The New Taser Pulse


Taser International announced a new electronic control device (ECD) at the recent SHOT Show. The weapon is designed for non-law enforcement use and is called the Pulse. Unlike the existing C2 weapon designed for civilian use, the Pulse is handgun shaped and is a bridge between the C2 and the X26 frequently used by police departments.

Taser designed the Pulse to be more of an intuitive use device since many people are familiar with the way a pistol works. It has a low profile thumb safety and angled sights to make it more amenable to concealed carry. The replaceable cartridge has a 15′ range.

Much like the X26, the unit has a built in red laser for aiming. Additionally, the unit uses a LED white light for illumination. Based on my experience with the X26 in actual deployments, I found the laser worked well, but the light was woefully underpowered. Nothing in the Taser documentation indicates how bright the light on the Pulse is supposed to be.

Like the C2, the Pulse is designed to deliver a variable electrical pulse over 30 seconds. The idea is this will enable the user to flee the scene if the probes are properly deployed. This is different from the units sold to law enforcement where the pulse duration is much less: 5 seconds.

Units are expected to start shipping in the later days of Q1 2016. The MSRP is $399.99. The MPH Taser Holster is not included.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Tim Pearce

    They need to get the price down and they need to make models with more than one or two shots. That was the hardest part of trying to sell people a taser, in my experience. $400+ for one shot compared to stun guns and pepper spray that were less than $60.

    • Mcameron

      well the thing is, a Taser is arguably a lot more effective than a Stun gun….and after your shot, the taser functions like a stun gun…

      and pepper spray ide call them about equal….

      but youre right, they really need to get this down to the sub-$250 region for them to have any sort of success…..

  • M.M.D.C.

    Tase him, bro!

  • Bill

    Your 4 bills are also buying a lot more technology than in a stun gun or OC, plus “Taser” has about $390 more deterrent value than s stun gun or OC, though smarter idiots changed their behavior when you utilized the test function on a stun gun. You get more stand-off, and no risk of disabling yourself with your own spray. More shots would be nice, and TASER will be happy to sell you their advanced model for the price of a used motorcycle.

    I was disappointed by the C2. What I’d really like is a downscaled model that used standard TASER cartridges.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I’m kicking around this and the JPX for the above reasons.

      If JPX make a damn over-under two barrel as thin as a Shield and not as thick as a glock26 I’d be done.

      This has some merit, although I haven’t looked at the actual size yet.

  • nobody

    >The MSRP is $399.99

    Damn, what TASER needs at the very least is something that MSRPs in the $200-$250 range or less, as not many people would consider a single shot pistol over the various quality small pistols that are also around $300-$400. What they also need is some sort of reloadable cartridge that would allow someone to practice for cheap instead of spending $22 per practice cartridge. Considering this model has only a 15 foot max range, I don’t see why some sort of refillable cartridge that uses airsoft BBs couldn’t be made and replicate the accuracy of the real thing while allowing one to practice inside and safely shoot at other people.

  • Sulaco

    This is different from the units sold to law enforcement where the pulse duration is much less: 5 seconds AND the LE pulse is much more powerful and of different fregs. The civilian version is a low power copy that is ment to distract the bad guy so you can run, not, like the LE version made to take someone down.

    • nobody

      >The civilian version is a low power copy that is ment to distract the
      bad guy so you can run, not, like the LE version made to take someone

      Any actual evidence of those claims? They sound like a bunch of bovine excrement to me.

    • Edeco

      I seem to recall having read this. Makes sense from a business perspective, but not very charming of them. No indeed.

    • nobody

      >The civilian version is a low power copy that is ment to distract the
      bad guy so you can run, not, like the LE version made to take someone

      Except that’s wrong. Looking it up, the C2 is just as powerful as the X26 and X26c (all operate at 5 watts) and the only difference in the pulse frequency is that the C2 and X26c start at the same pulses per second as the X26 for the first 5 seconds then drop off slightly for the remaining amount of time, which could very well be to avoid damage rather than because they want civilians to have less powerful TASERs.

  • Gregory

    I gave my wife the C-2 Taser and she ended up using it against an attacking German Shepherd. She turned the Taser sideways (dogs stand horizontal, not vertical) and
    fired at the dog. Both darts hit the dog. The Taser stopped my wife from being bitten by the dog. The dog fled the area after the Taser shut off. The Taser was worth every penny I spent on it.

  • Worm

    I’m a cop and taser instructor. Many real deployments with the X26. When it works it works phenomenally, shuts people right down. Problem is that it doesn’t always work. Heavy or bagging clothing and the probes many not penetrate. Too close range and the probes don’t get enough spread for proper effect. Tasers are also fragile. If you accidentally smack the front during a struggle the door can come off the cartridge and it may not fire.

    I’d only recommend one to someone who is to physically disabled to learn self-defense or someone who just doesn’t have the mindset for concealed carry of a firearm.

    Falls into the better than nothing category. That said it is better than OC which I have found to be mostly worthless and very messy if a stuggle ensues.

    • TCBA_Joe

      There’s a market for LL as a supplement to a handgun, same as an LEO. I’d consider carrying one in addition to a handgun, not as a replacement for it.

    • Mazryonh

      A Taser can shut down someone on pain-killing drugs (OC or rubber bullets can’t do that as well), but what you mention about failing to work means that’s more of an all-or-nothing proposition given that it’s mostly one-shot.

      As for “better than nothing,” I thought that ECDs were originally intended to decrease lethalities by police, such as “suicide by cop.”

  • cs

    I’d like a picatinny version i can mount on my AR

    • Mazryonh

      There’s a version of the X26 that lets you mount it to the bottom rail of a long gun. But I don’t think that’s civilian-legal.

  • John

    If I could, I would carry a taser, mace, a strobe flashlight, a large knife, a collapsible baton and a firearm. This way, I would be able to choose exactly what level of defense was needed in any situation.

    But life is not like that, you don’t always have the time to decide from a cornucopia of defensive weapons. So if I have only once choice….it must be the one that allows me and my loved ones to live no matter what.

    • Cymond

      Totally agree about carrying what you need.
      But FWIW, it’s considered kinda weird to upvote your own comment.

      • John

        Just an FYI, if you DON’T up-vote your own comment it goes to the bottom of the queue. I don’t want to deny my wisdom to the rest of the world. Jus’ sayin’.

        • Cymond

          Yeah, but if everybody upvotes their own, we’re right back where we started.

  • Bodie

    What is the Safety-Off in the up position?

  • Mazryonh

    Did the official documentation say anything about using the same cartridges as the ones for the C2? The photos here look like that’s the case.

    As for the author’s complaint about the light, that could be solved if Taser International released a version with an accessory rail instead of using an integral light. The Phazzer ECD from another company has that feature.