning of February 4th might be a good time to take off work or school, if you want an original M1 Carbine for a good price. They are all available on a first come, first serve basis, with no preference to the manufacturer. In addition, Field grade, and Service grades are the only types being offered, Field for $625, and Service for $685.

Monday, February 1, we will begin accepting orders for a limited number of M1 Carbines for mail order.  Two grades will be available, Service and Field.  They include the following manufacturers; Inland, Winchester, IBM, Quality Hardware, Saginaw, Standard Product and Underwood.  The manufacturer you receive will be luck of the draw, please no requests.  Each customer is limited to one total Carbine this year.  You will not be allowed to purchase both a Service and Field Grade.  You may put down your first choice and second choice.  We DO NOT time stamp orders, we only date stamp them.  All orders received the same day are put in one basket.   Please do not call about your order.  If information is needed for your order, our sales department will contact you.  Be sure to complete the checklist for the order before you send it in.  Questions about orders already in-house slow down our processing which means it takes longer to send out the end product.  If your payment method is a check, we will not deposit your check until your order is processed.  However, some may go on backorder.  You will be contacted prior to depositing your check should your order be placed on a backorder list.  To be placed on the backorder list, you must have a form of payment with your order.

Due to limited quantities we may come across, M1 Carbines, M1Carbine barreled Receivers, Bavaria-Marked M1 Carbines and M1A1 Paratrooper Carbines will be offered on the CMP Auction Site HERE.

Each M1 Carbine rifle sold by CMP is an authentic U.S. Government rifle that has been inspected, headspaced, repaired if necessary and test fired for function. Each rifle is shipped with safety manual and chamber safety flag.

Free S&H – continental U.S. Contact CMP for additional S&H – Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico

NOTE:  Carbines will not be sold or shipped with magazines, slings or oilers.

Store Availability:  On February 4, our stores in Anniston, Alabama, and Port Clinton, Ohio will have an extremely small quantity of M1 Carbines available.  They will be on a first come first serve basis.  No Carbines will be held and purchases must be completed that day.  In the store, you will be limited to one type of Carbine.  If you have placed a mail order, then decide to visit the store, your mail order will not be honored.



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  • Kirk Newsted

    “I assume that this is due to the recent legislation.”

    Umm,no. If you frequent the CMP site and forum you would know that the carbines have been at Anniston since about 2013 being prepped for sale. Recent legislation has nothing to with the carbines.

  • hydepark

    Wish I lived close to a CMP store.

    • Jeebus

      And now on Gunbroker for double the price.

    • Doom

      wish id been born about 20 years earlier… all that amazing WW2 Surplus… gone…now resold at huge increases in price. and no more milsurp to come since everything is either destroyed instead of resold, banned from import, or illegal to own… it hurts to live.

  • Evil13RT

    Getting one of these in the VI is a serious hat trick.
    You’d need a coupon in that caliber before ordering, and just getting that can take months.
    Plus they’re trying to pass a new law restricting guns to calibers smaller than “what the police use” (because someone seriously thinks 223 is larger than 308 and 9mm).

    • Ken

      223 is high powered, didn’t you know?

      • iksnilol

        Oh noes, about 1300 joules of energy

        Oh the humanity, how can such destructive devices be allowed?

  • Geoffry K

    Even if I had the $1000 or so they want, I can’t get one.
    I qualify EXCEPT for a CMP Club Membership, there aren’t any near me in South Carolina that will admit to being CMP Affiliated. Even the ones CMP says they are.
    Oh, and they are private clubs with excessive membership fees.
    Better for me to find one at a C&R dealer as I have the 03 FFL.

    • GSSF is a CMP affiliated club.

      • Geoffry K

        What is GSSF? And where?
        Glock Sport Shooting Foundation?

    • Budogunner

      Last I checked there was an online m1 Garand collectors club that qualified. I can’t remember the name but a quick Google should find it. Small membership fee and they send out regular newsletters.

      • Swarf

        That is true.

    • DB

      M1 GARAND COLLECTORS/$25.00 I believe.

  • Bub

    My application for one of he limited number of M1 Carbines should arrive at CMP today. I know it’s a long shot of scoring one of these, but well worth the effort. M1 Carbines are blasts to shoot. Not the worlds most accurate guns and the sights can be a pain, but who cares.

    • Rodney Steward

      They are sweet shooting, I have one of these little rascals!

