Tactical Yoga Pants from 5.11 Tactical

The Raven Range Capri pants from 5.11 Tactical make a lot of sense for woman who enjoy wearing yoga pants and would like to wear them to the range. These “tactical yoga pants” have two features not seen in “classic” yoga pants: wide belt loops and abrasion panels. The belt loops can accommodate tactical/duty/holster belts. The abrasion panels are strategically placed where they abrasion is most likely and protect the pants from holster wear.

tactical yoga pants-1

I am not qualified to comment on women’s fashion, but to my untrained eye they looked good on Lyndsey.

tactical yoga pants-3

UPDATE: 5.11 gave me some promo images about this product …




Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Cal S.

    ERM… I think the gun would throw off the Guru’s Chi…

    • Tassiebush

      Probably not a bad thing around the founder of bikram yoga

      • Cal S.

        I see what you did there…

  • Lance

    This I’d the best show ever…. Not the guns but the hot ladies you get pics of.

  • Fruitbat44

    “Yoga-pants” and “tactical.” It’s two of your favourite things brought together. Like the Beer-milkshake . . .

    • Nicks87

      Yo Dawg, we heard you like yoga pants…

    • Budogunner

      There is a local restaurant that serves beer milkshakes here. I’m not even kidding.

      • Fruitbat44

        We are truly living in an age of wonders . . .

        • Bodie

          “These are great days we’re livin, bro’s.
          We’re Jolly Green Giants walking the Earth….with guns.”

      • Ron Paul

        what a time to be alive.

      • Lt_Scrounge

        That would give a whole new meaning to the word “malted” milkshake.

        If they make one using Glenlivet would that make it a “Single Malted Milkshake”?

      • JaredTheGeek

        Doc Rickett’s was famous for this on Cannery Row.

    • Zach

      Steinbeck says it usually makes the beer just taste stale.

    • Tim Scott

      beat me to it, a fine women in those and holding a gun WOW!!!!

    • Mrs Lanie

      Red Robin makes a awesome Guinness milkshake!

      • Fruitbat44

        Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does!

    • durabo

      or the “Kill For Peace” movement.

      • Mikial

        I like the “Kill for Peace” idea. It’s sorta like the “Peace through superior firepower” concept.

  • Brocus

    Jumped the shark.

  • Jesse Pearce

    I weigh about 280 lbs. I think these might have a slimming effect on me and be quite stylish at the range.

    • Tim Scott

      HAHAHAHA… does the term TMI mean anything to you??? just kidding dude…..

      • Weaponized_Hotdog

        TMI or BMI??

    • kurgen99

      You go, um, guy. You go.

    • Blue

      Not to be critical but I think you would exceed the maximum tonnage limit.

    • law-abiding-citizen

      A comedian in the early 90s made a comment that was only funny because it was SOOOO true – “The tags on spandex [which is basically the shiny version of yoga pants, btw] shouldn’t have sizes. They should have weight limits!” I’d say it still holds true today.
      Great comment though, except for the visual it generated :-

      • Anomanom

        Or in short “Spandex. It’s a privilege, NOT a right!”

        • Lt_Scrounge

          I’ve worked retail management in malls and I swear that some of the women I’ve seen squeezed into Spandex should’ve had turn signals and a wide load sign across the back. Sort of like the Jucy Couture shorts say Jucy across then.

    • Mikial

      Hey, go for it, Dude. Just give us a little advance warning about which range you’ll be at.

    • Harvey Lee

      Dance belt. That’s all I have to say.

  • mosinman

    as a true operator, this is low drag enough for me. i’m getting a pair

    • MrApple

      Put on a pair of these pants and you should lose your “pair”.

      • Grindstone50k

        If they’re tight enough, you just might anyway.

        • MDBrock

          Would it be improper to wear these under my tactical kilt?

          • Grindstone50k

            Yes, but only because it’s improper to wear ANYTHING under your tactical kilt.

          • 6.5x55Swedish

            Not true, you can have a tactical beard for your balls under the tactical kilt.

          • jerseydave

            The Assault Merkin.

    • adverse

      Fart and you’ll blow your tactical boots off.

  • TiredOfIt

    The initial idea sounds great and very comfortable, but why does it actually have to be leggings or skinny jeans that hug every curve leaving nothing to the imagination? There is enough sexuality on some ranges. Having a comfortable pant that allows for modesty (say a bootcut or even straight leg) would be a better choice for the range.

    • Theo Braunohler

      Maybe women should be able to wear what they want without caring about your preferred methods of sexualization at the range.

