[SHOT 2016] Trijicon’s MRO

Sure, the MRO isn’t breaking news or anything but I got a chance to play with one a bit for the first time. Trijicon had the MRO out in force at SHOT 2016 giving me a great opportunity to play with one a bit so I can share my first impression with you guys. Trijicon describes the MRO as their mid-sized optic somewhere between the SRS and the RMR. Trijicon made sure to make all MROs night vision compatible unlike some companies that charge extra for that feature. They also designed the tube to flare towards the front in order to remove the tube effect that you get on other mid-sized optics. With the brief time I had to play with the optic I found that the view was much closer to my beloved but returned EoTech than the Aimpoint T1 red dots I have tried.

The MRO has 6 daytime brightness settings and 2 night vision settings, on setting 4 the optic will run for thirty thousand hours. The 2 MOA dot seemed easy to acquire when shouldering the rifle, but again I only had a few minutes to play with it. The Trijicon rep seemed to be most proud of the cap-less adjustment knobs that you can use a brass case or a coin to dial the red dot in, I do have to say it looks very convenient.

The MRO carries a MSRP of $ 579 without a mount and $639 with a mount, pretty reasonably priced for a optic from one of the big manufactures.

IMG_0659 IMG_0660 IMG_0663

Patrick R

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  • Yimmy

    $600 for something that dosent do anything better than what others have been doing for 10+ years…. another swing and miss by trijicon….. how many red dot esque attempts is this now? Their original acogs were excellent at the time, at the time being the key phrase, now hardly anyone runs them anymore.

    With the prices being what they are, I can’t imagine they’re selling very many of them. Compared to other optics that are lighter smaller and have decent to excellent battery life, I can’t understand how Trijicon expects to win anyone ever? Name power slone? Sorry but unless they’re sights for handguns, they’ve become a has been.

    • Nicholas Chen

      I got mine for $450 brand new. They can be bought for less than MSRP.

      • Rick5555

        Another quality alternative that people seem to over-look. Is the Mepro RDS, the IDF is using. It’s similar to a EOTech with a rectangle window. Has a 1.8 moa red dot. Is relatively light…I believe it’s 10 oz. And uses, one AA battery. I bought one and put it on my Tavor. And love it. Will probably put this optic on my X95 when it’s released in early spring. Not holding my breath on the MDR from Desert Tech. Which is expected in summer time. Which is what Desert Tech said about the MDR release last year at Shot. Hopefully, it will come out this year. Those are the only two rifle I saw at Shot that interest me (X95 and MDR). I probably will pick up an EVO version 2 and 805 Bren. The Bren will be mainly as a range toy. It’s too heavy, considering the alternatives in it’s class, as well as its price point…(SCAR). Would love to get my hands on the FB Radom, MSBS…but going to be at least another year. Which is what Radom said at last years Shot too. Oh well. I suppose we can’t have it ALL now…but it’s nice to dream.

    • Patrick R.

      Street price is substantially less than MSRP, I know for a fact they are selling like gangbusters.

      • David

        Exactly. You can catch them on sale at optics sellers for even less. I paid $422 before the available online coupons 🙂

        I think that’s a bit overpriced for what you get and I have a lot of Trijicon stuff. I think it’s setting 3 that’s advertised as a 5 year run time. That’s nice, but setting 3 is only usable in dusk or heavy cloud cover. 4 is daylight capable, 5 is whoa and 6 is retina damage. I have other, lesser red dots with a dot that is equally, if not more precise and offers many more adjustment settings.

        I think the marketers went a little overboard with the cap-less adjusters. Nice, but if you cut the adjuster for a flat head screwdriver, you can use a piece of cartridge brass to adjust them.

        I don’t like spending >500 on a zero magnification optic when I can get a low magnification option for the same or a bit more. I prefer the ACOG over red dots but that said, they have their places. If the street price comes down a bit on this, it will be a good option. IMO, this should be selling for the mid 300’s for its shortcomings.

        The previous TFB review of the MRO highlighted them quite well.

        • Kivaari

          The 1X sights have an advantage I haven’t found on any sight with added power. You don’t need it set perfectly for eye relief. You can use BUIS with out removing a 1X.

