[SHOT 2016] Crossbreed’s New Freedom Carry Holster

It is no secret that Crossbreed revolutionized the holster industry years ago by getting everyone and their mother to buy one of their famed Supertuck, myself included. While the old favorite is still very valid today Crossbreed felt the need to continue innovating. With appendix carry becoming the preferred carry method for many legally armed citizens building a better appendix rig seemed the most obvious solution.  IMG_0371 IMG_0372 IMG_0374

The Crossbreed Freedom Carry is very similar to the other appendix holsters they currently offer except for the clip position. When Crossbreed talked to their customers a common complaint came up, the clip needed to be right on top of the buckle of their belt or darn near. To fix this Crossbreed has moved the clip to the other side of the molded kydex shell to allow the pistol to be carried more towards the center line of the body. Not onyl does this result in a holster that allows you to put the gun where you want it but they slotted the top hole for the two mounting screws in order to allow the end user to change the angle with nothing more than a screw driver.

The Freedom carry has a MSRP of $64.50 for the cow hide, horsehide and their premium hide are extra.

Patrick R

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  • I’m weird and want the narrowest holster there is for a Bersa .380. Tried the alien gear one. The clip flaps made it wayyyy too wide. Note, I wear size 29×30 pants, and it was just a hunking piece of gear taking up my entire side.

    Those crappy $12 single clip cloth holsters actually do well for me, but wear out easily, and I hate to say it….. they’re not too cool.

    Any suggestions?