5.11 Tactical Introduces HEXGRID Molle Compatible Attachment System

Just when I thought that MOLLE was the be all and end all of modular attachment systems, 5.11 Tactical just had to go out and improve upon it. Taking a page from the laminate materials that Blue Force Gear and Raine were putting to good use, the HexGrid takes the thin, light, and strong material adding in a new dimension to mounting MOLLE or PALS compatible pouches.

The new system was kept generally quiet in 5.11’s booth, which showcased some armor carriers with the system installed. Aesthetically distinctive, the hex pattern gives the operator more options in the mounting of pouches and accessories. Soldier Systems snapped a few photos of the system in action (in both black and FDE colors) utilized on a simple plate carrier. Sadly, no additional details were shared in their article outside mentioning it was introduced at SOFIC last year. 


In short, its webbing that allows the end-user to choose the mounting angle for any pouch. Pouches can be mounted up and down (like normal webbing) and as as added benefit pouches can be mounted horizontally or at a near 45 degree angle.

No word yet on pricing or availability, but 5.11 has put up a teaser website at www.hexgrid.com for those wanting additional information when 5.11 is ready to share.

Nathan S

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  • Evan

    This sounds really cool, the drawback to MOLLE always was the inability to mount anything at an angle other than straight up and down. One potential issue though – from the pictures, it doesn’t look like the webbing is actually attached in any way at the front of the plate carriers. It looks like this could cause a problem with the webbing sagging and your gear swinging around. That would kill this for me.

    • Bill

      I kind of agree, plus there might be a lot of “slop” in the way pouches fit. Maybe BFG and First Spear will add vertical laser-cut slots now, and get essentially the same effect with more rigidity, for lack of a better word.

      But it would make for great peek-a-boo panels on their yoga pants.

      I might try it, if the price is reasonable, which it won’t be.

      • Evan

        I didn’t even think of that. Yeah, those holes look significantly bigger than the straps on the back of mag pouches or whatever. The big advantage of MOLLE is that it keeps your gear in place, no shifting or sagging or whatever. If this thing can’t do that, then despite it being a cool idea in theory, it’s not a viable alternative.

  • Glenn Bellamy

    I agree with Evan. It is a significant drawback that it is only attached at the edges. Voodoo Tactical has a lattice webbing that allows vertical, horizontal and diagonal attachment, and is tacked to the base fabric between each opening.

  • nova3930

    I’ve been playing with the FirstSpear 6/12 system for a little while now and like it. This seems to take that and similar concepts (plateminus being one) in another good direction…