    • mig1nc

      Yimmy, the closest competitor (Aimpoint T-2) is several hundred dollars more with mount. And it also is selling like hotcakes. All the rage right now is the race to the bottom when it comes to weight, and this delivers a lot of performance for the price in that category.

    • Varix

      Damn, you’re stupid.

    • Sam Green

      Yimmy, with no disrespect intended, but I think your a bit mistaken, on every point.
      Acogs are still very popular, in and out of the military. They’re not popular because most people refuse to shell out $1200 for one.

      That doesn’t mean they are outdated, nor popular. The MRO’s fill a gap that Aimpoint and Eotech dominated, the mid range red dot market.
      Aimpoint is less than thrilled about this red dot, as it gives them competition they never had in the run time and ruggedness dep’t, not to mention the MRO is a better product that costs less than theirs. Both are very tough and bomb proof though and both are good products. No bad choice with either one, but to infer that Trijicon is a has been is comical at best.

      I replaced my Eotech right before the Eotech buy-back. I loved my Eotech, but I like this MRO more.

      I paid $455 shipped and it was worth every penny. I do wish they had a 4MOA model like Aimpoint has, that’s the only pro Aimpoints have over this. It’s still a very awesome product.

      • Core

        I’m not convinced the Trijicon MRO is better than the Aimpoint. The reviews are showing the dot skews at magnification, there is a slight magnification effect on parallax, a blue tint, and finally the battery terminals are pronr to breakage if you are a ham handed neanderthal.. The Aimpoint T2 has better clarity, and Aimpoint fixed the magnification issue. It’s also super rugged and has a nice round dot.

        • Sam Green


          I’m sure Trijicon will iron out any wrinkles in the future, just as Aimpoint did. Normally I try not to be an early adopter of any electronic device, but I liked what I saw with this MRO.

          When and if they release a 4moa MRO, I’ll be upgrading to that. My tired eyes aren’t what they were when employed by Uncle Sam. Heck my Trijicon RMR has a honking 9MOA green dot.

    • Kivaari

      People don’t run them because we can’t afford them. I want a mini 1.5x on my SBR, but at over $1000, it wont happen. Now if I were young and working, I’d put one on my patrol rifle.

      • RealitiCzech

        That’s my dream optic. Running a variable at various shooting events I found that I tended to leave it in 1.5X mode for ease of use up close – it was surprisingly useful for longer distances, where the low magnification made it easy to go from “my eye sees the target” to “my scope sees the target.”

        • Kivaari

          I have a Leupold 1.5-5x24mm and I love it. But, I’d like one having a heavier reticule. Still it was $900 plus $200 for the G,G&G QD mount. I had an EOTech EXPS2 I bought between hospital visits, I lost the whole summer shooting season. Then the refund program came about. I learned that in sub-freezing temperatures they could have issues. I live where we have a 5 month winter. I sent it back awhile back, and they haven’t sent a check. When it comes, I will act.

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip

      When are you people going to learn how MSRP works

    • That would be higher than MSRP. You can get them for much less than that.

    • Kivaari

      Well, soon you can buy a cheap replica made in China. It will last one range visit then fail. Except to get bucks from shooters the selling of junk is just wrong. I like profits as much as any store owner. But, it is hard to tell customers that buying a $50 rip-off is a good thing. I remember about 25 years ago, we were given a huge selection of new RDSs, and the things looked good. Except, they all started coming back within a few days. It isn’t a good business model to buy junk. The Chinese maker doesn’t care. The importer will dump them to distributors, then to dealers. Then they sell and bounce back. You give a refund and then lose money shipping them back. The distributors end up with a pile of junk since Billy Bob’s import business was a one-time operation and has vaporized.

  • Some Dude

    It always annoys me when people who cannot afford a product rant against it. ACOGs are still excellent.

    • Sam

      Yeah, ACOGs are awesome. I don’t understand the hate. Buy once, cry once. I’m really considering getting one of their 1.5x mini ACOGs.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        Every optic, firearm or equipment used in numbers by the military, or marketed to the military, does carry a tactical markup. I´m not saying ACOGs are bad, but the price IS inflated. I don´t know the internal numbers Trijicon is *operating* with, but I know the Sako TRG M10 is about 20% overpriced compared to the profits generated by civilian products. Again, not a bad product by far, but overpriced compared to the cost of materials and manufacturing etc.