  • Jeebus

    Hey guys, can someone clue me in: Does being a veteran count as a qualifier for “Membership in a CMP affiliated organization” or just for “participation in marksmanship” part? Can’t find an exact answer.

    • Jeebus

      Nevermind, I’m an idiot- it’s right on the order form XD

      • adverse

        Done that before.

      • DB

        Thought it was, just wanted to give a quick answer. Takes more than just vet, which sucks!

    • Jim_Macklin

      Your state association membership, KSRA, ISRA, etc; a concealed carry license, a qualification card from the NRA or IDPA, IPSC, etc.
      NRA membership is not required by CMP.
      As a Senior senior citizen who owned an M1 Carbine about 1960, the attraction was TV and WWII and Korean war movies. It was nice that surplus ammo was cheaper than .22LR.

      • DB

        Good job JIM!!

    • DB

      I understand a veteran with correct/proper paperwork counts. Exactly what they want…..

  • Vizzini

    Ohio started allowing deer hunting with modern rifles in straight-walled cartridges a couple years ago and I was disappointed to find out that .30 carbine is not one of the allowed rounds. Which is pretty odd, because it’s mid-range in power among the allowed rounds, which go down to rounds as anemic as .38 Special and up to big game rounds like .45-70 or .450 Marlin.

    • Tom

      I can understand why .30 Carbine might be a no no for deer, but not in a world that permits .38 special. Sure .38 can be loaded hot and with modern bullets blah blah blah… but then again so can .30 Carbine and its got a whole lot more to work with from the get go.

      • Vizzini


        I, personally, wouldn’t trust .38 special for deer, when there are so many better options, but it’s right there on the ODNR website, so it sets a pretty low bar.

        • Bill

          I’ll have to make some calls, that must be a mistake. For handguns ODNR used to be notorious for barrel length, caliber and so forth, Because I find their website essentially unnavigable, are you sure it wasn’t .38 Super?.

          OTOH, we just found 4 poached whitetails all done in with .22s. The game protector said 3 were killed with 1 shot, the forth with three, two of which were in non-vital areas.

          .30 Carbine belongs on the list.

  • Swarf

    According to the website, they are sold out.

    How does that happen?

    • Kirk Newsted

      Its called supply v. demand. They had so many orders they ran out quick.

    • steve norton

      The email went out Thursday afternoon saying they were accepting orders today. Everybody sent out orders Thursday and Friday.

    • Swarf


  • Marines—–

    • Kirk Newsted

      Active, vet, or retired is eligible. Check the CMP site for details.

  • Rodney Steward

    Well I’m lucky, the CMP Anniston Store is just 25 miles from my house and have been looking at the M1 Grands but the PRICE is OUT OF SITE!!!

    • law-abiding-citizen

      I’m luckier – in a manner of speaking. My dad had 3 of them – 2 reproductions, 1 service rifle. I took the service rifle, let my brother & brother-in-law have the nicer condition reproduction models. Unplanned result, mine was the only one with a bayonet lug. We each also got about 1,100 rds of ammo for our rifles. Now I just need to find a sling for my rifle.

      • Rodney Steward

        About 3 months ago I got invited to go to a range on an old Fort and shoot with a club, and they were shooting the Grands, and that is one sweet weapon! They wanted me to join and I’m still thinking about it but it is NOT CHEAP!!!! They travel around to different places and shoot against other groups, but you have to shoot in at least 3 matches per year and have your on weapon and like I said it is NOT CHEAP! I have the little M1 Carbine and it’s sweet, but that 30-06 Grands is SWEETER!!

        • law-abiding-citizen

          My dad got a Garand through the program at Camp Perry. My nephew got that one. Wish my dad would have passed on the knowledge while he was still here.

          • Rodney Steward

            I know what you mean friend, I lost my hero about 5 months ago and still have some trouble dealing with it, but it’s the cycle of life, that’s what I keep telling myself. We’ll find us a Garands somewhere that we can afford!!

  • iksnilol

    I just wish 30 Carbine wasn’t such an oddball cartridge. Would make these things useful.


    • Doom

      reload, straight wall cartridges are very easy to reload.

      • iksnilol

        Yeah, but kinda hard with little time/usefulness.

        Why bother when 5.56 or 7.62×39 costs slightly more to buy?

        • Doom

          not too many M1 Carbines come in 5.56 or 7.62×39 😛

          Plus reloading straight wall cartridges is very fast, easy, and cheap and I get very accurate ammo tailored to my gun. My .38 special loads are spot on in my model 10.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, it is easy and whatnot but I hate being dependent on uncommon stuff.

