Shot Show Optics: EOTech 1-6x24mm

EOTech introduced their new line of conventional rifle scopes during Shot Show 2016. I was told that they have been working on this for the past three years. The new EOTech rifle scopes will be made in Japan and should be available by the August 2016 timeframe.



My focus is mostly on the new EOTech 1-6×24. Size wise, it seems to be inline with other 1-6x scopes. I’m glad that EOTech elected to use a 30mm tube instead of the larger 34mm size used by many other 1-6x scopes. The MSRP for the new EOTech 1-6x24mm model will be $1299 USD.



The scope offers a true 1x at the low end. At this range, it features the EOTech reticle that most are familiar with. Unlike their holographic sight, the scope’s etched reticle on the scope is fully functional even without illumination.



Since it uses a first focal plane design, when zoom out to the mid-range at 3x, the center dot became a small circle-dot while the outter circle became larger. I found this setting to be both useable for close-up and distance. The finished version of the scope will have daylight visible reticle illumination.



At 6x, the outter circle completely disappeared with only the small circle-dot remain. Around that, there are few tracking dots to the sides and a short vertical sub-tension line with BDC at the bottom. There will be two models with separate BDC markings for either the 5.56 or the .308 calibers.




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  • …but what is the recommended temperature range for use?

    • C. Her

      It’d probably have some type of reticle shift in my cold Wisconsin winters. 🙂

    • CrankyFool

      That’s silly. Just use the standard Winter Holdover.

  • Fred Johnson

    I love it. The EOTech reticle lives on.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    No information on price? Been contemplating a 1-6 on my deer rifle.

    • Drew Coleman

      1299 – it’s in the article…

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        I´m blind. Thank you.

        Half the price of the VCOG, and the same price in the US as a XPS3 in Norway. Looks like I´ll have to plan for a trip to the US to do some shopping.

  • Drew Coleman

    Oh man I want one of these. This would do great on a AR-10 with a 16″ barrel.

    • Jason Guhl

      It would work on anything

  • Twilight sparkle

    The small circle reminds me of a cleaner primary arms acss reticle.

    • Reef Blastbody

      Probably because Trijicon licensed it from Primary Arms.

      • Twilight sparkle

        This isn’t trijicon??? And as far as I know they only used it in their acog

  • John

    >The new EOTech rifle scopes will be made in Japan

    Not surprised. Nikon started making scopes some years ago, and a lot of hunters were pleasantly surprised by the quality. They make their own glass.

    • Timothy G. Yan

      Almost all of the Nikon scopes are made in the Philippine.

    • StickShift

      Trijicon, Bushnell, Vortex, Burris, and I think Weaver all have their mid to high range scopes made in Japan. The manufacturer is Light Optics.

  • Winter

    After their deceptive and morally reprehensible behavior with the military issued EoTech’s (as well as law enforcement and civilian) I wouldn’t buy a twenty five cent refrigerator magnet from them. Besides there are better options anyway.