      • Some Dude

        I paid $446 for my MRO on Amazon. I do not regret it for one minute unlike the other cheap optics that I have settled for in the past.

        Standard 4X ACOGs can be found on sale several times a year from places like DSG Arms in the $900 – $999 range. I’m on their e-mail list.

  • Slovko

    Any word from Trijicon on whether or not they plan on fixing the issue with the battery contacts breaking off in the MRO?

    • Ted Unlis

      Only way that can happen is if someone who didn’t bother to read the instructions tries to force the battery straight in instead of at a slight angle as very clearly instructed by Trijicon.

      • Cymond

        Admittedly, if the battery lasts 3 years, it would be easy to misplace the instructions and forget proper procedure.

  • Randy

    Dont like the non cap design for elvevation/windage. I goofed with a buddies and you can indeed turn it in some situations accidently. Like if you crawl or push the gun onto a barricade and quickly turn the gun. It has low odds
    Of happening but it is still easy to bump it when you do knock it. No thanks maybe have a locking system that uses bullet tip/coin to deactivate and then adjust idk.

    • Ted Unlis

      With all due respect Randy, either you made that $#!T up or you were drunk while “goofing” around with your buddies red dot you mistakenly believed to be a MRO because the “easy to bump” claim is an outright lie.

    • PatsFan

      Thanks for posting. Now we know you have either 1) never touched one, or 2) your buddies are f-ing morons. Probably both.

  • Lance

    WAY over priced. Trijicon makes awesome products but they take the buyers to the cleaners with every product!!!

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip

      Are you even real and not a spam bot?

    • Kivaari

      Good stuff costs money. Many similar items exist in the gun world, and you often get what you pay for. Then again there are EOTech sights that now have a clouded record. TFB has given me some really great advice regarding lots of gun stuff. If the bulk of the staff and comments say they are good. I’d tend to give the product a try. It’s hard to get through all the chaff while looking for gear.

    • PatsFan

      Guess you haven’t looked at an Aimpoint T1/T-2. Are you naturally this clueless or do you have to study up?

  • Corey Launch

    FYI: $399 right now off of DVOR (OpticsPlanet extension) with no mount. Best price Ive seen.

  • pun&gun

    Lost my interest when I found out they’re not a true 1x, but noticeably magnified.

    • Ted Unlis

      Who ever said the MRO has “noticeable magnification” is full of $#!T, I just bought one and the only regret I have is that all the red dots I have on other rifles and paid a lot less for now seem noticeably inferior.

      • craigR

        Ted, judging by most of your comments here, you seem very defensive and emotionally attached to your purchase. So, instead of trying to establish my experience and credentials prior to disagreeing with you on the magnification, I’ll simply leave you with this…

        From Trijicon MRO FAQ page…

        Is the MRO™ magnified?

        The Trijicon® MRO™ has a very slight magnification of 1.05x, which is within the range of competitive reflex-style sights. This slight magnification allows the MRO™ to have an optimally-focused target scene and a crisp, clear reticle dot. The slight magnification does not affect the usability or performance of the optic.

        • Ted Unlis

          Apparently Craig you struggle with decimal numbers so let me help you out; .05 = 5/100 (FIVE ONE HUNDREDTHS).

          Since I actually own a Trijicon MRO that I recently zeroed and tried out with 100 rds of 300 AAC on paper and steel, I know for a fact that the sight has no noticeable magnification, so if you’re saying magnification is noticeable then you’re just as full of $#!T as pun&gun’s source of information on the MRO.

          The suggestion that 1.05x magnification is either noticeable or some sort of flaw is simply a lie from a bull$#!tter who’s never laid hands on let alone had any trigger time with a MRO equipped rifle and is just as much of a lie as the ridiculous claim from another bull$#!tter in this forum who said the MRO sight adjustments are “easy to bump”.

          Just be honest and say you think the Trijicon MRO is too pricey so you hate it, don’t try to float bull$#!T and obvious lies about noticeable magnification and easy to bump sight adjustments.

          • craigR

            Ted, the point of my last post was this, you stated that anyone who says the MRO is magnified is full of crap, so I simply showed you that Trijicon themselves says it’s magnified. This basically discredits your opinion.

