Kershaw Barge

Kershaw Barge

New for 2016, Kershaw introduced the Barge knife: a folding knife that is actually designed to pry. At some point, nearly every knife owner has used their blade to pry something – even with the knowledge that this should never be done. As a result, many knife owners have broken (or at least bent) the knife point or full blade.

With the Barge, Kershaw acknowledges that a small prying tool is valuable to many people. Further, they seem to understand that the knife is often the handiest thing a person has about when needing to pry something. So, the Barge was designed with a prybar built in.

On the Barge, the prybar extendes from the backspacer of the knife. This allows you to keep the blade folded and have an effective prying tool without damaging the blade or slipping and cutting your hand.

The 2.6″  8Cr13MoV blade is a modified Wharncliffe design with a nearly straight edge. It uses a stud opener. The metal has a “stonewash” finish and a polymer resin grip similar to G10. This folder has a pocket clip and is designed for tip down carry. The clip is reversible from left to right.

The suggested retail price on this knife is $34.99. No word yet on a shipping date. While Kershaw knives tend to be inexpensive, I’ve found that they work pretty well as a daily driver. If you want a specialized fighting knife or other cutting tool, there are better choices. But for a daily use knife, I’ve found them to be good values.

Richard Johnson

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  • kbroughton77


  • oldman

    Good looking knife and good idea..

  • John

    Kershaw makes great knives at a great price….and that’s the same thing I said for my Amazon review after buying my last one.

  • TheSmellofNapalm


  • Edeco

    Interesting as always, dunno about adding length just for that. Maybe if one dealt with paint cans a lot.

    Now premium Leek, please. No safety, one grip/frame side made of titanium, with the spacer as one piece, the other grip, with the frame-lock made of steel. Some kind of premium steel blade, S35V or whatever. 5-point Torx screws, just to drive people nuts. The fans like a little abuse XD

    • Random FFL

      Premium Leek…. Yes please!

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Add an Emerson opener and that’s my new knife!

    • the Kershaw 6055 runs about 30 bucks on sale and has an emerson opener.

      • Phillip Cooper

        Thanks for the heads-up. Just ordered one off of Amazon Prime for $25. I’ve been looking for a new EDC blade.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        I want the pry feature tho! 😉

        At last that gives me hope they make what I want someday.

  • for that price, I’ll stick with a kershaw skyline. much better edc blade

  • AD

    Looks practical, the Kershaw Shuffle can already be used for prying but this looks more robust.

    • Zack

      +1 for the Shuffle, I have about 5 of them in various places around the home/autos. Best 15 dollar blade I’ve ever bought.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Concur on the value of Kershaw knives for EDC use. I can’t afford a Benchmade, if I lost a $200 knife I’d be pissed. I have been carrying a $25 CRKT M16 variant, and I’m on the second one in 10 years or so. I lost the first one about 6 years ago, shrugged, and ordered another off Amazon.

    • Paul White

      CRKT and Kershaw are my go tos for pocket knives. Good enough quality, and don’t cost a metric ton

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    Such an obviously simple design, I’m kicking myself for not ever thinking of it. I’d like to have this on my Fox Dart, like protruding from the ring. Would also serve as a great compliance tool, or a one knuckle “duster” or pommel. LOL.

  • John Yossarian

    The wharncliffe blade shape maximizes penetration potential – Important for a shorter blade like this to have a longer reach. Meanwhile, the small amount of belly adds additional utility. Good on Kershaw for this choice of blade shape for a small EC.

  • Swarf

    And now I’m buying a new EDC knife.

    I will use the hell out of that pry feature.

    If it doesn’t pry out the back pocket of my pants, that is.

    • Swarf

      Although I do wish it was a Speed-Safe opener.