      • Phillip Cooper

        I’m sorry, did someone call for a Social Justice Warrior?

        • Grindstone50k

          Did someone call for a sexually repressed taliban warrior?

        • Scott P

          If you are going to use the term Social Justice Warrior then use it right.

          This isn’t it.

      • Grindstone50k


      • Mikial

        Amen to that! It’s called keep your eyes on the sight picture.

    • Twilight sparkle

      What’s sexual about legs and pants anyways?? If some ladies want to wear something like this to the range then you should just be happy that they actually want to go to the range

      • Budogunner

        Agreed. The only sexualizing clothing is knee-socks. Right, Twi?

    • Those pants already exist. This is new.

    • Grindstone50k

      I think a tactical burka is right up your alley.

    • David Bartlett

      We have lots of guys showing too much butt cleavage already – this might be an improvement!

      • Mikial

        Oh Lord, now THAT could scar a person for life.

    • JoelM

      They already make a comfortable and modest boot cut pant. These are targeted more toward the people who don’t want those and like wearing yoga pants. These people already wear yoga pants to the range, but now they will have some that look the part.

    • Edeco

      Huh, not particularly much sexuality at the ranges I’ve been to… I’m usually about 15% tumescent when there, but that’s because it’s fun, and maybe due to the vibrations.

      • Daisuke0222

        For using tumescent in a sentence you win the Internet for the day.

        Take my upvote, and a cyber-cookie.

      • ButtercupKelley

        Did he really just use the word, “tumescent?” lol

        • Edeco


  • Paul White

    It’s not April yet is it?

  • Budogunner

    Lady shooters in practical cargo pants are plenty attractive. This is ridiculous almost to the point of being offensive.

    The only thing “Tactical” about these seems to be the fact that they support a belt. If that is all that is required then JC Penny might need an FFL…

    • Abrasion resistant points!

    • Grindstone50k

      “This is ridiculous almost to the point of being offensive.”

      Not sure how you made that jump..

    • brainy37

      Not really. Women in yoga pants at the range happen regularly. Just like guys in shorts and jeans do the same. These yoga pants will blend in better with normal wear (especially the all black version) than some of the “tactical” mens wear out there. These, a full frame hip holster, and a peacoat style jacket that seems to be so popular would be very normal.

      A support belt is something that isn’t standard on many women’s fashions and you aren’t going to find it at JCPenny’s. That we’re starting to see more women’s tactical wear isn’t a bad thing. After all, it’s much less worse than some of the Fudds out there in camo outfits doing their own shopping. Those Mossy Oak camo jeans you thought made you look good….well they don’t.

      • Budogunner

        We disagree on some points, but you are 100% spot on about the Fudd analysis. Around here you can go to a decent restaurant and find an entire family dressed in camo. Most places don’t get enough ‘elite’ clientele to enforce a dress code.

      • Grindstone50k

        He probably buys his lady Mossy Oak camo jeans trimmed in pink.

  • USMC03Vet

    Nice butt…I mean nice splits!

    • Phillip Cooper

      Which ones? Front or rear? 😉

      • USMC03Vet

        I meant shot splits, but I like your thinking!

  • MrApple

    NO, just no.

  • Ron Paul

    As Ron Paul I endorse this level of freedom and your right to exercise it ladies.

  • Anomanom

    “Tactical” has just jumped the the shark twice

  • Phillip Cooper

    So.. form-fitting, sleek leggings to flaunt the woman’s lines… then a weapon to ruin them.

    Uh, what?!

    • Chrome Dragon

      Maybe what they’re trying to draw the eye to is the gun? :p

  • GaryT

    Steve Johnson, your comment, “I am not qualified to comment on women’s fashion, but to my untrained eye they looked good on Lyndsey.” If Lyndsey isn’t your wife, G/F or the mannequin you could be in some serious trouble. Lyndsey could have you up on charges for that sexist statement. For the time being don’t answer the door…it might be the ACLU.

  • Core

    They look great on those ladies. Do they make men’s? As long as they don’t make my 22inch calves look fat.. rofl

  • Boogur T. Wang

    And no one should mention anything about the camels nose under the tent flap….or his toes.

  • kurgen99

    Well, I suppose that NOW I’ve seen everything! They just need to make some “Tactical Tampons,” or “Tactical Hair Dryers.”

    • Core

      They already have tactical tampons..

  • evi1joe

    These are the same pants they wore in the 1980s classic, METAFORCE (with the missiles mounted on motorcycles)!!!

  • Blue Centurion

    These are just another form of microaggression………

  • Instructor zerooooooooo!