            Same reason I passed up the 9mm Steyr. Cool gun but depends on reloading ammo.

          • Doom

            That is why you have a gun in a common caliber for the rooty tooty point n shooty times, but then can have less common caliber using guns for fun or interest. I have an Arisaka I have yet to shoot since i need to get the reloading supplies gathered up, but once I do it will pay off quick since pre loaded 7.7 is like 35-50 dollars a box of 20 rounds and I can reload it for 5 dollars a box of 20…

            I guess if you just own guns for defense then that is up to you, but I collect as well as have them for defense, so reloading is a great choice.

            on top of that, I can reload common calibers for much cheaper than buying them, .38, .357 magnum, .44 mag, etc etc are way cheaper to reload for. only rounds you might not save much/ anything on is 9mm FMJ or steel cased rifle rounds.

          • iksnilol

            I can see that one. Just in Norway is that you have to have a reason for owning something.

            Still, I would like to rechamber an M1 Carbine. Think the action could handle 7.62×39? I mean, if we adjusted the gas system?

          • Doom

            No way, it is too small for such a thing, maybe if you basically redesigned it but at that point it would pretty much be a Mini 30.

            .30 carbine is basically a pistol round, and the charging handle on an m1 Carbine is so light even a child could easily charge it.

            a 7.62×39 based M1 carbine would have to be majorly upsized and use much tougher springs.

            I hate lot of things about US gun laws, but I sure am glad there are no limits on the amounts own-able or needing reasons to own them. at least in a free state like Indiana.

            A 9mm version may work well though, Someone even made one in 9mm, but it inst anything like an M1 Carbine on the inside.

          • iksnilol

            Mini 30 is more like an M1 Garand. Whilst the “M1 Carbine” in 9mm is just a blowback rifle.

            Maybe if the rifle was slightly enlargened? I dunno, why bother? There’s plenty of rifles out there. The KelTec Su16 is interesting to me.

          • Doom

            for sure it is more like an M1 garand, I just meant by time you up scaled everything it may as well be a mini 30. Most of KelTecs guns are very interesting and innovative, unfortunately they dont make very many, cost a lot for the less common kinds, and are fairly cheaply made, a lot of plastic and screws unfortunately, but they sure do look cool.

            I like the SU 16’s and really want one of those M43 rifles they are making, too bad the MSRP is an absolutely insane 3000 dollars…

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, and in Europe getting a Kel-Tec rifle is very hard. As in “why the actual [expletive] would you bother with it?” hard.

            Wouldn’t mind one of those SU16s, maybe a “high-tech” version made to a higher standard with better materials?

          • Doom

            They are hard enough to find in the US lol, I can imagine it being even worse on a long trip across the Atlantic.

            I would like several keltec guns, but they are kind of ugly with all the screws on them.apparently they made a sub 2000 a long time ago out of aluminum, but it cost more. it would probably be worth it in my opinion, my desire to own a plastic gun ends at my Glock. and even then there isnt a single screw on my glock, so at least there is that. lol

            KelTec really curses itself with its low production rates and sub par materials, they are an extremely innovative company.

          • iksnilol

            I kinda get why they do it though.

            They were burned once due to loans and thus they don’t want to expand with loans. Understandable IMO, and weirdly enough they are one of the top US producers.

          • Doom

            not hard to believe they are one of the top producers when you see a million PF9’s and P3AT’s at every gun store, but their rifles are unobtanium. I never knew they had loan problems, you wouldnt think they would have any trouble getting a loan now unless that damned “operation chokepoint” makes getting gun loans much harder. They could really rake in the money if they could meet consumer demand.

          • iksnilol

            Ah, you misunderstood. They don’t want to expand their factory through loans. As I understand they tried with loans once and things went bad. So now they only expand with what they have. Playing it overly safe in other words.

          • Doom

            Oh, I see, so either way they will take forever to expand and meet production demand lol… whats another 10 years to get one of their rifles second hand?

          • iksnilol

            I guess so.

  • mookie

    All sold out already(mail orders) ,each store will have 35 on Thursday the 4th,first come fist serve.

  • jeffrey melton

    I traded car parts for a GM produced M1 carbine in the late ’70s, I kept it until ’95 and sold it for $350. It looked brand new and was packed in cosmoline when I first got it. Seeing the prices today I wish I’d kept it.