[SHOT 2016] Billet Rifle Systems

Billet Rifle Systems presented several very neat products at SHOT 2016. Billet Rifle Systems is known for producing billet style, Ar-15 80% lower receivers as well as complete rifles. 80% lower receivers are not considered firearms by the Bureau of Alcohol tobacco and Firearms. To make a functional firearm an end user must mill out the last 20% of the lower receiver.

This year at SHOT, Billet Rifle Systems introduced the BRS-47 Rifle.The BRS-47 is designed to work with the Magpul Ak-47 magazines. It is compatible with any Ar-15 upper that is designed to accommodate Ak-47 Magazines. Billet Rifle Systems is also offering a 7.62×39 Bolt Carrier group that is optimized for use with the Ak-47 7.62×39 magazine. The 7.62×39 bolt is under warranty from Billet Rifle Systems.


BRS-47 Complete rifle. Billet Rifle Systems sells 80% and 100% lower receivers. Billet Rifle Systems can Cerakote these guns any color you want.


Billet Rifle Systems handguard and muzzle brake.


Billet Rifle Systems 80% lowers.


Billet Rifle Systems Ar-15 lower receiver for Ak-47 magazines. Contact Billet Rifle System for a list of compatible parts.


Jig for installing a low profile gas block. This jig allows you to knock in your gas tube pin and drill out a retaining pin hole on the barrel. I am going to buy this product.



Jig for installing low profile gas block.


Billet Rifle Systems can Cerakote a rifle any color in the Cerakote color pallet.


Billet Rifle Systems did a Star Wars themed rifle. The rifle was a hit at SHOT Show this year.

Cat Shit One

Packy from Cat Shit One has an Ar-15 that accepts Ak-47 magazines. I believe Packy is rocking a KAC-47. It would be a fun project to build one of these rifles.

A quick note on 80% lower receivers. Most jurisdictions do not require that a finished 80% lower be registered. The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms requires that 80% lowers that are finished have a serial number and transfer through an FFL if they are to be sold.

Thomas Gomez

Thomas Gomez currently resides in the mountains of central New Mexico. He has an M.B.A, an Ar-15/M16/M4 armorer certification from Specialized Armament Warehouse as well as a Glock armorer certification. Aside from writing for The Firearm Blog he works as a Clinical Analyst for a large Hospital. He spends his free time farming, ranching, hiking, fly-fishing and hunting in the beautiful forests and prairies of New Mexico. He can be reached at LOADTHATBIPOD@gmail.com


  • hghgf

    What is the msrp on the lowers? Both 80% and 100%

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    It would be sick if those worked with PWS 7.62×39 uppers.

  • wombat

    “The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms requires that 80% lowers that are finished have a serial number and transfer through an FFL if they are to be sold.” This is not true!

    • Dave D

      The part I have issue with is that the statement appears to state that firearms transfers must be made through a FFL. This is not true, as under Federal law, firearms can be sold between citizens of the same state without issue.

      I had to read that sentence more than once and it could have been written better. However, that doesn’t chance the fact that it is the marking part is true. It is perfectly legal for you to make your own firearm and shoot it without any markings or forms filed (assuming not NFA). If you wish to transfer that firearm, the firearm needs to meet the marking requirements such as a serial number.

  • Southpaw89

    Wondered how long it would be before an 80% AK mag AR lower came out, will have to keep my eye on this.

  • Anonymoose

    *KAC SR-47

    • Thomas Gomez

      You are correct Sir. My mistake.

  • JeffSexton

    I’m not clear what this sentence means:

    “It is compatible with any Ar-15 upper that is designed to accommodate Ak-47 Magazines.”

    Does that mean it is compatible with any “standard” AR-15 upper? Or does that mean it requires a non-standard AR-15 upper? And if so, what kind? I’m asking because upper’s aren’t designed to accommodate magazines, they are designed (AFAIK) to accommodate bolt carriers groups and to mate with lowers.

    Can you guys clarify the compatibility of this lower? Thanks

    • Corey Launch

      The walls on an AR upper aren’t wide enough to clear AK47 magazine feed lips. Standard AR 15 uppers don’t have enough clearance for the AK mag to go high enough into the upper receiver. You can make ‘regular’ ar15 uppers work by milling out some thickness in the side walls. So to answer your question, Im assuming they mean you can use uppers from other brands AR Uppers that are made to work with AK47 magazines. Im not an expert or anything I just ran into the same issue before and had to have a gunsmith mill my standard upper to allow me to run an AK47 mag lower.

      • JeffSexton

        Ah! That makes sense. Thanks

    • DB

      Billet Rifle Ststems has a list of compatable parts from what I’ve seen.

      • JeffSexton

        I’ve searched their website and haven’t found that list. In fact, I haven’t even found this lower on their site. Do you know how to get hold of that list?