  • dat bee tru

    Do these pants make my gun look fat ?????

  • Tinker

    As a woman shooter, I have often have issues with most pants not having enough give for how flexible I am. I know it sounds weird, but it really gets in the way of position or defensive shooting. It has nothing to do with looking cute at the range either, they just seem to be better solution for my body type. Super excited.

    • Mikial

      Tinker, all jokes aside . . . go for it! People should wear whatever works best for them.

    • Phenome

      Try a UF Pro P-40 Pant. It may be made in Slowenia, but you could easily do the splits in these and still have additional freedom of movement.
      I, myself wear a Gamsbokk TacStar Pant, which is made by UF for another company and is alot like the P-40.
      Sadly both of these Pants are not specifically made for females, but they still fit perfectly….at least for me

      • Tinker

        Wow… They look great. Always looking for something that works.

  • jerrythegeek

    I’m obviously unqualified to comment. Which, all things considered, might perhaps be A Good Thing.

  • Scott

    I’ll mildly rebuke myself in the morning but an article about women’s yoga pants without a good butt shot is …. useless.

  • Phil Hsueh

    For when you want to do yoga while at the range. They should offer tactical yoga mats next so people can do tactical yoga at the range while wearing their tactical yoga pants.

    • Uhm…. just use a high power mat.

      News flash folks, it’s a free country. I don’t get all this animosity towards something that won’t be used by most of the individuals with said animosity.

      I think most 3 gun or uspsa women appreciate this.

      • Phil Hsueh

        You lack imagination, I think that there’s a lot of potential here for something entirely new, tactical yoga! It opens the market up for a whole new line of tactical clothing and accessories, tactical yoga mats, tactical yoga shirts/tops, tactical yoga shoes, the list is endless.

  • RickOAA .

    This is what the world has been waiting for.

    It should be banned for out of shape people so eyes don’t get assaulted. I kid!

  • Sam Green

    My cousin started Juicy Couture, all these yoga pants need now is to co-license them and have in big letters ‘Juicy’ on the butt of these yoga tactical pants.

    Without an embroidered ‘Juicy’ on their @ss, they’re not tacticalish enough.

    PS, I feel bad for the people that have to demonstrate these at gun shows. Truly

  • Fruitbat44

    You know I misread the update as “5.11 gave me some porno images about this product …”

  • thebeeishorrid

    “UPDATE: 5.11 gave me some promo images about this product …”

    I TOTALLY read that as “porno images”…

  • G9

    Just the thing for Female LEO’S to wear in a “Man’s profession”. Now we are Guaranteed to be taken seriously and not looked at as Sexual objects!!! Yay equality!!! :-

  • Beau

    Guys do yoga and shoot as well. However, please dress for the body you have, not the body you want.

    • Lt_Scrounge

      I have the legs and the butt for tights (at least according to the ladies in the medieval reenactment group I used to belong to) but I don’t think they have the necessary beer gut expanding panel in the waist band to fit properly.

  • Yoga pants and Tactical are two of my favorite things.

  • Tass

    Sooo….they’re reinvented riding breeches?

  • Mikial

    Hey, 5-11 has Tactical Flip-flops, and tactical kilts, why not tactical yoga pants? But it is actually cool that they have big belt loops for a gun belt. I’ve seen women at the range in yoga pants, so this is just the next step.

  • Grendel Medlord

    I agree with the phone thing. Too big to carry in the pocket. Clip it to the outside of your belt and look like a doofus.

    Military Arms Channel recently posted a link to an IWB phone holster. I want one but it’s only for iphone.

  • Lew Siffer

    Hahaha. I love it. But weren’t you supposed to wait until April 1st to publish this?

  • Lt_Scrounge

    I don’t carry one of those huge phones, but since everyone seems to want to text message instead of actually talk, I’ve gone to one with a keyboard. My newest one is going to require a belt pouch for it, so I guess I’ll leather work this weekend. Maybe I’ll stop by the hobby shop and see if they have any snake skin. I could make a snake skin inlaid one without having to do the pounding that tooling requires. I need to get a belt clip anyway, I’m out.

  • Bryan

    Finally, tactical Spanx for dudes. Soon to be in all your favorite digital camera patterns….

  • Chris Wing

    Thanks a lot guys. It’s already difficult enough not to get a hard on at work looking at all these guns…now you put hot gun toting babes in Yoga pants? I about blew a hole in my desk.

  • adverse

    I quit at the “beer-milkshake”, that is so, I don’t know, nasty?

  • Bjj man

    Make some for men. I have spats for jiu jitsu I would love em for shooting