Shot Show Optics: Dedicated AK Optic from Browe and RS Regulate

For SHOT 2016, Browe Optics and RS Regulate collaborated in the development of a low bore height magnified optic for the AK platform. The specially made Browe sight is machined with a lower mount base that works in conjunction with RS Regulate AK-300 side mount system.



The new Browe sight features 7.62×39 reticle and it’s illuminated via LED with automatic reticle brightness level. Brain Browe founded his own optic company after his 16 years tenure with Trijicon. All the Browe sights featuring lens and prisms made from the high-end German Schott glass. (More info on the Browe sight) You can read about my full write-up of the RS Regulate AK mounting system here.



A proper cheek weld on an AK is now easy with the Browe and RS Regulate optic combination.



While the sample on the AKs have the green color illumination, Brian Browe showed me this blue color illumination version he developed for a foreign military contract. I have previously reviewed a Browe BCO with the same blue color reticle, I really like it. Why the blue color? Because the blue color stands out from any background and for those with various level of color-blindness (typically affects a not-so-small percentage of the male population world-wide), the blue illumination will work for them.



The RS Regulate AK optic mount system is the only one on the market that allows both side-to-side adjustment of the optic to accommodating various AK pattern, and front and back adjustment to get the best eye relief for the shooter.



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  • felix

    Just when I thought I wanted an AR

    • Jesse Foust

      I bought a receiver and everything. US made AKM, Magpul furniture and beast scope and mount? Sign me up. :DDDD

  • Reef Blastbody

    Does it share the $1500+ MSRP of the rest of their lineup though?

    • Frank

      Yeah I know, why would I get something like this when I can get a no name acog copy off of ebay for $100. These should only cost maybe $110!

      • anon

        This is what Taurus owners actually believe.

    • Anomanom

      Yes it does.

  • Emfourty Gasmask

    $1000+ optic on an AK? komrade, plz

  • Rob

    They modeled the 7.62 scope on a 5.45 gun? I’ll assume they know better, and thus have scopes for both calibers…