[SHOT 2016] Bad Company Tactical firearms retention system

Toby Mellville of Bad Company Tactical was out at SHOT with his rifle and handgun rapid retention systems on hand. These systems have been out for a while now, but this was the first time I had heard of them. Unlike some of these kydex “M4 holsters” out on the market, the R2S works as a picatinny mounted retention system. The mount can go on the top rail, or some versions go on a side rail. Either way, imagine a complete minimalist Safariland holster, with just the ALS system, sans the actual holster covering. There is a square mounted piece that attaches to MOLLE, or a belt, that has a V shaped opening, with a clip at the bottom of the V, and a square shaped button at the top. The weapon system mount has a picatinny mounted V shaped extrusion, that is then slipped into the V shaped opening on a users belt/flak jacket, thus holstering the weapon until the square shaped button is pressed to release it.

The main idea is for rifles or shotguns, while they have another concept for handguns. This consists of mounting the V mount to the picatinny front rails where a light would normally rest on a handgun, and thus would form part of a holster in of itself. The added usefulness of this system is that a shooter can place their thumb on the mount while firing, thus giving a steady spot to place their thumb on. In addition it has picatinny rails underneath it, for any lights that a shooter would want to add to it, thus keeping the retention system, and a light. But what about a trigger covering? The company makes a kydex trigger covering that is attached to the belt section of the system, that is snapped off the handgun as it is drawn, then the shooter has to re attach it to the handgun once it is holstered.

Toby said the system is currently in use with a number of military and police units around the world. There was a police officer at the booth that was attesting to the usefulness of it, mentioning that his SWAT teams would use it for their door breaching shotguns that they mounted on the back of their vests, ready for use, secured, but also easily put away. In addition, Toby said that the system is extremely strong, saying that they’ve attached all sorts of weight to it, once inserted, and it hasn’t buckled. It has a load bearing weight of 500 pounds or so.

The MSRP for the R2S ranges from $179.99 to $279.99 depending on the configuration you want. Orders can be taken up at the website.

_MG_7708 _MG_7710 _MG_7714 _MG_7715 _MG_7717 _MG_7718 _MG_7719 _MG_7721


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  • Justin Roney

    Well it’s about time someone came out with a practical system capable of holstering and carrying a handgun with a suppressor, light/laser, and optic. I think I’ll have to get one.

  • Vhyrus

    Is it useful? Possibly. Is a piece of plastic/metal worth $200-300? HAHAHAHA nope! I’d pay about half that maybe.

    • Justin Roney

      Well, as in so many cases, MSRP ain’t actual retail price. And if you want a good quality holster, you’re going to pay $80-100 anyway, just like if you want a rifle sling that’s going to hold your $1,500-2000 dollar rifle without breaking you’re going to pay $80-100 for a VTAC or similar. A $150 holster so you don’t drop a $500 gun + $700 suppressor (plus $200 tax stamp) + $100 light/laser combo + $600 red dot optic isn’t a bad investment…assuming it’s a quality piece of kit.

  • Jack Vincennes

    Where I come from that’s called a Bridgeport rig.

    • sdelcegno

      Bridgeport ct?

    • Roy G Bunting

      Yep, I recall if from “The Quick and the Dead” Cantrell uses one.

  • Roy G Bunting

    Seems the limiting factor is the gear you hook it up to. Belt etc. Do you have a belt tight enough to keep 7-10bs of rifle from flopping around?

    • CommonSense23

      Good belt or war belt will easily hold this. Its pretty similar to the setup for the HK grenade launcher.

  • Dracon1201

    This is pretty sweet!

    On the other hand, you guys were doing well until suddenly “The added usefulness of this system is that a shooter can place their thumb on the mount while firing, thus giving a steady spot to place their thumb on.” WHAT DOES THIS NONSENSE MEAN!?

    • Sam

      I assume they mean something like a “gas pedal” you see on a lot of race guns.

    • Yea my wording was off with that….I was trying to quote what Toby was saying about the system.

  • Bill

    The only retention latches I like are those that cover the trigger guard.

  • Elvis

    I went to their webpage to learn about the product, and see if it would fit my needs. It seems they have no interest in selling them, as their page has exactly no information about what this product is, or how it’s used.

  • shooter2009

    Thanks…but, had to say what a crappy video.

  • DwnRange

    KISS, no offense but I think this product is the last “S” , I’ll just stick with a sling and my favorite concealed carry holsters.