MTM Case-Gard Shell Stack

If there’s one thing all gun owners have, it’s ammo – lots and lots of ammo. Finding ways to store said ammunition can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re looking at longterm storage or reloading. Thin cardboard boxes, although capable of showcasing colorful designs and brand logos, don’t stand up to the test of time. With that in mind, if you’re looking for a storage option that can stand up to the passage of time, take a look at what’s new from MTM Case-Gard: the Shell Stack.

MTM has a variety of ammunition cases available but their latest addition is a shotshell case. The new case is called the Shell Stack. It’s made of clear polypropylene and is 4.3″ long, 2.6″ wide, and 4.4″ high. The Shell Stack holds 25 shotshells not in a grid pattern but by stacking them atop one another not unlike the cardboard cases shotshells are sold in at your local gun store. What makes this different than cardboard is clear (literally): it’s far more durable, can withstand external moisture, and is simply a tidier way to store your ammunition. Then there’s the versatility factory, because this particular case fits neatly in most commercially available belt-mounted shotshell pouches. It’s made specifically for 12 gauge 2 3/4″ shotshells.

MSRP $4.99.

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  • Synchronizor

    Sounds slightly larger than your standard 25-round 2.75″ factory box, but if they’re close enough to fit my shell belt and storage system, I’ll be all over these.

    Also, I see that .22/.25-caliber P-100 case on the flyer. Now, how much longer do we have to wait to get a P-100 handgun ammo box sized specifically for the diameter & OAL of .40 S&W/.357 SIG cartridges? The .45-size boxes waste space, and are too wide and thick to fit in my ammo cans properly.

  • I’ve been storing all my ammo in the plastic Plano field boxes – roughly 500rd each. (2000 for .22LR) Any better options without breaking the bank?

    • JamesRPatrick

      You can find pristine .50 cal ammo cans for six or seven dollars. They’re heavy but you can’t beat ’em for durability and long-term storage.

      • People have been saying this my entire adult life, yet every milsurp store or online place has them for $15-30. Gun shows? Somewhere in the middle of that.

        I’very never seen a .50 cal can in use able condition for a price that didn’t feel like they were doing skin grafts on me when taking my money. :/

    • Adam

      My house was leveled by a tornado 2 years ago. everything i had in those plastic boxes was strewn across the neighbors yard. However the 50 caliber steel cans were fine and i still use them today.