[SHOT 2016] Archangel Yugo AK47 Furniture

If you own a Yugo variant AK47 like me then you know the aftermarket for Yugo parts is seriously lacking. There’s the Magpul Yugo Zhukov-S Stock and the Tapco M70 T6 stock as well as a few various adapters but not much else. Yugo AK47s are great rifles, their quality and accuracy is pretty good compared to many of the other AK variants on the market. One of the main drawbacks to Yugo AKs however are the proprietary stocks and handguards, they’re different than those used on the standard AKs.

Archangel debuted their new furniture for Yugo PAP AKs at the 2016 SHOT Show. They have new 922(R) compliant handguards, pistol grips and buttstocks made out of a durable carbon fiber-polymer blend. Their new handguards has an internal heat shield and picatinny rail for optics. Their new pistol grip has aggressive grooves on the front and back straps for increased grip. Their new buttstock has four position adjustable length-of-pull and a seven position adjustable cheek-riser.

Archangel’s new furniture includes a lifetime warranty and will be available in black, desert tan and OD green. The pistol grip will retail for $25.49, the forend for $35.75 and the buttstock for $61.25. Check out archangelmanufacturing.com for more info.

In case you own a non Yugo AK47 they have furniture kits available for them too.


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  • Jose

    Surely, Tovarich Kalashnikov will be very pleased that his most greatest invention will go on for years, specially with the upgrades, as well the evolution of the weapon itself: ARAK-15; AK-12; Kalashnikov USA ALPHA; Magpul Moe and Zhukov furniture, etc. The AK pattern rifles will soldier on for ever.

  • Lance

    So a AK-12ish stock for under $100, thats fair.

  • DW

    How do you say “nyet, rifle is fine” in Serbian?

    • Tom – UK

      Like this: “Ne, rifle is fine” or fully in Romanised Serbian “Ne , puška je u redu”

  • Nate H

    Price seems fair. Not an AK guy, how does this compare with other offerings in the same category?