[SHOT 2016] New Stuff From Strike Industries

If you follow the blog you might know I have become a bit of a Strike fan boy after reviewing some of their outstanding products.I thought that a visit to their booth at SHOT was in order to not only take a look at the new stuff they will be introducing, but to put a face with the name of the man that I have corresponded with. Garrett was more than happy to give TFB a sneak preview of what they will have coming to market, sadly I do not have any idea what this stuff will cost yet.


The product that Garrett was most excited about was their new no latch charging handle that uses a spring catch on the inside of the receiver. Garrett told me that his customers have been asking for an ambi charging handle for a while so he was thinking about how to best execute this and had a light bulb moment.

IMG_0558 IMG_0561

Garret also showed me a compact version of their new Viper stock, a rubber buttpad for the Viper stock, some offset sights that also flip towards the centerline of the gun if you like, and a ambi safety that is designed to work with their upcoming PDW stock.

IMG_0564 IMG_0566 IMG_0572 IMG_0574 IMG_0580 IMG_0581


Patrick R

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  • nova3930

    That’s a pretty darn good idea on the CH. Typically there’s no real force pushing the CH back so do you really need a physical external latch?

    • Joshua

      It’s genious honestly.

      Even suppressed CH’s see very little stress, enough so that if you removed the latch it would lightly tap your nose on the rearward movement of the BCG.

      This latch should remove all wear to the upper and last forever.

  • ClintTorres

    SI also doesn’t charge insane prices for their CHs like so many others do.

  • J E

    They’ve got a great design aesthetic – might tweak my setup so that I’m not just another Magpul Ranger….

  • kregano

    If Strike can provide that ambi charging handle at their usual great prices, I might get rid of my $10 standard one on my budget AR.

  • Redfoot

    I have their stock and it works great! Tighter fit than MOE on Mil Spec tube. Along with comp, dust cover, and forward assist, they make some great products.

  • Wingbert

    Can’t wait to see that charging handle hit the market. Certainly follows the KISS principal

  • Doubleoevan

    I realize the article says prices aren’t known, but does anyone know when the offset sights will be available? I’m hoping they’re cheaper than most of the other options on the market without sacrificing quality.

    • Patrick R.

      I do not have any information past what is in the article. Most of the items I showcased were prototypes.