[SHOT 2016] MIT USA Mag Pump AR Mag Loader

There are a couple rifle mag loaders out on the market such as the Three Point Innovation’s Box-to-Mag AR-15 Speed Loader and the Caldwell’s Mag Charger, I stumbled upon this interesting new speed mag loader for the AR-15 from the folks at MIT USA called the Mag Pump. They were demonstrating it at the SHOT Show and it looked really easy to use. It’s hopper fed, just dump .223, 5.56 NATO or .300 Blackout rounds into the top, load in any Mil Spec AR-15 mag and work the lever. They demonstrated it with both Magpul PMAGs and standard metal USGI mags. There’s no need to put the ammo in a certain direction, the Mag Pump automatically sorts it and loads it in the correct direction. It features a mechanical interlock that prevents damage to the ammo by pausing actuation until the ammo is in place and aligned to the mag. Once the mag is fully loaded it will stop loading anymore rounds.

The Mag Pump can be attached to a a table or right onto a Picatinny rail. It has quick release pins so you can remove the hopper and break down the loader, it also fits right into a .50 cal ammo can. It’s made in the USA and retails for $389, check out mitusaman.com for more info. Check it out in action in the video below.

EDIT: My mistake, the alloy model retails for $389, the plastic model is $189.


magpump4 magpump3


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  • TITAN308

    $400 to load your magazines. Who would this benefit other than another vendor at a range day or something that needs to load thousands of rounds in a single day? Maybe an academy or something. The average home user? Good luck.

    • Michael Anthony Canizales

      Anyone with dexterity issues…

      • kregano

        I dunno, a MagLula loader seems like it would be more practical for the average person with dexterity issues.

        • meadmkr

          Saves my thumbs when I take the daughter/SIL or cousins out to the range… Range time is too precious/rare to spend time reloading mags there!

    • Camilo Emiliano Rosas Echeverr

      Vendors at a range and someone that needs to load thousands of rounds in a single day are not an insignificant market.
      We’ve seen our share of useless products, but just because you’re not the product’s target that doesn’t mean that something is useless.

    • Tom

      I’ve never ever bought anything I didn’t need.That’s why I definitely DON’T have 8 rifles in .22lr for instance.

  • Tyler McCommon

    That’s a cool product but not $400 cool.

    • Spencerhut

      $389 is for the alloy, $189 for the polymer. They work the same.

  • Vhyrus

    I bought a spoon and 20 stripper clips off of amazon for 20 bucks, and I bet I can load 6 mags faster than this can.

    • FightFireJay

      Except that you’ll spend more time loading 3 stripper clips with 30 rounds than this machine loads a mag… and then you have to load the mag.

      I’m not saying this tools is “sliced bread mod.2”, but 5.56 stripper clips are horrible.

    • Spencerhut

      Stripper clips wear out rather quickly. I have tonnes of them and while they are useful and have a place in my gear, so does this tool.

  • Spencerhut

    MSRP on the model shown is $189, not $389. $389 is the alloy model. The plastic one is only $189 and should be more than anyone will ever need as stated by the company owner. It worked fantastic and I am buying one.

  • Laserbait

    Man, I really could have used that before my last big range trip… Loaded up 125 mags, 3 of us with Lulas – damn near got a blister from it! 😀

    • Paladin


      • Laserbait

        I wish it was a problem I had more often. Sadly, it only comes maybe about once a year. Certainly not often enough to justify one of these.

    • Jwedel1231

      You are the target audience for this item!

  • Cal.Bar

    Seems SLOWER, LARGER and far more EXPENSIVE than several other loaders on the market. No sure what they were going for on this one.

    • Jwedel1231

      You are not the target audience, then.

    • Spencerhut

      You have to play with one to understand how it works. It’s very fast, smooth and efficient at loading mags.

  • LazyReader

    Does it roll quarters as well?

    • LarryNC

      LOL good one.

  • Ken

    It would be interesting to see this tested full speed against other methods. I do like the idea though. It’s just like a sausage linker for MG belts. However, MG belts/links are a bit more difficult to load than a regular box mag, so there is a labor savings there.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Let’s take this to the next level. Eliminate the magazine. Build a rifle with a hopper that can accept up to 50 rounds. Actuate the chamber loader using the energy from a semiautomatic firearm. Make a tripod mounted heavy rifle with a 500 round hopper and a brass catcher for reloaders. Who needs a belt fed rifle?

    • Cymond

      Nambu designed a hopperfed LMG long ago

      • LetsTryLibertyAgain

        I was unaware of the Type 11 LMG. Interesting. However, that Nambu design feeds clips in a hopper. I want a hopper that feeds loose rounds. No magazines. No clips. No belt. Getting that to work reliably would be a significant technical challenge.

  • Luther Cifers

    Hey guys my name is Luther Cifers and I’m one of the founders of MITUSA Manufacturing and one of the inventors of the MagPump. I appreciate the lively discussion here 🙂 There are a couple of things I’d like to clarify:
    – There are 2 models. One is machined and anodized aircraft aluminum billet. It retails for $389. The other is a polymer composite. It retails for $189. There’s a big difference in cost because composite is less expensive than machining and anodizing, but no difference in performance.
    – All MagPumps now come with a dovetail base. Some shops have picatinny rail sections, so we made it to fit a bench mounted piece of that. It also fits GearTrac by YakAttack and the base that ships with the unit. It’s removable so, for example, a rangemaster can mount one at each range station and move the MagPump from one to another or rent them out. A shop owner might have one on the retail counter and another on his range and another on his truck bed. The purpose is portability.
    – We just left SHOT Show. Over the course of 4 days we ran 15K to 20K rounds through one of the UL (composite) units, recycling the same 100 rounds of ammo over and over again. At the end, not a single round of ammo was damaged and we did not foul load a single mag. In fact, we have never foul loaded a magazine. It’s not possible to foul load a mag or damage ammo with the MagPump, even if you don’t know how to use it. There are safeties built in that make it pretty close to “userproof”.
    – Even at $189, the MagPump is not for everyone. It was developed for serious high volume shooters. As someone mentioned here, that market is pretty significant, though it certainly does not include everyone.
    – We are a small business, we’re shooters, and we are here to listen. Tell us what you’d like to see and we will do our best to deliver!

    • Luther Cifers

      Regarding speed, my fastest time going from empty hopper to inserting magazine, loading the hopper with ammo, charging the mag, releasing the mag and clearing all rounds from the mag with our MagDump (speed unloader) was 41 seconds. Can do it pretty repeatably at around 47 seconds.