[SHOT 2016] iMarksman


iMarksman is a pretty cool company that makes a training system that can accommodate a number of ways to “dry fire” train.

At the root of the system is a simple digital camera, some software, and the use of a laser. What I got to see today was quite a bit more interesting than the version I posted on before (though one of the commenters had highlighted some of it).

Yep, that is pretty much it

Yep, that is pretty much it.  A computer and a camera.

The basic system allows you to put any sort of target you want on the wall (or whatever) and shoot it with your favorite laser (red or green doesn’t matter). The software will record the shots via the camera and you can review.

The upgraded system allows you to actually make a video and upload it into the system and use that (along with a projector of some sort) as your training. Andrey Safanyuk, the president/CEO of iMarksman demonstrated the ease of the system to me. He took a video of me right there, copied it into the program, and suddenly I was projected right up on the demonstration screen they had, ready to be shot with lasers. I was acting aggressively, wielding a camera and pen so it would clearly have been a “justified shoot” scenario… 🙂

Along with the software they had a number of training pistols for simulation, which was a clever modification to an Airsoft pistol, replacing the top of the magazine with a laser. Additionally they have a number of laser inserts that can be used with your firearm of choice.

Modified Airsoft pistol that can be used with iMarksman

Modified Airsoft pistol that can be used with iMarksman

The biggest problem I see is that you don’t get the feedback and training associated with recoil, but really, isn’t that what the range is for?

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  • Stephen

    I would like to get a simulator for classes but they are just too darn expensive and I have yet to see anyone do a hands on review of the iMarksman system. Maybe you guys could get a T&E version to review?

    Now I tried iMarksman PC demo and it was quirky (not the same system as in the article). The lag time was between the shot from the laser and the report on the program was bad. My wife and daughter tried it out and gave up after 5 minutes. Yea it was that bad.

    The LASR (Laser Activated Shot Reporter) is 100 times better and its approved by the NRA for their classes. I use it a lot for me and my classes.

    • Doc Rader

      I chatted with them about doing a T&E, and they are agreeable. Just have to get Phil to set it up and schedule it… I don’t envy Phil in the weeks after SHOT… 🙂

  • GearHead


    • Doc Rader

      They had show prices for dealers, and I couldn’t find anything on their website. I would imagine the base system is ~$150, and goes up from there (but don’t quote me on that). On the last post about their entry level system, the owner piped in, so he may do so here as well.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I have a bit of time on an IR based system I like. It uses IR because the laser come from the gun, as expected. But they can also do low light training with the use of an IR handheld light, so I only see on the screen what I’m shining my handheld light at, pretty effective.

    But the real kick is that the guns are CO2 operated for recoil. You’re right, the recoil is where the difference is.

    I also had the highscore on their duckhunt sim last I was there.

  • Don Ward

    I’d like a simulator where literally nothing happens for like 8 or 10 hours. Or days. Or weeks.

    And then – BLAM- out comes the naked axe-wielding clown chasing a meth dealer while the clown’s old lady is begging you not to shoot while at the same time a group of drunken Japanese businessmen are Karaokeing to a Neil Diamond song and someone’s pet goat is trying to eat your wallet.

    • Doc Rader

      That is the most amazing visualization I’ve had in a comment. That is a true WTF shoot/no shoot/just give up scenario

  • Michael

    I purchased a system from him about four years ago. It was really only software and essentially a webcam. I had to buy a projector to run It. It was SO frustrating because the sensitivity was impossible to dial in. It would either not recognize the laser or just freeze up. The setup was essentially a guess since there was no support from the owner. To say the software was buggy would be assuming that it was even operational. Biggest waste of money I’ve ever had, and at that time it was about $800. From the photos, it looks like it hasn’t changed much. Look elsewhere for your training needs. My .02

  • Liz Fellows

    Dealing with this product made my dry fire experience phenomenal!!! #loveit #pewpew

  • Mikayla

    Awesome! Super helpful training tool