People news from SHOT

This being my first time at SHOT, I’m sure there were all sorts of shenanigans going on that might not make the light of day in the public sphere. However there were a number of pieces that did make the industry news. Thankfully James Yeager and Instructor Zero never had a show down.

Larry Vickers at the Ruger Booth

Apparently there was a gaffe between Larry Vickers at the Ruger booth. Larry wanted to film the new Ruger pistol for a segment of Tac-TV, and according to the story he was taking up too much space or time. At which point a Ruger representative told him that his crew had to either leave or take up less space. Larry was extremely frustrated and spread it all over social media.

Guardian Reporters kicked out of SHOT

According to this story, two Guardian reporters came in, registered, and bee lined it to the Smith & Wesson booth, asking questions about whether or not the rifle was the same one used in the San Bernardino Shootings. Political agendas aside, there appears to be a rule within NSSF, stating that mainstream news reporters need to be escorted everywhere they go within the Sands Expo Center. The Guardian reporters weren’t escorted to begin with, and thus were escorted out of the show.

Summer the Chinese Spy

SOFREP published this, talking about a possible encounter with a Chinese industrial spy. They didn’t come up with anything to absolutely prove it, but it was kind of odd that this woman just so happened to be in Vegas for the times of SHOT, and a major electronics convention as well. Regardless, it is known that China does much of its spying like this, trying to cozy up to industry people, and steal industry secrets from them.


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  • Bucho4Prez

    Larry could save a cubic meter if he stopped talking with his hands.

    • Marc

      I thought you were gonna say, “….stopped eating buffets out of business.”

      • Jeebus

        To be fair, he’s fat bc he was in Delta and 3 helo crashes. His body is wrecked.

        • Some Guy

          No. That may be why he isn’t muscular but body fat percentage is controlled entirely by your diet relative to your level of physical activity.

          He’s sitting around playing with an ipad when he should be teaching classes and still probably eats like he’s doing operator s***.

          • Hensley Beuron Garlington

            Don’t you aholes sound friendly. Losing weight is obviously not easy or more people would be skinny. Also, handicapped people are at even more of a disadvantage. Get off your high horses.

          • Bill

            Travel outside the United States. You’ll see that where there aren’t McDonalds on every corner and Doritos bags in every gutter that people manage to stay with normal weight ranges. You are right, losing weight is not nearly as easy as stuffing your maw with garbage food and watching Real Wives of Paducah.

          • Some Guy

            Didn’t say it was easy, just simple. It takes a lot of willpower and if there’s anyone I think it’s reasonable to expect a strong will from it’s an ex-delta guy.

            In other words I expect that Larry simply doesn’t give a damn that he’s fat and that’s fine as long as he owns up to it.

          • Hensley Beuron Garlington

            I see what you’re saying now and I apologize for my quick of rage. It was uncalled for and I’m the ahole for calling you one. It makes a lot more sense what you said with that thinking.

          • Paul White

            someone apologized on the internet?!

          • He stated on a incomplete workout series video that he did that he’s on a decent amount of pain meds on and off due to service injuries.

            Needs to take some mydol too.

        • His pre-1991 curriculum vitae is nothing to be forked with. No doubt.

          American hero.

          He can still have a poor personality.

        • Ian McCollum

          Pat MacNamara has been injured just as badly and he’s a beast.

        • FightFireJay

          To be fair, he’s fat bc he intakes more calories than he expends.

          He is not the only person to have a stove up body from military.

        • Whiskey November

          And to be fair as he years go on maybe the old injuries and most likely constant pain are having an effect on his peronality. Regardless I thank him for his service but personally, he’s a pompous ass.

  • Drew Coleman

    Good lord Larry Vickers is a prima donna. You know what Larry, it’s their booth and they have more than just you there. Ruger serves the civilian market, they don’t seem to care about going after military or LE, though that seems to be changing.

