[SHOT 2016] Battle Arms Development’s Vert PDW Stock

Do you want a PDW stock that allows the use of a standard bolt carrier group? Normally I would tell you you just happen to be out of luck, but the Battle Arms Development Vert stock changes all of that. With a innovative buffer and dual spring arrangement the Vert stock allows you to use a standard M16 bolt carrier in a very compact package. Another benefit of the Vert stock is that unlike most PDW stocks this one isn’t as comfortable as a sharp rock when shouldering the rifle. Battle Arms Development uses a carbon fiber style kydex cheek rest so the shooter can get a good cheek weld without jamming a sharp buffer tube into one cheek.

IMG_0521 IMG_0525 IMG_0528 IMG_0531 IMG_0533

Battle Arms also took shooters with facial hair into account making sure there wasn’t anywhere for the stock to trap hair when shooting. Sure it is a small detail, but it is much appreciated as a guy with a bit of facial hair. The stock kit ships with its very own buffer tube wrench, standard ones will not work. Overall it appears that Battle Arms really worked hard to develop a pretty bullet proof PDW stock that doesn’t rely on proprietary stuff. MSRP is $400 for the stock, buffer spring, and buffer.

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Patrick R

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  • The wood is a good touch. Very interested.

  • Kevin Harron

    I really like the look of the wood. That’s just really eye catching. Sorta a modern day M1A1 kinda look.

  • nova3930

    Interesting design. Might have to look at replacing the Troy PDW I’ve got on my 300BO.

  • Vitor Roma

    Quick question, is the M16 BCG different of the M4 one?

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Not if they are both semi auto I believe. Full auto carrier has a longer slot.

      • Patrick R.

        Semi has a longer slot. The m16 has a shorter one.

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          Yeah I screwed that up.

  • Sianmink

    My LWRC Ultra Compact Stock uses a standard bolt carrier and saves nearly 2 inches off a standard collapsible stock.
    Also that wood furniture is sweet.

    • Dave

      It’s a lot cheaper too! That LWRC UCIW at 155 is hard to beat. Personally I use a law tactical folding stock adaptor and haven’t had any problems.

    • info rep

      Typical PDW stocks are about 1.8″ shorter than then the LWRC ultra compact stock. Much more difficult to design a buffer system that uses a standard bolt carrier.

  • pun&gun

    I really wish they’d have bolted the cheek rest onto the front housing rather than the butt plate. That way it’d have a constant cheek weld more like the Magpul UBR, rather than forcing you to crane your neck awkwardly even at full extension (or putting your face right on the tube, which is too low for a comfortable sight picture and potentially very cold).

    • KK

      Exactly. That picture showing it in use demonstrates how useless that piece is currently.

    • Patrick R.

      I found it to fit me very well. I personally think is fine where it is.

  • Ben

    Looks Cross Machine Tool is making these for Battle Arms Development. The stock system is identical between the lowers.

    • info rep

      They are similar because Battle Arms Development and CMT co-patented the stock mechanism. The two PDW stocks are very similar but not exactly the same. The main difference is the stock length on the B.A.D is about 1″ shorter due to the independent, patent pending buffer & spring system by B.A.D. The VERT PDW Stock System is only 4.75″ long from the rear of the lower receiver.

      • Ben

        Huh, never would have guessed that. Thanks for the info!

  • Paladin

    I really like the look of that wood furniture.

  • JamesRPatrick

    Is that furniture wood or dipped plastic? Either way I like it. Looks like a totally different gun.

    • Patrick R.

      That is real wood. I am not aware of plans to produce it, I was told it was a one off.

  • Southpaw89

    I approve.

  • Joe

    Seems there’s as much interest in the wood as there is in the stock.

  • Patrick

    I would give my left testicle for a set of the wood furniture…