[SHOT 2016] Troy Pump-Action Rifles

Troy Industries .338 Federal Mossy Oak Edition Pump Action Rifle

Troy’s Pump Action Rifle line is an interesting blend between the modern high speed low drag world and the more traditional world of pump action. With an appearance and controls much like a standard AR, they are pumped to cycle. With tactical rails, they can be accessorized to the shooters delight with your typical selection of accessories. Despite their terrifying tactical assault appearance, as pumps rather than semi-autos, they avoid virtually all of the restrictions placed on the “assault weapons” that so many politicians love to demonize and try to ban. They are legal in all 50 states.

New for this year is the .338 Federal Mossy Oak Edition. This rifle is perfect for big game hunters. It has an 18-inch stainless steel barrel and a monolithic upper rail for optics and other accessories. The rail is a TRX2 Alpha-style carbon fiber unit. It is finished in Mossy Oak’s stunning Shadow Grass Blades camouflage. It ships with a 10-round magazine. MSRP on the .338 Federal Mossy Oak Edition is $1199.

The existing rifles in Troy’s Pump Action Rifle line have been updated to also use the TRX2 Alpha-style rail forearms with 18-inch barrel models getting carbon fiber. Additionally, the Optics Ready model adds .7mm-08 Rem, .243 Win, and .338 Federal models to the existing .223, .300 BLK, and .308 guns.

Shelby Murdoc

Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and GunPundit.com.


  • Paul White

    doesn’t 338 benefit from a longer barrel?

    • Quasimofo

      Yeah, when I read 18″ bbl for short action calibers, I think of shortened hunting carbines or youth rifles. That thing’ll be loud, that’s for sure. I’d want ~20″-22″ for a short action cartridge hunting rifle barrel to try and optimize performance without getting too awkward. And the 308-based PAR’s start at 8.5 lbs, so they’re already about two pounds heavier than a typical manually operated hunting rifle (with a longer barrel) in the same caliber. But, if you like the looks, more power to you.

    • Goody

      338 federal is a 308 necked up – plenty of time for a faster burning powder to push a ~170gr pill up to speed.

  • Dave

    For those wondering 338 federal is a fantastic cartridge giving you 7mm rem performance with less recoil and about 20 less grains worth of powder per charge.

    • Paul White

      It’s on my short list for big bore calibers. I kind of feel like it would be absolutely great for hog, bear, moose, etc if I ever get to hunt them

  • HenryV

    These are legal here in the UK. But I do so like them.

    • Cal.Bar

      That’s not saying much… EVERYTHING (virtually) is illegal over there

      • HenryV


    • Mcameron

      really? i thought you guys could have bolt action rifles?…

      • HenryV

        It is the pump part. Saying that we can have straight pull rifles (ARs sans gas parts, Brownings, K31) etc. and so the law makes no sense. The only pump rifles we can have is in rimfire. And yes we can have bolt actions.

  • Maxpwr

    Great idea and good design. I like the chambering choices, but soon to be banned in an East or West Coast state near you due to appearance.

  • Holdfast_II

    .7mm huh? A true mouse gun.

  • Cal.Bar

    Sadly, these may be VERY popular in CA next year if all of the semi-auto bans get passed.

    • Maxpwr

      Then they’ll ban them next. Remember, Connecticut already tried to ban pump action rifle Remington 7615. The appeals court said you can’t do that…yet.

    • HKmaster

      There’s going to be yet another ban???? I am so glad i left the Kommiefornia last year…

    • Goody

      Alternatively, not very popular at all once CA shooters figure out they can start a war.

  • HKGuns

    I don’t even like pump shotguns, the market for this is what exactly?

    • Maxpwr

      States where semi-autos are banned. NY, CT, etc. Just like he says in the write-up.

    • Cal.Bar

      In states where semi-auto rifles with removable mags are banned. Beyond that, god only knows.

  • adverse

    If they are as simple to clean as a pump shotgun and as easy to operate, reliable, etc. I would think be nice to have one. Definitely a stand off firearm with minimum accessories. By “stand off” I mean take them down at distance and move.

  • LV-426

    I still wanna know why all the big calibers have a 1 in 7 twist?? If that’s true, you could run some wild subsonic heavy handloads in each.

  • Daniel

    How soon we (as the firearms community) forget. DO NOT BUY TROY PRODUCTS. Could be you or your wife or son their government lackys gun down next.

    • Cymond

      When I read about Troy’s support, I removed all of their parts from my wishlists and any future build plans. I still own one of their iron sights, but no point crying over spilled milk.