Shot Show Optics: ELCAN Holographic Combat Optic

Elite Defense, a distributor of tactical accessories, displayed a prototype holographic weapon sight that’s made by ELCAN. The sight is named the Specter HCO (Holographic Combat Optic) by ELCAN. According to Elite Defense, the reticle in the HCO uses laser holographic projection that’s somewhat similar to the EOTech sights.



Unlike the troublesome EOTech sights, the ELCAN HCO’s laser system is solidly fixed inside of its completely seated aluminum housing. The elevation and windage adjustments are done externally from the mount base, just like the popular ELCAN SpecterDR, M145 and C79 prism sights.



The left side of the HCO shows the the transversely mounted battery compartment for one CR123 lithium battery at the front. Toward the back is the illumination control via a set of arrow marked buttons. On the production unit, the two buttons will be enlarge to accommodate glove wearing user.



The ELCAN HCO features a fairly large viewing window that’s comparable to that of the EOTech sights. There are two reticle options, one is a circle-dot with 3 short subtension lines inside of the the 72 MOA size circle and a center 1 MOA dot The other is just a simple red dot.. It has a total of 11 brightness levels with night-vision settings. The battery life on the production version will be 1200 hours.



The ELCAN HCO will be available in black and FDE colors. It’s a bit heavy at 15.2 oz and at 4.1 inch long. Its MSRP of $700 making the HCO the most affordable ELCAN optic.

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  • SP mclaughlin

    RIP EOtech

    • Travis

      Eh, they’ll rebound from it. From what I’ve heard, it’s only post-L3 units that suffer from defects. Pre-L3 work great.

      But I guess when it comes to EOTechs, one regardlessly either loves them or hates them.

      • carlcasino

        Love mine , wish I could afford Trijicon.

  • Machinegunnertim

    Wow! Elcan saw an opportunity and swooped in! Too bad their stuff is so pricey.

    • John

      And I’ll be buying one . . . as soon as Eotech finally sends me my refund – been waiting for 45 days so far . . .

    • Sam

      Meh, MSRP is never the actual price you buy it for. It’ll prolly be mid-$500’s. Seems competitive.

      • Dunno El can spectre 1-4x’s are prohibitively expensive despite drop from MSRP.

    • avconsumer2

      Indeed. Pictured Dr. Evil with pinky when I saw the Elcan name. “One… meeellion dollars”

  • Sianmink

    1200 hours isn’t bad for a holo.
    Still not sure there’s any advantage over a dot I can leave on for 6 years though.

    • Kefefs

      Larger FOV and the crosshair looks neat. That’s about it, I think.

    • reticle is in the plane of focus with your target. no squinting on the front sight post/dot/reticle

  • SD

    Those sharp corners would not be fun to bump into. Hopefully this is just an early prototype.

    • 360_AD

      Ditto. Plus, the space-age sci-fi look is just unnecessary.

      • Fred Johnson

        If you mean the look of the rifle, I agree.

  • Lance

    Better yet just buy a decent optic and get a Trijicon.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      Implying this is not decent?

  • Squirreltakular

    It would be pretty sweet to see Aimpoint make an optic like this and keep their outstanding battery life.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    I love EOTech’s. The only thing better than an EOTech is… A better EOTech! That’s what it looks like we’ve got. Awesome.

  • Tim

    Look at the size of that thing. I bet you can’t pull the charging handle on the SCAR around that fat sight.

  • Kefefs

    As a Canadian living in Michigan I’m torn. I’m sad about what’s happening to L3 (EOTech), but at the same time happy we’re getting a new high-quality holo site, one that hopefully doesn’t get all screwy in different temperatures.

    • 360_AD

      Do Canadians spell sight differently?

      • Kefefs

        No, but we often make typos. Sorry.

        • 360_AD

          FYI, I was joking.

          • cons2p8ted

            No doot aboot it! 🙂

        • Dan

          You dang Canadians always apologizing 🙂

    • Just don’t take away his Timmy’s!

