SHOT Show 2016: DSA’s Titanium FAL, RPDs, and Zulu Lands Program

DSA had notable news for SHOT 2016:

First, DSA’s 7.5lb (!) titanium FAL is going into production this quarter. This ultra-light, ultra premium FAL is going to have an MSRP of $3,000.

Second, DSA’s RPDs are being phased out due to labor costs. They have an MSRP of $2,000 and up depending on model. This will be your last chance to get one and, to put it into context, you could buy four of the DSA RPDs for the price of one FN M249s at $8,000.

Last, and certainly not least, DSA was promoting their Zulu Lands program. DSA is raising support and funds for anti-poaching patrols in Central and Southern Africa. It’s quite an endorsement of DSA’s FAL that their rifles are being used on a real-life (albeit unconventional) battlefield in a temperate, abrasive environment like Central and Southern Africa, and receiving positive feedback from the end users. Best of all, you can justify your next DSA purchase on the basis that you are supporting a great cause: The elimination of illegal rhino poaching.

Oh, and DSA also drops a hint that they will have a huge FAL announcement at SHOT 2017. I’ll follow up next year and let you all know first!

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  • Sgt fish

    Maybe my rpd carbine will be worth more now haha. I will say though that I am disappointed cuz they mentioned future models with quick change barrels and other upgrades

    • Evan

      What’s the point of buying a semiauto machine gun? I just don’t get it. I mean, yeah, machine guns are awesome and it sucks that they’re essentially impossible to get for those of us who aren’t filthy rich, but why buy a semi version of one? Why would you buy a semi RPD instead of just getting an AK? It seems to me that a semi version of a machine gun kinda defeats the whole purpose.

      • Sgt fish

        Maybe I already had a bunch of AKs and wanted something different? Or maybe I made a bumpfire stock for it? Or maybe I bought it to hang on to so that one day jt may be FA?

        • Evan

          I guess maybe with the bumpfire stock. If they DO ever get rid of the Hughes amendment, I’ll buy some machine guns that were manufactured as such. I don’t remember if an RPD is closed bolt or open bolt, but I know the semi version is closed bolt, and I imagine it’s a pain in the ass to convert from closed to open bolt, which is the #1 reason why I ignore closed bolt semi versions of open bolt guns. And also, even if Cruz gets elected and the Republicans win 67 Senate seats, I just don’t see the Hughes amendment going away.

          • Sgt fish

            Or I could get a mfg sot and not worry about the Hughes amendment

          • Evan

            If I got one of those, I wouldn’t bother converting semiauto. I’d be buying post 86 samples.

          • Sgt fish

            Receivers are pretty similar. It’d be real simple to swap out the bolt and fcg

      • BryanS

        RPD has a beefier receiver, 1.5mm vs the standard of 1mm. Less flex overall. Yugos made to correct spec are the same.

        • Sgt fish

          You might be thinking of the rpk. The rpd is a belt fed lmg with milled receiver.

  • Evan

    I knew the daughter of the owner of DSA though an old job I had. Wish I’d kept in touch with her. I wanted to score a free FAL, be it titanium or whatever else. I don’t own an FAL, and the two that my friend has are both junk with terrible sights, and one has a malfunction on every third round. I have zero experience with an actual GOOD FAL.

    • Scott P

      That is because like most foreign designs you have to stick with the originals.

      FN, Argentine, and Springfield imports are top notch but pricey. You get what you pay for. Argentine’s are surprisingly cheap for a pre-ban going for about the same price if not cheaper than DSA’s standard line.

      I have a DSA but the critical components were made with Brazilian surplus parts so no issues here.

  • Secundius

    @ James.

    It should! The M777 155mm Howitzer and Navy’s 155mm AGS, are BOTH Titanium Framed…

  • Mark

    I am quite a FAL and DSA enthusiast but “DSA also drops a hint that they will have a huge FAL announcement at SHOT 2017” must be punished by consumers.

    Don’t buy anything from a company that drops such “hints.”