Rocky Venator Camo: An Entirely New Pattern

Rocky has been around since 1932 when a pair of brothers by the name of Bill and Mike Brooks decided to found a shoe factory in Ohio. That was during the Great Depression, so it was a serious leap of faith. Over the years Rocky hasn’t just succeeded, they’ve flourished, and now they’ve come up with something entirely new: their own camo pattern, Venator.


It was during a hunt in Utah that a company rep realized there was as serious lack of western region-friendly patterns and in no time Rocky decided to run with it. Then they realized there was an even greater possibility: not just a western pattern but an all-region camo. Venator means “hunter” in Latin. It took two years to produce this pattern, years filled with hunting-boots-on-the-ground research, interviews, and countless sketches.

Rocky’s new pattern is an interesting combination of various colors and shapes. And unlike some, it isn’t a pattern comprised of reproduced images of vegetation. Venator is carefully designed for specific colors and shapes designed to trick the eye in a variety of terrain. According to the company their new camo blends in seamlessly regardless of the setting. It’s been field-tested extensively by seasoned hunters and guides all across the country. Needless to say results have been positive across the board.


Speaking as someone with a rather incredible collection of camo, I have to say I myself do like this new pattern. I was fortunate enough to receive some for testing a bit back and have to echo the positive reviews that have come from across the country. Venator is a good pattern, offering concealment not only visually but through the company’s Scent IQ scent-blocking technology. It also utilizes Rocky’s ThermalGuard, which prevents thermal transfer and the pants are burr-resistant which is wonderful when you’re out hunting.

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  • M.M.D.C.

    A better name might be Amalgamation. Here’s a closeup of the pattern from their website:

  • Lance

    Another ACU spin off….. Grey doesn’t work for most out door operations and hunting!!!

    • Phil Hsueh

      You mean UCP, ACU is just the uniform pattern, the camo pattern is UCP as in Universal Camouflage Pattern. As for this pattern, it looks much better than UCP to me, I don’t see that much grey in it, certainly a lot a less than UCP, and more natural colors like tans and greens.

      • Anonymoose

        This looks like it would blend in pretty well with Ohio’s weather right now.

  • MiKlei

    I don’t see any advantage over the PenCott pattern.

  • jonspencer

    Someone in old BDU’s with woodland camo while NOT moving works much better than any of these wonder camo’s if the wearer is wiggling.