ERGO Grips SHOT Show Giveaway: Win a Custom Rifle

ERGO Grips is giving away a custom AR-15 at their SHOT Show booth. The rifle is worth $2,500 and includes components from Viking Armament, LANTAC USA, Vortex Optics and of course ERGO Grip. It is a fine looking firearm.

ergo grips-1

To win the rifle you must guess the number of Gappers (an ERGO product that fills the gap between the trigger guard and pistol grip) in a jar. Write your guess on your business card and pop in the box underneath the jar.

When I was at the booth they were happy to let visitors hold and examine the jar. The winner if probably going to be someone who takes the time to measure or guess the hexagonal jar’s dimensions, calculate the volume of the jar, then divide that by the volume of a Gapper.

Good luck. If you enter and win after reading this post, let us know!

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Steve Johnson

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  • loopydupe

    If we simplify the gappers to thinking of them as stacked cubes, and use that as the unit, and simplify the contained shape of gappers to a hexagonal prism of 18 gappers tall with 6 gapper long edges, the volume is ~1683 gappers?
    They are not efficiently stacked, nor are they cubes, though. My guess is 1750.

    • GregW.


  • Gusss


  • Rick DeWitt

    Since it’s a “custom” rifle, can I get it with the carry handle, triangular handguard and standard buttstock like the one my dad was issued during the Vietnam war?

  • Larry Cotner

    Well, I guess it is 2186 gappers

  • M Rutherford

    I’ll say around 714 gappers

  • M Rutherford

    And my wife, Jessica, guesses 811

  • GomeznSA

    I’m not going to bother ‘guessing’ since us ‘mere mortals’ (you know the 80 to 100 million gun owners who aren’t ‘special’ enough to attend SHOT) are unable to win this critter……..

  • poweralleys


  • Stanley Ochman

    My guess is 1,657 grabbers

  • ardvietvet

    778 gappers

  • clair Slates

    I guess 12350

  • Lance

    2016 pieces

  • dat bee tru


  • Jaybird

    775 I wanted to go n a BAD way. Shot Show is on my Bucket List. So now I have too go at some point..

  • TravisB

    ERGO Grips would like to congratulate Chuck on winning and thank all of the fine companies who were involved in this. The winning guess was 1378. Chuck missed the actual total by only 3.

  • Rita Spratlen

    I would love to win this!!