    • Giolli Joker

      “You ever wonder why NO Special Operations or SWAT teams on the entire planet use anything Ruger makes ? Now you know why.”
      Yeah, sure.
      SpecOps take decisions on armament based on YouTube videos… or they choose based on friendliness of reps at SHOT…
      (BTW: Didn’t French “SWAT” teams employ Ruger Mini-14 in Paris back in November?)

      • Drew Coleman

        They did, as I recall.

      • Nicks87

        Bad example, they only use the mini-14 for Political reasons not because it has any redeeming qualities. Same reason some US police depts use them, because AR15s are “scary”.

      • micmac80

        Not swat but regular police and for same reason they do in California , Ruger Mini 14 being the only rifle that looks non military.

        • Bill

          Well, plus they work just fine for domestic law enforcement. NYPD ESU had them for quite awhile before going full ninja with M4s and Hercules teams and all that fun stuff. They managed to kill bad guys quite handily with the Mini, a highly under-appreciated carbine.

          • John Henry Bicycle Lucas

            I agree. I own a mini 30

      • FightFireJay

        Because they didn’t give Larry Vickers special treatment?

        News flash, EVERYONE (literally) at SHOT show is either a reporter of gun stuff or an orderer of gun stuff. Larry Vickers is not more special than Tom Gresham or any other gun reporter.

  • Jeebus

    The Guardian one is just pure gold. Their anti-gun stories make me cringe almost as hard as Huffington Post.

  • Vitsaus

    Larry Vickers: “Do you know who I am?”
    Ruger: “No, nor did anyone else before Daniel Defense threw you a bone.”

    • Nicks87

      Yeah ok… Maybe Ruger was afraid he was going to crap all over their new baby. I like Ruger for the most part but nothing about that gun makes me want to run out and buy one. The price is right but if it’s not comfortable to shoot then I’m not interested. As far as Larry is concerned, he gets enough YouTube hits and he has enough street cred to earn him just a little ass kissing from a company that’s trying to market a new product directly to LE/military.

      • Bill

        Having been thru the procurement process on several occasions, not once has a Youtube personality even been brought up during the specification and testing process.

        If he wants his ass kissed, he can make an appointment with a company rep, just like the rest of us.

        • Nicks87

          It’s 2016, if you think YouTube doesn’t have an impact on what people think about a product you might as well go live in a cave because thats just stone age thinking. Sorry but times have changed, why listen to what some out of touch sales person has to say about a product when I can instantly get the opinion of a subject matter expert with a simple google search.

          • Bill

            I’m referring to agency testing, procurement and selection. If The Man or I went to the Commissioners for a 5 to 6 digit check to buy new weapons and cited a YouTube clip as a resource, we wouldn’t get the check. Ive taken them to the range if their interested to play with the toys, but I doubt they care what Vickers has to say.

          • Nicks87

            You know The Man? Damn, I knew he was real.

          • FightFireJay

            If you think a single youtube video against product (with dozens of others for) has any impact on the 350 page Army procurement order… you’re probably not in touch with Gov’t/Mil purchasing system.

          • Nicks87

            Did I say any of that? I don’t think LAV is going to influence the Army when it comes to replacing the M9 but you do understand that politicians are idiots? They have the final say, and most of them are not going to read a 350 page procurement document when a 10 minute video from a well spoken veteran and former Spec Ops guy tells them all they need to know.

          • Whiskey November

            And you’re still wrong. Go back to watching youtube while people who actually attend and understand in person business expos work.

          • Nicks87

            I’m sorry that old people don’t understand the internet but you don’t have to be a D about it.

    • Bill

      The ONLY response to “Do you know who I am?” is “No, don’t you?”

  • Thomas Gomez

    I did see what appeared to be a Chinese General Officer walking around SHOT.

  • WT

    And what of the meltdown within team sig?
    Where is Kevin now?

