[SHOT 2016] Lancer handguard for Sig MPX

Lancer has come out with a handguard for the Sig MPX series of SBRs or pistols. They are in their classic M LOK configuration, and come in either 8 inch, 10 inch, or 14 inch lengths for the different barrel lengths that the MPX comes in. The handguards attach to the rifle via the normal installation methods. The top rail of the MPX is maintained as that is apart of the Sig gas system, while the handguards wrap around the barrel, below the top picatinny rail. The M LOK sections are at the traditional 3,6, and 9 o’clock, while there are also additional sections between the 9 and the 6 o’clock, and the 3 and 6 o’clock positions. Similar to the Springfield Armory CQB, M LOK was picked because Keymod would have been much harder to fit into the carbon fiber handguards while maintaining its shape. There is an addition section of the handguard that extends past the top rail, also with M LOK sections, while the sides of this part have the serrated and angled cuts similar to the cuts that the MPX already has in the top section. At this time I don’t have an MSRP for the MPX handguards, but I think it’ll be in the $200-300 range, similar to some of their other carbon fiber handguards.

_MG_7332 _MG_7334 _MG_7335


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  • mig1nc

    Is it Gen-1/Gen-2 specific? Or will it work on both?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      The handguard didn’t change from gen1/2.

      • santi

        What did change? And do you know how I can Identify if I have a gen 1 or 2?

        • JumpIf NotZero

          They didn’t change anything on the handguard dimensions. Dude is mistaken. The Gen2 come with a keymod version, Gen1 non-keymod, backward and forward compatible. So clearly the Lancer in the topic fits both.

      • hydepark

        Umm yes they did.

  • santi

    Finally! Aftermarket goodies for the MPX. Just need aftermarket mags and life with my MPX will be much better.

  • datimes

    I checked Lancers site and I couldn’t locate this handguard.

  • nova3930

    *sigh* it’s only a matter of time before I blow a pile of $ on an MPX, especially now that I can swap my m-lok gear onto it…

    • JumpIf NotZero

      If you’re going to shoot it suppressed, I’d do some research first…

      • nova3930

        Not sure what your point is. It would be a range toy so being able to suppress would be nice, but not a deal breaker. I know it’s gas operated so blow back is there but blow back really doesn’t bother me all that much…..

        • JumpIf NotZero

          That’s mainly my point, is that it suppressed like a 9mm AR, there is a ton of blowback. The only gun I’ve shot that’s worse is the B&T TP9 which blinded me in about two shots, the MPX isn’t that bad, but compared to an MP5 or the CZ Evo, it’s terrible.

          It’s not specifically because it’s gas operated. Some guns suppress great. It’s that it has the port basically at the chamber and no adjustable regulator like it was going to initially have.

          For a range toy, yea, whatever, I don’t try and do that myself. It was just a warning, that despite seeing MPXs at on SIG’s marketing, it doesn’t suppress well, some people think it will.

          • nova3930

            You have to understand, my interest in firearms stems from my time as an engineering undergrad with more than a passing interest in history. I find all the different variations that exist mechanically interesting, especially when looking in the historical context. That’s why my “range use” collection runs the gamut from old hunting rifles and shotguns, M1 Garands all the way up to modern ARs of all variations. My primary interest in both the MPX and MCX is their mechanical evolution from the AR platform.
            When it comes to my “working” HD weapons, I’m much more limited in both weapon and caliber. 2 BCM 16″ middy 5.56 ARs, 2 SIG 320 9mm pistols and 2 Mossberg 590 12 gauge shotguns, each pair set up identically, one of each for me and the wife. Life would be a lot cheaper if I could convince the wife to share lol….

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Hmm… Just noticed the gap from the front sight to the top pic rail. Makes sense that they can’t mate two rail right up to each other, but I’m not a fan.

  • UVB76

    How about some aftermarket support on the collapsing stock and magazine fronts…

  • Richard Lutz

    A “high tech” blowback? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? If you want a 9mm SBR I recommend the POF-5 with a B&T folding stock and SureFire M63 rail.