            Either way Ted, here’s the real controversy and ultimately our impasse. You say the MRO has no magnification, Trijicon says it has .05, and I’m going on the record and saying it has more. I know, I know, how could I say such a thing? Well, I own multiple EoTechs, multiple T-1’s, a T-2, and an RMR just to name the more popular and higher priced options so you can drop the cost argument. Additionally, while working in this industry, I have looked through every RDS/MRDS to hit the market, plus some that haven’t, and from that experience I can say with absolute certainty that the MRO is noticeably magnified.

            In the end, you’re the one who is vested in the MRO, which is obvious in the condescending remarks, aggressive language, and emotions conveyed in your arguments.

            I’m perfectly comfortable with agreeing to disagree. If you are not, then feel free to get the last word in, as I’ve said what I needed to say and there’s no point in continuing to argue about it.

          • Ted Unlis

            Craig that’s pretty slick how you pivoted when pinned down in mid lie by shifting the premise of original argument from “noticeable magnification” to “no magnification”.

        • Kivaari

          One point zero five isn’t much in anything optical.

          • craigR

            You’re right, which is why I believe the magnification value to be higher than what Trijicon is stating. I’m certainly not the first or only person to bring this up, yet there are people like Ted who cannot see it, so maybe it’s simply a disparity in vision quality from one person to the next. Regardless of the number, the slight magnification, much like the bluish tint, doesn’t bother me but it is noticeable.

          • Kivaari

            When sight makers actually tell us the actual power of a sight, it is more often than not, none are actually a 1-5x. Yhery were always a little more or less than the “power” on the label. I have used quite a few older 1X optics. None of the damn things looked like they were 1X images. Even good quality Leupold 1x scopes (not a rds). If anything I’d swear they had negative power. Even the best gave me distortion.

    • PatsFan

      You’re wrong, but it’s okay to stay stupid. It seems to suit you.

  • stu reder

    what is the maximum distance at which you can rely on a 1″ group?

    • Kivaari

      One inch group? Do you ask, how well it will hold a 1 inch group? Probably not far, but that isn’t its intended use.

    • Patrick R.

      That depends on the shooter, the rifle, and the ammo; not the optic.

  • Kivaari

    It’s an appealing sight. But the one I think I will buy with my EOTech refund (if it ever comes) is the new 1X Vortex Spitfire. I hate battery operated sights that become useless if the battery fails. The Vortex allows focusing so the glowing dot isn’t blurred. That is what all red dot sights should have. Vortex must have been listening. It should work with co-witnessed irons.

    • Rick5555

      Look into the Mepro RDS, it comes in two grades….civilian at $350 and military grade at $500 or a bit cheaper. The internals are the same. However, different materials were used for the housing. The top that protects the window is polymer on the civi model. And the military has 7075 aluminum. I have the $350 model, and its fine. I even dropped it while on my Tavor and not a dig or scratch on the thing. Has a 1.8 moa dot. Simple controls and only 4 settings…which I didn’t think would suffice. But it does..even in bright sun light on a cloudless day.

      • Kivaari

        I have an serious issue. I want to try them all. We have so many new good optics that finding the right one at the right price is hard.

    • Ted Unlis

      If you see a blurred dot on the MRO or any other quality optic the problem is with your vision not the sight, the blur is caused by an astigmatism.

      • Kivaari

        That is why the new Vortex 1X has appeal. It can be focused where none of the others can. Like a $1500 Trijicon, a fine optic that is useless for those having eye issues. A good internal waterproof focus system would improve so many fine scopes. It can be done, but since most users are young with OK vision they don’t bother with we duffers that use them for sport.

        • Ted Unlis

          The way you fix that is with glasses or contact lenses. You really ought to have your eyes checked if your astigmatism noticeably blurs the dot that bad because it also greatly affects your night vision while driving.

          • Kivaari

            Well I wear tri-focal glasses. When shooting I have to get the right lens lined up, and it just doesn’t work except from the bench. While up and shooting, chances of having the middle lens in the right place is just not going to happen. A sight that can be focused while I am wearing neutral gray shooting glasses makes more sense. It is a reason many shooters just don’t use red dot sights. I use a Leupold Mk4 1.5-5x24mm on one rifle. It is great. I still want another rifle using a 1X sight that allows use of iron sights as well. Even iron sights gives many of us fits. I can’t come close to seeing the sights clearly without carefully getting my middle lens on the sight. In fact I use plain shooting glasses because they at least don’t have three sections to choose from.
            This is a problem for many of us older shooters. It really isn’t as simple as wearing glasses.

