Magpul Expands GL9 Glock Magazine Offerings

All (4) GL9 magazines in order of capacity (15, 17, 21, 27-rounds L-R).

Magpul Industries showed no sign of slowing after major moves to Wyoming and Texas in 2015. Last year at SHOT Show Magpul released their own version of the Glock pistol magazine, using their high quality polymer construction that has made the Pmags worldwide favorites. Much to the excitement of Glock users, Magpul has expanded the original offering of Glock magazines to now include 15, 21, and 27-round capacity magazines.

Glock still provides the majority of law enforcement handguns in America, and the addition of Magpul magazines (at a much lower cost than Glock branded magazines) could mean greater availability and options to professional and civilian shooters alike.

The new Magpul GL9 27-round capacity magazine.

The new Magpul GL9 27-round capacity magazine.

Magpul was very tight with the new Glock Pmags, but thankfully our press credentials were all it took to get a close up look, and more importantly, close-up pictures of these new offerings. Vendors, distributors, and guests to the SHOT Show were not so lucky.

All (4) GL9 magazines in order of capacity (15, 17, 21, 27-rounds L-R).

All (4) GL9 magazines in order of capacity (15, 17, 21, 27-rounds L-R).

What started last year, has opened the flood gates to Glock fans. Combining Magpul’s legendary quality, durability and functionality with a lower end price for the customer is a very big deal considering Glock users were stuck with expensive factory magazines until just recently. The Magpul GL9 Pmags are made of the same materials and quality as their famous big brothers for the AR-15 and AR-10 rifles.

The Magpul GL9 15-round capacity magazine with new enhanced GL-L floor plate.

The Magpul GL9 15-round capacity magazine with new enhanced GL-L floor plate.

One difference is that the GL9 magazines are slick-sided, for obvious use in a pistol. However, this design feature also makes the GL9 magazines incredibly easy to change out – whether in a tactical reload or a combat reload. The GL9 magazines are so slick they literally fall out on their own, whether loaded or unloaded. Don’t depress that magazine release button until you’re absolutely ready, or you’ll be fetching your GL9 magazine off the floor!

The new enhanced Magpul GL-L floor plate for the GL9 magazines.

The new enhanced Magpul GL L-Plate enhancement plate for the GL9 magazines.

Magpul also came out with an enhanced GL9 floor plate, called the GL L-Plate, that provides more grip surface. Though not really needed for unloading, the additional material may come in handy for loading. The GL-L plates install just like standard Glock floor plates, and are available in a 3-pack for $19.95.

The GL9 21-round magazine only sticks out a little over an inch from the base of the Glock grip.

The GL9 21-round magazine only sticks out a little over an inch from the base of the Glock grip.

Magpul GL9 Pmag Specifications

  • Material: Polymer
  • Caliber: Only 9mm at this time
  • Compatibility: Glock only for now
  • Sizes: 15, 17, 21 and 27-round capacity
  • Available: 2-3 months (new capacity).
The (3) new GL9 magazines (15, 21, and 27-round L-R). Note the GL L-Plate enhancement on the left.

The (3) new GL9 magazines (15, 21, and 27-round L-R). Note the GL L-Plate enhancement on the left.

Magpul GL9 Pmag Prices

  • GL9 15-round: $15.95
  • GL9 17-round: $15.95
  • GL9 21-round: $19.95
  • GL9 27-round: $21.95.
The 27-round GL9 Pmag sticks out quite a bit, but still could have practical applications.

The 27-round GL9 Pmag sticks out quite a bit, but still could have practical applications.

Practical Uses for Extended GL9 Magazines

The introduction of a 15-round GL9 magazine allows Glock owners in some restrictive states to own and use the Magpul product. For both Law Enforcement agencies working on tight budgets, or civilians who like to shoot a lot, the GL9 magazines are very affordable. The GL9 magazines could very easily replace lost, broken, or worn out magazines for less cost.

The 21-round GL9 could be a standard issue magazine to tactical teams, providing additional load out. When transitioning to pistols it is always nice to know you have enough to stay in the fight until the long gun can be made ready again. The 21-round GL9 could also be carried by civilians in certain circumstances without being too obvious. The 21-round GL9 only sticks out about an extra inch from the base of the Glock so it would not be overly cumbersome or obvious.

The 27-round GL9 is the answer to the problem every shield operator has had at one time or another – how am I going to stay in the fight with only my pistol and a standard load! Shield operators are typically the first to enter a hostile situation, and due to their configuration those officers are usually restricted to only a handgun. Standard 15-round or 17-round magazines can quickly be depleted if the shield officer gets into a prolonged shooting. The 27-round version gives them an advantage they need.

Civilians will no doubt find the extra capacity a real pleasure when firing at the range, or an extra punch if needed for self-defense at home.

Aaron is a life-long firearm enthusiast and hunter. He has been a police officer for nearly 19 years, and currently is a Sergeant in Special Operations. He has served on the department’s SWAT Team for 14 years, with 8 years as the Sniper Team Leader. When not fussing over fractions of inches, and gut-less wonders, he can usually be found sipping from a ridiculously large coffee mug. Aaron is also the editor and main writer at


  • Colin

    What happened to magpul stronger lighter better dyeable New polymer they where going to make all there mags from ?? d60 mag black , glock mags black, so why use the magpul old polymer…

    • The new floor plates are capable of dyes, not sure why on the mags.

  • thedonn007


  • KestrelBike

    What would really be amazing are Magpul MP5 magazines.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Maybe even furniture, that would be intriguing.

