[SHOT 2016] Larue’s MBT-2S AR-15 Trigger

Many of you know that Larue introduced their very own AR-15 trigger to the market this year. They call it the MBT or Meticulously Built Trigger. I am slowly becoming a bit of a trigger snob after installing a SSA-E into one of my rifles, impressing me with a trigger is getting harder and harder. Please do not take it lightly when I say that I am impressed. The trigger is a two stage unit with a very crisp break at 4.5 pounds. I might go on a limb here and say that it is just as good as my SSA-E even though it is about a pound heavier.  IMG_0650 IMG_0651

Larue’s Meticulously Built Trigger carries a MSRP of $199 making it competitive with other great triggers on the market with the added cool factor of it being a Larue product. Just think about it, when people ask what kind of trigger you have you can look at them smugly and reply with nothing more than “a Larue”. The trigger appears to the untrained eye rather similar to the Geissele even though I am sure it is an entirely different trigger.

Patrick R

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  • Chris

    I have my MBT on the way. Paring it with a Larue 20 inch stealth barrel, Larue Bcg and Larue stock/grip.

    • Patrick R.

      Sounds like a nice setup!

  • thedonn007

    The LaRue names does not add a cool factor, in fact it does just the opposite. It sounds like G Geissele makes a better trigger anyway.

  • FlashAndPoof

    Had a Larue trigger… sold it within the week. Didn’t like how wide the trigger bow was.

  • InfiniteGrim

    Even though the LaRue is 1lb heavier spec wise, it doesn’t feel heavier than my SSA-E. I think the better trigger bow allows it to feel lighter than it is. But with LaRue constantly putting them on sale for $125…. the MBT is a no brainer, and IMHO better than the $230 SSA-E

  • C. Her

    Dang it, I should of bought one when it was $125.

    • Patrick R.

      I am sure they will run a sale again at some point. I know I am eyeing a few for some of my builds.

    • Corey Launch

      On ARFCOM Larue said they were gonna be running that sale again in mid February. I got one at $125 and will be getting another when they go on sale. Fantastic trigger even at $199

    • C. Her

      It is now back at $124.99 (if you’re willing to wait). Ordered 2 and hopefully see it in March.