  • Wingbert

    Ooh a Elcantech

  • abecido

    It appears that Elcan took styling cues from the Batmobile.

  • Wetcoaster

    Aren’t the fragile mounts one of the main complaints about the Elcan C79 scopes?

  • Petto

    They advertise 1200 hours on nominal setting (12 daytime, 3 NVG) from a cross mounted CR123A. it offers a latger field of view than its closest competitor and is manufactired from an aluminum housing for strength. It features a solid state optical path and Elcan has conducted exhaustive testing to ensure the is no thermal drift up to the design target range of -40 to 160 deg F. The are no moving parts in the optical path so there is no room for moisture incursion.

  • Spencerhut

    Trijicon ACOG/RMR/RX illuminated by our big yellow ball in the sky or tritium and work day or night with a near endless selection of reticles magnified or 1x and amber, green or red to choose from. Oh . . and all proven pretty much bombproof.
    Any Aimpoint take typical 2032 coin cell or AA batteries that last for years, not hours. And also pretty much bombproof.
    Why do people bother with optics so obviously designed by an engineer who has a brother who owns a battery factory?

    • Anomanom

      CR123 batteries are pretty common. You can get them at walmart.

      • Spencerhut

        At the rate the ELCAN goes through them you’ll need to get them in bulk packs at Costco.

      • carlcasino

        carry your bankers letter of credit with you.

    • lasers vs LEDs. more power usage. but you don’t get your LED in the same plane of focus as the laser hologram.

  • TJbrena

    Neat. Not crazy about the sci-fi shape.

  • Gregory

    The price of $700.00 is absolutely insane. Really, $700.00, try $350.00 and I would consider purchasing it. These companies are pricing their products out of the middle market. If they would charg a reasonable price, they would double their sales. Who do they think we are, the government that has bucket loads of someone else’s money to spend?

    • Timothy G. Yan

      As insane as Aimpoint charging for their CompM4 and Micro T-2 (which they can’t make it fast enough). If the price is too high for you, it means you’re probably not the targeted customer of product. There many other cheaper alternative.

      • The Dude

        Aimpoints are better.

  • Blake

    …troublesome Eotechs? Those things are built like tanks.

    • Timothy G. Yan

      Did you missed notes on the EOTech recall and US DoD lawsuit?

  • Patrick Selfridge

    Not sure which is worse, ELCAN blatantly ripping off the EOTech design or the guy in the pic with one eye closed?

    • Timothy G. Yan

      Really? I know Elcan has the laser projection design for years, they make the gun optic for fighter jets since the 1950 in case you don’t know. Guess what all the red-dot tech came from?

      I was told they just did’t want to making a holosight because they look at the red-dot market as a low margin business. Now they see the opportunity since one of the major player is going down.

  • Chris Floyd

    Wonder why they went with a 72 MOA outter ring? The only thing EOTurd had going for it was the reticle that allows lazy shooters to have an expensive ghost ring ..I personally don’t see the draw to a outdated form factor, stupid heavy compared to modern matierials available. Heck I get some of EOTurds design evolutions, but given an opportunity to actually evolve an optic type to more modern matierials and firm favtors snd poor Elcan misses the entire ocean, much less the boat. Nope, price, design, tech, form factor and did I mention price? All adds up to an expensive bag of fail.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Holy sh** 15.2 oz? Almost a pound? Seriously? AND THEN $700.00 WTH? Sightmark make an adequate CQB holographic for under $135 I can buy 5 of those for that price…

    Just saying… Earth calling here…

    • Fred Johnson

      If you took CQB out of what you wrote there, I’d agree.

      • Mike Lashewitz


  • CavScout

    I dislike battery eaters, so EOTech is obv out, but this isn’t super either.

  • The Dude

    I’ll stick with my Aimpoint. Turn on. Leave it on. Change the battery every 3 years not that it needs it but for peace of mind.

  • David Harmon

    I keep throwing this cash at the screen, but I haven’t gotten any order confirmation….. No idea when this will be out then I take it?