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It is far too easy to look at a gun and see it as a singular unit rather than the sum of its many working parts. Even when we do remember that guns have many components and small, moving parts it’s easy to forget just how important those parts are. Due to the importance of each and every part, a skilled machinist is needed – not just any machinist, but one capable of producing precision parts. Enter Best Damn Guns, LLC.

In 2007 the founder of Best Damn Guns was actually working for a major company, but it didn’t take long for him to decide to branch out on his own. By 2011 he’d gotten his FFL, established an LLC, and gone into business for himself. This was a decision that undoubtedly increased his workload but also allowed for greater attention to tiny, specific details. The company is family-owned and specializes in Wired EDM machining which gives Best Damn Guns an edge over many others.


Many of the parts Best Damn Guns machines cannot be shared due to their proprietary nature but they were able to share some of their SIG parts at SHOT Show 2016. Even in a brief conversation it was clear they take pride in their parts and work hard to ensure the quality and performance of each individual piece. You may have seen the final results of, say, a trigger or action, but have you ever seen all the tiny pieces within? Best Damn Guns has, and they continue working to make it better every time they get to work.

Although Best Damn Guns currently only sells on a wholesale level, making their operation more interesting to FFLs, it’s still interesting to get a closer look at what goes into making a gun. They make parts for SIG and HK, among others. Odds are good you’ve fired a gun containing their parts or will one day soon. Without all those tiny parts being carefully machined by someone with focused attention to detail and dedication to quality your gun wouldn’t be reliable. That alone seems more than reason enough to be grateful to guys like the team at Best Damn Guns.

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  • We stumbled across their booth at SHOT and their Sig trigger blew my mind. About 7lbs butter smooth DA, with a 2.5lb SA with no creep.

    My buddy and I went from booth to booth testing high end DA/SA’s (Sphinx, CZ Custom, Tangofolio) and none of the DA’s could compare. The SA was slightly better than the CZ Chechmate ($3k comp pistol) and equal to the higher end 1911’s.

    Something to do with the precision of the EDM parts, as well as some tweeks they did to the part geometry. Essentially magic.

    I just hope they come out EDM parts for CZ’s in the future, as I’m not really into Sig’s.

    • Dave Wilt

      Mark, thanks for the kind words. Which CZ are you referring to?


  • nova3930

    Their website mentions a Sig P320 kit. Wonder what’s in that….