In Case you missed them: SHOT Show Day 4 (LAST DAY OF THE SHOW)


Here are all our posts published on 22 January 2015 during the final day of SHOT Show. If you missed any here they are chronological order from earliest to latest …

  1. [SHOT 2016] S&W Releases New Bodyguard 380 With No Manual Safety

  2. [SHOT 2016] CoolFire Dry Fire Training

  3. [SHOT 2016] Day 3 round up.

  4. Nighthawk Custom Browning Hi-Power

  5. [SHOT 2016] What’s new at Black Hills Ammunition

  6. [SHOT 2016]: What’s new at ZEV Technologies

  7. [SHOT 2016] Milkor USA’s Hydra: Handheld Automatic Grenade Launcher

  8. Shot Show Optics: EOTech 1-6x24mm

  9. [SHOT 2016] Troy Pump-Action Rifles

  10. [SHOT 2016] American Tactical Glock 43 Threaded Match Barrel

  11. [SHOT 2016] Kriss’ New Defiance DMK-22 Dedicated 22 AR-15

  12. [SHOT 2016] Laser Ammo Targets and Trainers

  13. [SHOT 2016] 5.11 Havoc 30 Backpack

  14. [SHOT 2016] Explorer Cases

  15. [SHOT 2016] Steadify

  16. Strike Industries Ultra-Short AR Stock, Latchless Charging Handle and 45 Degree Folding BUIS

  17. [SHOT 2016] Schmeisser SLP-9

  18. [SHOT 2016] Rifles Only Gear

  19. New Sig Sauer P227 Equinox

  20. [SHOT 2016] VZ Weapon Solutions’ KMG Rail Covers

  21. [SHOT 2016] Knight’s Armament SR-25 E2 ACC M-Lok

  22. [SHOT 2016] FB Radom MSBS Update

  23. [SHOT 2016] Bad Company Tactical firearms retention system

  24. Franchi Catalyst for Women

  25. Rock River Arms LAR-PDS SBR

  26. Hornady ELD-X Precision Hunter

  27. [SHOT 2016] Trijicon’s MRO

  28. [SHOT 2016] What’s new at Quantico Tactical

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  • BattleshipGrey

    Thank you TFB staff for all the extra work you put in this week to bring us the latest firearm news!

    • M.M.D.C.

      Ditto. I’ve asked my wife to hide the credit cards.

  • Blake

    Did any of the team stop by American Rifle Company? Anything new from them?