[SHOT 2016] SCCY’s Rainbow of Color Choices

We have taken a look at the SCCY CPX-1 here at The Firearm Blog previously but when I walked past the booth and saw a rainbow of colors i had to snap a photo to share with you. SCCY is known for having one of the best warranties in the industry. Not only is it a lifetime warranty, but if you use your pistol in self defense or it gets stolen they will replace it as long as you provide them with the police report (this is the way it worked last I checked). Getting that kind of warranty on a pistol with a street price of right around $260-$300 is almost unheard of. The CPX series has a 10 round double stack magazine and a double action only trigger similar to some of Kel-Tec’s offerings.

IMG_0367 IMG_0368 IMG_0369

No matter what your tastes might be SCCY has a pistol for you. No matter if you need a blaze orange, tactical sand, or Tiffany blue frame they have it in both the Safety model, the CPX-1 or the non safety model, the CPX-2. As I said, the street price is in the $260-$300 range making this pistol a rather attractive bargain. When a new gun owner tells me they want to buy a gun but don’t want to spend over $300 the SCCY CPX series is always my first suggestion.


  • USMC03Vet

    Blaze orange <3

  • Bart

    It is cool to see the variety of colors. That gives people a lot of options.
    It is hard for me to get very excited about the SCCY. I think of it as just a knock off of the Kel-Tec P11 (which isn’t that great of a pistol).
    For around $300 you can get a S&W SD9 pistol. That is a much better gun. It is easier to shoot. It has higher capacity. It is certainly more durable. It is nearly as good as the M&P/Glock/XD. Used SW9VE, Sigma, and Ruger P95 series pistols can easily be had in the sub $250 ballpark.
    The SCCY is certainly smaller and more concealable.

    • JK

      Be sure to shoot it a lot, to get all the bugs located and worked out, before trusting your life to it. True with any firearm, but much more so with a firearm as “buggy” as the SCCY.