SHOT Show 2016: The CAA Mic-Roni Pistol/Carbine Conversion Kit

CAA was at SHOT and was heavily promoting their Roni pistol conversion kits. For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Roni is a kit that accepts a pistol (Glock is their most popular model, for example), and gives the shooter some advantages lacked by the pistol itself, such as a full stock, a charging handle, and extra weight to counter recoil, as well as optic and accessory mounting options.

Remember, guys, you need an SBR stamp on your Glock to use this system!

CAA’s newest addition to the line is the Mic-Roni (available in Glock 17 and 19 versions as of writing), a more compact version of the Roni that actually integrates some better ergonomics. It has a right-folding stock (as opposed to the Roni’s collapsible stock) and the pistol can be operated with the stock folded. Many of the features on Mic-Roni are ambidextrous, including the trigger-guard safety, the cocking handle, and the serrated thumb rests on the chassis. A forward mounted extra magazine holder is quicker than the rear-mounted version from the original RONI. It also features an integral forward flashlight mount, Picatinny rails for two sighting devices and additional side rails.


The new Mic-Roni.


The original “full-size” Roni.


Several variants of the Roni system were on display.


Another look at the new Mic-Roni with a Gen4 Glock 17.


The original Roni (top) and new Mic-Roni (bottom).

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  • Vhyrus

    I have to be honest: I REALLY don’t get these. Why would you want to add 5 pounds to your pistol and remove it’s ability to be holstered and concealed? If you are some sort of operator and you need more power, get a freaking p90 or mp5, and if you aren’t then it doesn’t matter!

    • Texas-Roll-Over

      Don’t forget, you have to Form 1 it too, lol.

    • aka_mythos

      This is on the other end of the whole pistol caliber carbine idea. Neuter an AR or add to a pistol. No surprise but stocks on pistols do improve their accuracy. This allows a firearm accessory manufacturer to get in on this growing niche without becoming a firearm manufacturer like the guys who make Glock – AR lowers.

    • 35Whelan

      The get is: G21 w/ 460 Rowland conversion and 26 round magazines give you a compact carbine system that can fire 230 grain bullets at .44 mag velocities.

      Thus giving you, in essence, a 44 automag rifle with massive capacity and barrier penetration power. A real killer on hostiles hiding behind walls and in the trees. Also a nightmare on unarmored vehicles. Great against packs of hogs as a side note.

  • BattleshipGrey

    This looks promising, but I’d have to get a 16″ barrel to make it work in my state.

    • Texas-Roll-Over

      It’s not, trust me…

      Plastic picatinny rails, plastic everything. The entire the thing cost more than another Glock!

      • BattleshipGrey

        The article was a bit short on those details.

  • Jake

    Price? Able to use with a suppressor?

    • Texas-Roll-Over

      550 lol

  • J E

    So buy a CZ EVO3 S1 and a stock kit and forget this thing…..amirite? I too don’t get these…

    • Mcameron

      or you can just buy yourself an actual rifle if you need something with a stock.

      pistol carbines are really only useful if you are using full auto or burst, because the stock serves to tame the recoil…….but if you are just using semi, there is no benefit to using a carbine over an actual pistol.

  • allannon

    Huh, I just don’t see the point.

    It’s still got a pistol’s muzzle energy (and therefore windage, etc). It’s a large enough package you could probably gainfully use an SBR in it’s place; a CZ EVO III if you insisted on a PCC, or maybe an SBRed PC AR.

    The kit’s probably $350 or so street (quick Google spits out $320 for the RONI), with the Glock and stamp you’re looking $1k-ish? That’s in the range of a CZ EVO III with 922(r) kit (using Impact Guns as the source for the EVO, even). And the EVO gives you an ~8″ barrel.

    And you can’t holster it. Or even stash it under a coat. And you’re going to look like a complete tool OCing it. And it doesn’t have any marked power or range advantages over a pistol, and the added stability probably isn’t a huge deal for even a truck or pack gun.

    Functional concerns aside, that thing is ugly. It’s like they couldn’t decide on following the SCAR’s design, the B&T MP9, the HK MP7, or…I dunno, maybe a dash of P90? Then you strap a bigass optic and a light, and OMG NOW WE’RE TACTICOOL!

    I’d love to own a PCC, mostly for personal fun, but…not this.

    • Ben Pottinger

      So the only reason you own guns are for CCW/killing things? Just because, or “for fun” can’t be reason enough? The new ones are supposedly going to clock in around 200$, and you can find used Glocks in the 350-400$ range so 800$ SBRed isn’t to bad at all.

      The extra barrel length is pointless for 9mm. Do a google search, someone did a great write up on 9mm barrel length and velocity at different barrel lengths.

      IMHO the worst part of this design is it looks like won’t work with a suppressor. That kills it for me. A Glock mag pistol AR with those new clear ETS mags would be a nice setup.

  • dave

    there’s a big market for these in places other then the US, here in Australia we only have access to semi auto pistols making these products a godsend for gun owners who want the closest thing to a semi auto rifle experience im betting the same goes for other places as well.

    I think every American needs to take a step back and get some perspective just to see how much better you all have it, just because it doesn’t fit in to your idea of what you consider useful doesn’t mean its useless for every one.

    • Budogunner

      We do have it better than many, just less and less so as time goes on.

  • maxusminimax

    you will get the point if Killery Hilton will be POTUS 2017 and grab all your
    “military style” semiautomatic rifles, than you will get the point.
    you are blessed with the ” 2. Amendment,
    save it. god bless….:P

  • Mike

    needs more 10 inch barrel

  • maodeedee

    This might be nice if they made it for the Glock model 20 10mm pistol and then made a about a 12 inch barrel for it which would give another 150 or more FPS bringing the ballistics up to hot 41 magnum levels

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Just get a Kel Tec Sub 2000 in 9mm. Uses Glock mags and costs arund $400. Now you have a fold up carbine in your back pack and your Glock 17 or 19 on your hip.


      LOL but you can’t find Kel-Tec Sub2k anywhere, also this has more features like holding an extra mag, bolt hold open, optics rail and its shorter