K31 Run and Gun

The Shmidt-Rubin rifles are a series of legendarily accurate firearms. The Swiss are famous for maintaining their neutrality by keeping one hand free and the other on the hilt of a sword, and for many years the wonderful K31 was that sword. These straight-pull rifles are made with unparalleled craftsmanship, but how will it fare on the run and gun course?

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Meant to say primary extraction btw.

  • Nicholas Chen

    Very cool. Havent see those clips before. But you know me, I don’t pay that much attention to older firearms.

    My friend’s K31 doesnt seem to like to load the last round from the internal magazine. Any thoughts on that?

    • Weak/busted mag spring?

      • Nicholas Chen

        Not sure. It feeds fine for all the rest of the rounds just not the last one. Kinda like a last round bolt hold.

  • Vitsaus

    You may notice there’s a conventional stripper clip notch at the back of the ejection port. They did make steel stripper clips for them, however, they were not made in sufficient quantities, as the paper chargers were cheaper still. Once in a while you come across the steel ones, and I’ve seen them for upwards of 5 dollars each.

  • Vitor Roma

    The fact that you did great while not being used to it is a testament that the k31 is the master race.

  • Don Ward

    I just picked up one a couple months ago but I haven’t had the chance to get out and put it through its paces since I live in the sog and gloom of the Pacific Northwest. Isn’t the odd safety meant to facilitate someone wearing a glove?

    • ostiariusalpha

      Yep, it’s for thick gloves. It has a cool steampunk aesthetic to it, bet it was pretty sci fi when it first came out.

  • Fred Johnson

    Thanks for the video. I haven’t shot my K31 in a while, but seeing you shoot it with a bare steel butt plate brings back some memories.

  • I wanted to use originals to make the run authentic. Plus the polymer ones arent a good fit (tried one and they are a pain to rock in).

    • Cleophus

      I have to say that these stripper clips work faster and smoother than any I have ever seen before. It looked as though you only needed to lay your thumb on them and they fell in of their own accord. I wish my Enfield No. 4 Mk. 1 fed that smoothly! As for the K31, they’re an interesting rifle and an excellent buy, but sadly, I’m a lefty…………..

  • DW

    The only negative of this rifle is that it has no positive extraction.

    Get it? haha

    Yeah, should have been “primary” extraction but it kills the pun.

  • Joshua

    I’m curious why you insist on grabbing the bolt handle with your thumb and fore-finger and think that it is faster, I grew up with WWII vets, and people they trained to shoot, none of them closed hand on the bolt once that I can remember, they used the palm of their hand to run the bolt, and at least one of them was so fast on a Kar 98 that someone was sure he had a semi-auto. Did someone train you to grip the bolt? if so, what was the rational?

  • Anomanom

    That seems rather nice. Might like to have one. Are the rifles difficult to find?

    • Nope! They cost about $300 and are widely available.

      • ASterisk

        Man, I remember 10 years ago when they were $80. Glad I picked up two. Anybody know if there’s hunting loads available for these or do I need to load my own?

        • Doom

          I feel like an idiot not buying one when they were like 150 in like new condition all matching with all the goodies including the bayonet… I spend 90 on a bayonet alone a couple years ago (in perfect condition, but 90 dollars none-the-less)

      • ozzallos .

        Where are you finding these $300 in stock rifles? That may have been the case a year ago, but supplies seem to have dried up and the ones still available are listing $400 or more.

        K11’s and such are floating around, but K31s are a tad scarce atm.

  • ExMachina1

    What do you mean by it does not have “positive extraction”? Seemed to be extracting just fine for you so you obviously mean something else…

  • Critter

    I’d like to see a run and gun with a Remington model 8.

  • FarmerB

    I think your GP-11 ammo is more recent than the stuff they issue here!!
    Besides a K31, I also use that ammo in a Blaser R93 with a Nightforce scope – it’s extremely effective out to 900+ meters – try doing that with M80!

  • Joshua

    My father and Grandfather and Uncles and great uncles all were trained, fought, and taught on a Lee-Enfield, none of them employed that system, I’ve even talked to them about it, their response was that they were faster palming the bolt.

    • Kevin Craig

      I don’t doubt that they did, and I don’t doubt that they weren’t taught that technique.

      But it’s still the fastest way of delivering aimed fire from the Lee-Enfield.

  • Joshua

    less of an issue on this rifle, it’s less easy to palm the bolt, but every bolt gun I’ve watched him run he grips the bolt instead of palming the bolt, so I’ve asked where he learned the habit, to no response