New Bianchi IWB Holster


Bianchi announced a new inside the waistband concealment holster at the recent 2016 SHOW Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new carry rig is called the Subdue IWB Model 145 holster. It is part of the company’s Allusion line and was designed to be highly concealable.

The new rig uses a variety of materials in its construction. The exterior of the holster is made with a premium full grain leather. On the inside of the holster, Bianchi uses a laminate synthetic liner in an effort to provide for long lasting wear and a smooth draw. The leather backing has a mesh padded liner that provides anti-bacterial and anti-microbial protection in addition to increasing comfort. This helps prevent odor.

A single spring belt clip is used to attach the rig to the wearer’s belt. The clip fits belts up to 1.75″. Narrower belts will work, but the best fit will likely come from belts in the 1.5″ – 1.75″ width range. According to Bianchi, the new carry holsters will have a suggested retail price of $68.

This holster is supposed to be a more compact version of the original Model 145 Suppression concealed carry holster. The Suppression was a more expensive tuckable deisgn. The Subdue is a traditional inside the waistband holster and is not a tuckable design. This appears to be suited for strong side carry and not AIWB.

Richard Johnson

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  • Ramsey

    I wish every article about a concealed carry holster came with a picture of someone actually wearing the thing. I haven’t carried concealed, and I want to start, and looking at a black holster on a white background gives me absolutely no idea how well it will work.

    • BattleshipGrey

      What you say makes sense, but you really have to try a few things on to really get a feel for how it will work for you. People’s body types and clothing styles make finding the “perfect” set up more difficult.

      If you can, find someone with a similar gun and try their holsters if they’ve got several. LGS’s can probably assist as well with what they have.

    • mcameron

      It doesn’t make a difference….when you start to carry, you are going to go through a dozen holsters anyways before you find one you like…….everyone I know who carries has a box of holsters theyve tried and don’t like

      • Nicks87

        Oh man, I have so many holsters that are sitting around and never get used. Plus being left handed doesn’t help because nobody wants to buy them either.

        • KestrelBike

          Haha my first holster I accidentally and stupidly bought was left handed. Such a face palming moment when I realized what I had done. I gave it to my south paw friend.

    • Nicks87

      I felt the same way years ago. Kydex pancake holsters work fairly well for me. I’m carrying a bravo concealment one right now but there are a bunch of companies that make good ones. Leather tends to be more comfortable than plastic and the minimalist holsters with a belt clip for IWB carry, like the Vanguard 2, work great for smaller guns. Try a few on at a local gun store if you can and then order the one you like off the internet to save a little money.

  • Kyle

    $68? no way. I would be possibly interested at $30. At its current price I would rather spend a little extra and a stealthgear onyx.

    • sean

      Leather for $30…unreasonable in your expectations

      • Kyle

        I can buy leather holsters all day for for under 40 shipped for various brands that are similar design. In fact I own multiple hybrids I spent only $39 on from a custom maker so I would have to disagree.

        • Vizzini

          I’ve got both leather and kydex at all different price ranges, including three Bianchi holsters. In my opinion, the Bianchis are worth the money. They may not be a “custom maker” but the fit and finish of their holsters is superior to almost anything else I own.

          The only leather holsters that I have that equal them are my El Paso Saddlery tanker holster and my Triple K Cheyenne western holster (both for my Blackhawk), And both of those holsters are more expensive than the Bianchis.

          You get what you pay for.