[SHOT 2016] Hartman reflex sight

Kalashnikov USA, Command Arms Accessories (CAA), and a new company called Hartman are all brand names that fall under one industrial group. But in this post, we will be looking at the newer brand, Hartman. The company has released a new sight called the MH1, that has a number of interesting features, and will be coming to the commercial US market this month. It is completely waterproof, and is extremely simple to operate. However, the most interesting aspect of it is something that is completely new to the optics market. It has a “Sleep” and “Awake” mode. So a shooter can place the sight on “Sleep” and this will turn the rechargeable/battery powered optic in standby mode. But when the weapon is moved upwards in a 30 degree angle, essentially moving it from a resting position to a horizontal one in a firing position, the sight has a built in sensor that senses this movement, and the reticle turns activates. In the same way, when the weapon is flipped from one side to another, the reticle activates. But, if for example the weapon is in a vehicle, and all the jostling of the truck, the reticle will not activate. It is a very forward thinking concept. To be honest I was somewhat skeptical of the action as well, until one of the sales reps demonstrated it to me and I saw it in action. It also has a USB port connection, where a user can plug it into a computer or for instance a USB port in your vehicle for charging, and change things like the reticle brightness, set the standby time as well as other features allowing the user to personalize the MH-1 to the needs of the user.

Technical Parameters

Remote control Optional IR Push To Transmit (PTT) button with straps, turns sight on and changes reticle intensity
window Size 35 x 24mm
Window area 840 mm²
Aiming dot size 2 MOA dot. 5cm & 100 meter
Adjustment (per click/range) ¼ mrad per click = 0.86 MOA per click (2.5cm at 100m, 0.9″ at 100yards)/ +-15 mrad/1.5M at 100M
Power source USB rechargeable Lithium battery plus a backup single Lithium CR123
Weight 370 gr. ⁄ 13 oz.
USB User Interface Adjustments Customize sleep mode time activation and reticle intensity
Mount 1″ Weaver ⁄ MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny mount. Quick detach lever
Motion sensor Dual X, Z axis. Activation on a 30° motion
Sleep Mode 10 sec. or 10 min. (user adjustable Sleep Mode reactivation time)
Material housing High strength Aluminum base and Composed Reinforced Polymer cover
Recticle Brightness Settings 10 brightness levels (5 day & 5 night presets and user adjustable with USB)
Optical surface Multi-layer high durability anti reflective coating
Sealing Nitrogen filled, fog resistant internal optics
Low battery Indicator Reticle flashes rapidly 2 hours before shutdown
Night Vision Mode Adaptable to all standard NVD
Parallax Parallax free
Charging time 2 Hours

_MG_7515 _MG_7514 _MG_7513 _MG_7512




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  • Tierlieb

    ‘However, the most interesting aspect of it is something that is completely new to the optics market. It has a “Sleep” and “Awake” mode.’

    Leupold calls this MST, motion sensor technology, and has had it for years. And I am pretty sure they did not invent it either.

    • Joe Schmoe

      The ITL MARS sight (ironically, the great grandfather of this sight basically) had it as well. That sight has been around for well over a decade.

      • Mikey

        Hey Joe .
        There is confusion in this article.
        The sight has dual motion sensors that work very different than any other motion sensor.
        If the sight is parallel it uses a very sensitive sensor which does not let the sight go into slerp mode when u r shooting .
        When u stop shooting and put down your rifle the sight knows u r not shooting and goes to sleep . Now is the catch . Even if you move the sight ( bumpy road , running with it etc ot does NOT wake up only when u make a shooting motion does it wake up .
        I by the way was the idf officer who was in charge of implementing the mars into the idf .
        Love to answer any questions on the MH1 you may have

        • Joe Schmoe

          I’ve got an off-topic question for you if I may.

          I was in the IDF… kind of still am with miluim all the time, and I was wondering something about the MARS; why were they never replaced? They drank up batteries like water in the desert. I remember some Aimpoints being handed out for testing, as well as an article in the Bemachene on the aimpoints replacing the Mepro+MARS sights back in 2009/10, but nothing became of it until 2015 (with the new mepro sight).

          What happened?

          Also, will we ever see your sights in the IDF; and will the Mepro M5 ever reach miluim?

          P.S. – We met once in Mitkan adam when I was doing the sniper course; doubt you would remember me 🙂

        • Curious_G

          Did you type that with your big toe. Jeebus.

  • mosinman

    this is interesting , i wonder how much it will cost

  • Dracon1201

    If someone could make an ACSS reticle that works here, that would be amazing.

  • USMC03Vet

    Don’t care for the rechargeable battery. I wonder how much smaller they could go with having an model without that.

    • CrankyFool

      Actually, having a built-in battery is probably the smallest way to go — no battery doors, no battery walls, no user-accessed connectors between battery and device, etc. Hence the trend in cell phones and (Apple) laptops, too.

  • Kyle

    Interesting concept but I would be really worried about the sensor breaking leaving you on your backup irons.

  • evi1joe

    The Leupys would turn on in a moving vehicle. This won’t.
    Any mention of MSRP? If it works well, the Eotech people might like this (though the MEPRO RDS is nice and affordable–and has the “old” Leupy motion sensor tech).

  • UVB76

    Just a suggestion – maybe for the Gen II: Make it a micro USB charge option… Less gear to haul around. Standard USB has been phased out mainly by the micro USB. A plus – those who run Apple can get a cheap converter to charge micro USB devices.