  • Nicholas Chen
    • Sorry Nicholas. Hard keeping up on everything that’s posted.

  • ARCNA442

    Is your 4th picture mislabeled? It says it’s a 15 round magazine in a Glock 17.

    • I’ll double check – however I think the 15-round magazine is the same size as the 17-round version, but limited capacity for States that limit at 15.

      • ARCNA442

        That’s what I was wondering since the only 15 round Glock magazine on their website is for the 19.

        • HSR47

          The one he’s showing is for a 19:

          One of the pictures shows all four mags; Neither the angle of the floorplate relative to the magazine body nor the length of the body are the same.

  • Michael Wilson

    Got 2 order 2 of the 27 round mags!

  • sliversimpson

    I was really hoping for the announcement of production on GL40 mags, if ya catch my drift.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    Magpul seems to be dropping the ball a lot lately. Both their Glock mags and their AK mags suck in my opinion.

    • Atticus Bryant

      Did you give this comment much thought? I have almost 3k rounds through three GL9s with not a single issue. and ten more GL9s, all with at least 800 rounds through them…….And what’s your issue with the AK mags…………………………………………………?

      • A Fascist Corgi

        The Magpul Glock mags needed to be recalled. And several people on AK Files have complained about their Magpul AK mags breaking (including the steel reinforced ones). I’ve also seen several people complain about Magpul’s Zhukov stock.

        • Atticus Bryant

          Yes, the entire world knows magpul had to recall there mags during the early weeks. But they did it, for free, and since then the mags have been great. On top of that, the mags were only causing problems in certain models. I shot the original bodies just fine, no issues.

          So now that that unfounded complaint is out of the way. You’re now writing negatively about what “several people have said”. No personal experience….or…?

          • A Fascist Corgi

            I still don’t have faith in their Glock mags, nor do I really see the point of making them since the ones that Glock make are widely regarded as being the best handgun magazines in the world. The factory Glock mags are also relatively inexpensive, and why would you need more than 5 anyway? And Glock’s 33-round magazine still has a higher capacity than the highest capacity Magpul magazine. So… yeah… kind of a fail on Magpul’s part.

            And no, I have no personal experience with Magpul’s AK products because I’m already happy with my AK-47 and AK-74 setups. I already have several Bulgarian polymer magazines (which are widely regarded as being the best AK mags in the world), a Midwest Industries handguard (with an Aimpoint top cover), and Rifle Dynamic’s AR-15 stock adapter. All of those products blow Magpul’s AK products away.

      • SirOliverHumperdink

        The AK mags suck! Mine cracked after a bus ran it over. You can read more about it in my blog

      • MrApple

        I can’t speak for the Gen1 or 2 AK mags but the GL9 15 and 17 have worked flawlessly in my Glock Gen2 17, Gen2 19, Gen2 (first gen) 26, and Gen4 23 (with 40-9 conversion barrel). To each his own but I have no complaints with mine.

    • Justin

      Oh, well a “a guy on AK Files” (whatever the hell that is) said these mags sucks. I should probably throw all mine away. Because everyone on the Internet is an expert.

      • A Fascist Corgi

        Not “a guy”, several people. AK Files is widely regarded as being the most knowledgeable AK forum. According to several posts on that forum that I read, not only are Magpul’s AK mags breaking at the spine, but the feed lips are cracking during storage merely from the pressure of the magazines being full.

        As to Magpul’s Glock mags, I haven’t heard of any breaking, just reliability problems. If you’re using them to practice, then whatever. But for self-defense, I don’t see why you’d use anything besides the factory Glock mags.

  • Mike

    This is the only product that is new at Shotshow that I will buy.

  • Rau

    How about a .40 cal suite of Glock mags? If the LEO is the target the .40 cal is the marget! I endorse the Glock .40 cal as a duty, ccw, night stand and car gun. I personally feel better about the ballistics after the 9mm fiasco that I encounterd in the AF in the mid ’80s when Berretta replaced the .45 1911’s. Been loyal to the .40 ever since. And yes I know the 9mm ballistics have improved over the years, but give me a .40 and I’ll give up a round or two in capacity and sleep better at night. Magpul, don’t miss your target!

    • Good points Rau, and as a Glock 22/23/27 user myself I would personally LOVE this move. However, 9mm is all the rage right now so I think Magpul is making a business decision based on market drive.

      I get it, but I hope the other options come along too.

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip

      Why stop there why not go by 1930s ballistics to decide our modern day weapon choices

  • Sledgecrowbar

    Is the 21-round maybe for competition? Regulation size?

  • maodeedee

    I don’t care for the thick baseplates for standard capacity mags in the G19 for anyone who carries that gun concealed. If it added extra capacity that would be a different story.

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    Well, I’m happy that there is another alternative to the very good and reasonably priced 9mm Glock mags in a variety of capacities, and the good and dirt cheap Korean “Grock” 9mm mags, but would someone PLEASE make a 25-30 round Glock compatible 10mm magazine? Someone needs to show some love to the G20 and G40 owners. Or is there some sort of law against something as awesome as a 30 round 10mm handgun?

  • Johnny Nightrider

    Speaking of a 30 round 10mm Glock PMag.How bout a 25-30 round Glock 21 and Glock 30 magazine from PMag,I have a Glock 19 and I wanted to buy more 15 round mags that we’re as good as Glock magazines and less expensive.Now we are getting them,cool!!