[SHOT 2016] VZ Weapon Solutions’ KMG Rail Covers

We are all familiar with VZ grips wonderful G-10 grip panels offered for many popular handguns, this year at SHOT they introduced their new line of Keymod rail covers under the brand VZ Weapon Solutions. Made from the very same high quality G-10 they use on their grips the KMG is sure to be popular with shooters. The KMG is priced at a reasonable $23.75 for the 2″ cover and $25 for the 4″ cover. They are offered in both a Interlock version that does exactly what you think it would and a slimline version to keep bulk to a minimum. VZ will also be offering a hand stop made from G-10 as well.

KMG stands for Key Mod Grip and allows shooters to add a rail cover that allows the shooter to keep a good grip no matter if it is wet or dry. VZ stated that if there is enough response to the 2″& 4″ lengths they will be introducing 3″ & 5″ lengths as well. The KMG panels will be offered in all the same patterns that the grip panels are available in so a shooter can match his handgun to his rifle. VZ also disclosed that they are planning on releasing AR-15 pistol grip in the near future, no word on a exact date or a projected MSRP.

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Patrick R

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  • JJTX

    Wayyyyyyyyyy too expensive for something not needed in the first place.

    These handguards dont have anything to cover up. Which was the point of it vs sharp edgy picatinny rails.

    What is this, jewelry for men?

    • Patrick R.

      Yeah, but it looks cool.

      • Ned Weatherby

        “priced at a reasonable $23.75 for the 2″ cover” I’d hope they’d look cool…

    • Sam Green

      That’s not exactly true my friend. People that shoot in cold climates appreciate not gripping a metal hand-guard when it’s cold out or hunting in the cold with bare hands.
      Touching polymer or rubber is better to the skin than steel or aluminum in the cold.

      I think this is a neat product, although I am partial to simple Ergo rubber plugs on my keymod rifles.

      But I live in a warm climate, I would use these in aforementioned scenarios if I lived in a colder climate. I do however agree that it would be nicer if they were more affordable.

  • Devil_Doc

    Holy hell.. $25 for ONE section?

    • Ned Weatherby

      Come on now – the article states: “priced at a reasonable $23.75 for the 2″ cover.” 🙂

      So someone, somewhere thinks the price is “reasonable.” But then, they probably earn more per hour than the cost of one of these things…

      A little harsh for me, though…

      • Devil_Doc

        I’m trying to imagine what you’d put this on. A Turnbull AR?

  • Spencerhut

    You might be surprised how much this type of thing sells. When we get a guy with
    money to burn in the door. They often have the means and desire to have a
    different look to their gun and this stuff flies out the door. Seen it happen many times.

  • Treyh007

    These look badass but a lil high in price for rail covers!