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    I heard from other post here that many booth operators and representatives were overall more rude this year. Sounds like its getting crowded and the show needs a longer venue or less booths or something. No reason for people to get rude. Larry may have come off a little grand, but the dude has exposure. It looks like Ruger was afraid of his opinion or some idiot didn’t know who he was dealing with and his potential exposure of the situation.

    • Whiskey November

      Then you’re incorrect in what you perceive from this article. As a person who has on occasion met and then listened to Larry talking to people for an extensive amount of time, you have no idea about his persona.

      As a casual observer watching his interaction and hoping to learn some things , “grand” doesn’t come close. Arrogant pompous ass is the correct terminology. Humble or thankful are two descriptors that would never apply to him. You can learn an awful lot from people by just remaining quiet and observing.

    • Rusty S.

      I personally found it less crowded and more welcoming, but to each their own…

      • Hensley Beuron Garlington

        That’s refreshing to read.

  • Bill

    Where’s there a conspiracy to hide all booth babe coverage? I see guns everyday, but a Vegas demo girl is a rarity. Sorely disappointed in this photojournalism lapse.

    • Some Guy

      Petition to merge SHOT AVN and DEFCON?

      I hate Vegas but I’d go for that.

  • Hokum

    I wonder if the Instructor Zero did met the Jager =)

    • No

    • Thomas Gomez

      I saw them both at Range Day. (Though I never saw them together) Yeager was also at the ITS party. Apparently he spent the whole night being mobbed my Asian airsoft guys.

      • Paul White

        Yeager getting mobbed by Airsoft guys is just damn funny for some reason

  • Mark

    Speaking of people at the SHOT Show… it can’t be the SHOT Show without that blonde interviewer whose interview style consists almost solely of nodding “Yes” at the interviewee and periodically turning to smile at the camera. It’s hilarious and I missed it this year.

  • DaveP.

    So you guys didn’t even notice Larry Correia wandering around? He’s only like 6’5″, folks!

  • anon

    I saw Larry Vickers at a grocery store in Vegas yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person and congratulated him on his successful Vickers Tactical line, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

    He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”

    I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “Gonnatellmehowyoushootnow? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen snickers in his hands without paying.

    The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be busy and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

    When she took one of the snickers and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any RFID ‘interference’,” and then turned around and winked at me. After she scanned each candy bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by STANDBY really loudly.

    • Walgreens?

    • Rick5555

      A lot of You Tube Personalities, actually believe they’re famous. When in fact they’re not. Put these people in LA, Hollywood area. And most people won’t have a clue who these boozos are. Within the gun community some personalities are known. Of all the gun people in America…most aren’t going to You Tube for their info. Also, Larry is simply trying to bank on the current opportunity. He knows very well, this isn’t going to continue for him a decade down the road. What perplexes me is YT personalities want this cloud of mystery about their background. And say they want their privacy. Well if you want privacy then don’t make YT videos. If a personality is going to purport to be some expert. Then they should reveal their background/resume. If they want the credibility they seek. If not then they’re simply entertainment with an opinion and nothing more.

    • DZ

      Best pasta around.

    • Whiskey November

      Wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve run across him in vegas at the shot show a few years back. He was a complete arrogant ass. He made sure when he spoke to people to talk down to them like they were an idiot and he was high and mighty head honcho of all things firearms related.

      While your encounter may be just a funny slightly exaggerated encounter, I can tell you you nailed his persona spot on.

      • Hellbilly

        I never met the guy and have only watched a couple of his videos, but I could tell from what little I saw of him that he is a fat, pompous slob.

        Didn’t he start blubbering about a “glandular problem” or something lame like that when people kept calling him out on his physique?

    • Giolli Joker

      Snickers Tactical?
      Or tactically sneaking out with snickers?

    • BS post–you also posted the same thing about another person on another blog.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    You and I aren’t beat to hell and back or old I bet. I’ve lost 60 lbs and 135 lbs before. It wasn’t easy and it is even harder to maintain it. It gets harder and harder because it seems like the more I workout, the more I’ve got to do to maintain that level.
    20 lbs? I can crap that on a day. Please come back when you’ve lost closer to triple digits and maintained it for more then ten years.