          • PatsFan

            Okay, you’re over the hill. Gey used to it.

          • Don’t throw stones you’ll get there faster than you think:-)

          • C. Her

            Wrong, well at least it didn’t work for me. Contact lenses to fancy Crizal lense coatings to prescription polarized glasses to Lasik surgery offered no improvement to clear up the red dot. Yes nightvision sucks for me. The wife can see a deer 20 minutes before me in the morning.

          • Kivaari

            Yep, it is much more complex than buying new glasses. When I did some IDPA matches, I finally went to simple plastic neutral grey shooting glasses. No need to get the right lens lined up with the plain protective eyewear. I now do the same while using rifles.

          • PatsFan

            You remain clueless about the issue. Contacts rarely have cylindrical corrections that cause an astigmatism. Lasik is known NOT to address it either, it’s a spherical correction only.
            Don’t be a moron, go see an eye doctor and get a pair of glasses that correct for it or just live with it. It’s YOUR problem

          • C. Her

            Now now, need to call fellow Pro 2A’ers names. I know you’re still salty about the Pat’s losing so it sucks to be you. No amount of eye correction will help my issue. It’s part of my eyeball’s structure based on the natural aging of the human body. No, glasses will not help either. Yes I’ve learned to live with it yes it’s my problem so don’t tell me what to do with my eyes Moron.

          • Core

            lol Anyway, sorry to hear it can’t be corrected. I have one eye that’s slightly different rx than the other and I’ve never had any problems but everyone is different. I had an issue with my Eotech when I was looking through my glasses with both eyes open while one eye was looking over my left lens and the right eye looking through the right lens. Operator error. Just fyi PRK is the only federally approved corrective eye surgery from folks who have jump dive job descriptions. I was approved for the procedure, but deployed too many times to get it done. I was still shooting E with no correction. But my distance vision was waning. You cannot wear contacts to be eligible for PRK for some reason…

    • Pseudo

      I’m right there with you on the EOTech refund. Nervously awaiting my check.

      • Core

        I caved in and sent mine in for rma refund. I cried inside. I’ll miss it but I live in a uber cold environment that often shifts in temperature extremes. I’ll buy another as soon as they crack the code.

    • C. Her

      I was so close to buying an Aimpoint Pro, Aimpoint Micro, Trijicon MRO, Leupold Deltapoint, Vortex Venom or Vortex Razor but the red dot’s starburst was an issue for me. I had Astigmatism and had Lasik done in 2012. Corrected vision but still had starbust issue so that is the reason why I also bought a Vortex Spitfire 1X because of it’s etched reticle. Deep down inside I still want to buy a Aimpoint Pro or at the bare minimum a Vortex Sparc II. Aimpoints are just sexy and the top dollar I’m willing to pay for the Pro is $390 new otherwise I’m going to the Sparc II for $170 new since their red dots all look the same and I don’t need the ruggedness and 50,000 hour battery life of the Aimpoint.

  • Sianmink

    Getting one, because I can steal one for dealer cost.

    Even if I couldn’t I’d still try to save up for it.

  • PatsFan

    Slowly moving my T-1s out for these.

  • Dennis

    My wife and I own 3 Triiicon MRO’s and we think you can not go wrong.
    Our only complaint is that they don’t come with lens covers. We have searched high and low on the internet for after market ones. If anybody out there knows of any please post it.

    • Core

      They look like the inside is threaded, I’m guessing that you could find a kill flash at some point in the near future if everyone requests them. Also Butler Creek makes flip ups and scope bras in a multitude of diameters.

  • Dennis

    core; thanks we have butler creek on the front but the rear of the optic is not deep enough for a butler creek to stay on. We are going to address this issue to the folks from trijicon when we go to the NRA annual meeting in Louisville in May since we also own 5 trijicon RMR on our handguns. Trijicon needs a bikini type like aimpoint ( we own several aimpoints t-1 h-1) but we won’t tell that part to the trijicon people. Thanks for the follow up.