Vickers Guide 1911

This new book by Larry Vickers and James Rupley is a coffee table book that’s a testament to one of the most popular handguns in the United States for the past 100 years. Larry describes the influence the 1911 has had on him throughout his adult life as well as sharing his collection of 1911s as well as those of other 1911 enthusiast,world renowned gunsmiths and competitors.


Larry summarizes his experience below:

My journey with the Government Model 1911 pistol started in 1983 when I attended SOT (Special Operations Training) at Mott Lake on Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Since then I have served an entire career in Special Operations, with 15 years of it in Delta Force. I’ve carried the 1911 in combat, used it in IPSC and IDPA competitions, built custom versions for members of Delta, friends and others in the industry, and used it as the tool it was designed to be in my various handgun related classes. My experience with it has shaped my life in every way imaginable. *Vickers Guide* is a visual guide of the people and pistols that have shaped my life and my relationship with America’s favorite handgun. The one and only 1911. Enjoy.


The 342 pages of this book takes the reader on a journey through older 1911s, very rare early custom examples of the 1911 all the way through those 1911 models in modern current usage. The photography is a treat for the eyes. Since the book measures 13″ x 11″ the photographs are large showing the reader great detail of these works of art and skillful craftsmanship. The photos in this article are but a few of those within the Vickers 1911 Guide.


Of the many who contributed their insight and experience with the 1911 include those well known individuals such as Steve Nastoff, Wayne Novak, Armand Swenson and Larry Vickers. Additional commentary is provided by firearms expert and instructor Ken Hackathorn, world champion shooter Rob Leatham and custom builder Jason Burton.


This book is selling fast so if you happen to be a 1911 guy like myself you might want to buy one while you can. There are three types available the standard version at $95, signature edition (signed by Larry) $125 and the limited edition (signed with a personal message from Larry) $250.

I normally don’t read coffee table books I just thumb through the photos and move on. This time I read all 342 pages and honestly enjoyed the narratives of Larry and all those who contributed to this book. It makes a great addition to your gun library and general 1911 collection.



Vickers Guide 1911 Website

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • TheNotoriousIUD

    How much for the book? $3,700?

    • David


    • RealitiCzech

      Your personal note from Larry will be “stay in your lane!”

      • Jeebus

        He will then confiscate the book because you’re not high speed low drag enough to look at it.

  • Mmmtacos

    I can’t even afford to look at pictures of 1911s I can’t afford. What a sad state of affairs…

  • Vitsaus

    Pretty fancy for something most guys are going to end up reading on the john.

    • Jeeper

      That may be the case but not everyone is an under-educated knuckle dragged that can’t appreciate nice things. With that being said, I’m more than happy to drink an old style on the John while reading this, I’m not an elitist left wing snob afterall.

      • Bill

        I’m an over-educated elitist left wing snob who likes nice things – it’s an expensive picture book.

  • Guest

    I’d love that book, but the center-creased pictures would bother the crap outta me! It offers a great edge-to-edge picture and that’s really nice, but it cuts out the middle part, where much of the subject will be! Maybe I’m just too OCD…

    • There is only one that way

      • Zachary marrs

        There are multiple, at least thats what the preview pictures show

        Even one is unacceptable in a book full of pictures

    • Paul White

      Spanned photos in a photo book; yuck

  • That man

    Looks absolutely fantastic.I just want to make sure that before I buy, every other page doesn’t have an advertisement for fireclean.

  • Anon

    Would you really want anything from Larry Vickers though?

    • Why not?

      • Anon

        He seems like a fairly awful content creator, and I don’t know why I’d support their habits

        • Jeebus

          He makes fun videos and his adlibs are hilarious. I agree he’s an ass, but I’m sure a lot of my favorite actors are crappy people in real life too. Just turn on adblock if you don’t want him to get paid.

          • W.P Zeller

            And he wears gloves when he shoots a .45. Good grief.

  • anonymous

    Have references to the Ruger SR1911 been redacted?

  • Don Ward

    I’ll wait for the Larry Vickers FIREClean cookbook.

    • LV-426

      Hmmm looks like it’s out too……..

    • LV-426

      Hmm.. Looks like it’s out too!!!

      • Paul White

        bacon wrapped jalapenos with cream cheese? Sign me up

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        Cue the collective pants soiling from soldiersystems for even *daring* to bring that up again.

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    what did he do?

  • Bill

    I’m just going to sit one of my 1911s on the table and stare at it.

  • maxim

    Two things….

    1. Most authors of small run specially books are more then happy to discuss their work and to write a dedication or autograph in the book for you…. without charging $30 for 1 second of their time putting pen to paper! One word comes to mind, disgusting! The book looked interesting, mainly because of the input and contributions of the other notable gunsmiths. But purely on principle I will not give my money to an author that shows such disdain for his customers by asking for $30 for an autograph (never mind the cost of a dedication).

    2. Horrible layout with photos spanned over two pages, looks like there are a lot of those in the book. From the 6 preview images of the books pages, 4 have photos spanned over two pages and the other 2 are title pages. Im guessing most of the books images are spanned. Since this is a coffee table book of photos, this is a big minus.

    • Jeebus

      That autograph thing is really crappy. I honestly like LAV but this kind of crap grinds my gears… you’re just taking advantage of your fans to make a little cash. Pretty low.

    • Honestly not many are spanned. Most have a complete photo per page. They are there though.

  • UD

    Even in his own words he comes off as a jerk on this. Anyone who disagreed with him on his facebook page got banned, and to be honest, walking into someones booth on the first day of SHOT when its super busy and trying to take up half of it with your cameras, lights, and crew just cause you showed up doesn’t sound like a good way to conduct yourself. Why not schedule a time and do it right? And why fly off the handle like this? I got plenty of other people in the gun community with hot takes looking for attention. Don’t need someone acting like this.

    If your a LAV fan, cool. I’m just not, especially after that.

    • Jeebus

      He really has that “type A” “operator” type mentality. I’m sure this will piss some people off, but a some of guys I knew in the infantry that went on to be green berets developed, or already had, this self inflated image where they’re the kings and everyone else is a peasant. Good friends of mine got out of the Q and basically adopted LAVs bad attitude for the rest of their lives.

      • Bill

        …And some went into SOF and became quiet professionals…you see the same syndrome in SWAT cops, until they get knocked down a few times.

    • Paul White

      It was a giant case of “OH don’t you know who I am!”


  • Whoever decided center creases were okay…

  • Rog Uinta

    After reading the review of his class, I have no interest in filling Vickers’s pockets. Add the Fireclean and SHOT debacles and it’s clear that at this point he’s just another internet clown trying to cash in.

  • Brad

    Is there a pic of the Glock is actually carries?

  • nom

    Phuc Long had a great talk with Larry.

  • TexasRaider

    Nope. Not flushing any of my cash down the LAVatory toilet…