    • Dave

      As someone who was medically retired after recovering from my injuries because they were bad enough to ground me from ever getting in a MH60L or MD500 again, and someone who has put on as much weight as LAV during rehab and lost it, its pretty simple if you’ve got the willpower for it.

  • Mmmtacos

    How much gear did his crew set up? I work in the video industry and go to the major trade shows. I see and have assisted in videos on the show floor numerous times over the years and you don’t typically get much more than a camera, a talent/host, and maybe a mic boom going on… and that doesn’t take much space at all. You may cordon off an area while doing an interview or product spotlight, but that’s it…. People tend to be in and out, five to 15 minutes at the most and then get out of the way. It’s called being respectful, they’d appreciate it as much as you would.

    Not to mention every professional outlet schedules their interviews and 90% of the time those people maintain professionalism and notify if they’re running late. You don’t just show up unannounced, only amateurs do that.

    So no, Larry. If they didn’t know who you were, big whoop, get over yourself. If you had the courtesy to tell them you were coming around you wouldn’t have a debacle on your hands. You can afford a slow-mo camera, a crew and much more, so you can afford a PA, even if only for the SHOT show.

    • Bill

      Are you seeing a switch to HDSLR, LEDs and small rigs for this type of coverage? Maybe even IPhone videography? I’d think that it would make coverage of an event like this MUCH easier, particularly for the booths.

      • Mmmtacos

        Primarily you see a “prosumer” type camera (JVC, Sony, Panasonic, something in the $2,000+ range, powerful but portable) with an LED panel on a shoe. I’ve seen people use DSLRs on stabilizing rigs, but not nearly as often (for video, obviously DSLRs abound for just photo taking). Very rarely do you see phones or tablets being used at all, and if they are it’s usually smaller bloggers and also on some type of rig. Groups are normally not more than two, maybe three people: interviewer, camera man, maybe a PA or a boom operator, although most people use mics, maybe lavs if there’s no interviewer.

        One way or the other they concentrate on mobility and efficiency. Go in, get a quick elevator pitch on what’s new to talk about for prep, do a quick interview, get some B-roll of the product, get out, maybe schmooze a little. Then back to the hotel after the show to edit and upload (poor editor misses out on parties).

        Then again, I work in the AV industry, so this is our livelihood and you’d expect people to have their s*** together for taking video. If Larry wants to take a cue on how to do things right maybe he should visit NAB. I’m sure he could check out the latest slow-mo cameras too.

        • Bill

          Interesting: I alternate between guns and cameras as expensive vices, and am developing an interest in video. I’d think the setup you describe, properly miked could be perfect for such stuff, but I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m also stunned by the quality I’m getting out of my IPhone 6, and don’t want it to be as good as it is – I like real cameras.

  • Joshua Knott

    He’s directly responsible for the development of Wilson combat and It’s products, also was a delta operator in the 80’s – 90’s, served as the cordinator for the weapons balancing ,sounds for the game medal of honor warfighter , has even been invited to Russia to witness the alpha team members ,I mean he’s pretty legit

    • Texas-Roll-Over

      That’s a bold statement, “directly responsible for the development of WC and it’s products.” So I suppose ol Bill Wilson had nothing to do with the development of his own custom gun shop and products.

      Rethink that.

  • James

    I have had the misfortune to attend one of Vickers’ “Advanced Tactical Handgun” courses and I have to say he is a pompous ass whose ego gets in the way of whatever good information he might otherwise pass on. The entire course was a seat of the pants hodgepodge of random drills with regular interruptions for his “batman” to wipe the sweat off his face and for him to change sponsor hats for another photo. Worst course I ever attended.

  • Nick Terrier

    no but a bulldozer operator is imminently qualified to tell the dev team that he’s used hundreds of ‘dozers and hydraulic flow and tactile feedback are what operators care about most