[SHOT 2016] High Volume 10/22 Plinking with the Tac Pack

10/22 Tac Pack from HC Mags

The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most common rimfire rifles around, and, as such, there is no shortage of third-party accessories available for it. Higher-capacity magazines are among the most common, and the new Gen II Ruger 10/22 Tac Pack from HC Mags makes it easier than ever to burn through a brick in a short amount of time.

The Gen II magazines from HC Mags feature improved spec feed lips for better reliability. The 25-round magazine is constructed of composite resin and screwed together, not glued. It is easily disassembled for cleaning or service. The feed lips, so often a source of trouble with third-party 10/22 mags, are improved and made of stainless steel. The magazine has a thumb assist to facilitate quick and easy re-loading, but the real genius of the magazine is the stripper clip.

The back side of the curved magazine detaches and serves as a stripper clip, holding 20 rounds. A loaded stripper clip is simply latched into place and the shooting is ready to begin. The magazine has an ammo pocket which holds an additional 20 rounds in reserve. When the magazine is emptied, the stripper clip can be detached and slid along the reserve rounds to reload the clip in seconds. Then the re-loaded stripper clip is latched back onto the magazine and the trigger time resumes. While the magazine has a 25-round capacity, the stripper clips are limited to 20 rounds to allow detachment. Another improvement in the Gen II magazine is a shell retention mechanism on the stripper clip, making it even easier to manage than the earlier model.

While the magazine and its 20 reserve rounds in the ammo pocket are a clever and quick way to send 45 rounds down range, the Tac Pack takes everything up several notches. The Tac Pack comes with the magazine, including its integral stripper clip, plus 5 additional stripper clips. This means that once the magazine and the 20 reserve rounds in the ammo pocket are expended, there are 100 more rounds already loaded on stripper clips to be quickly swapped into the magazine.

But wait, as they say. There’s more. The Tac Pack also includes the Speedloader. This box-like device accepts 100 rounds and quickly arranges them into place on rows to re-load stripper clips. This means a fully-loaded Tac Pack can hold 245 rounds primed for quick shooting: 25 in the magazine, 20 in the magazine’s ammo pocked, 100 on the five reserve stripper clips, and 100 in the speed loader.

In addition to all this, there are pockets in the Tac Pack’s case for six 50-round boxes of loose shells. And a spot for the rifle’s original magazine. While shooters are sending lead downrange, the back-up stripper clips can be reloaded from the Speedloader. Once the Speedloader is emptied, more shells can be dumped in and sorted into stripper clip-ready rows in a minute or two.

The durable thermo-formed zip-up case has a high-density one-piece EVA foam insert precisely cut to fit all the accessories and hold them securely. It also includes a spot for two included take-down tools.

The Tac Pack from HC Mags retails for $85.00. After all that, the toughest part will be finding enough ammo to keep it stocked.

Shelby Murdoc

Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and GunPundit.com.


  • Lance

    Make one for M&P 22 and or GSG-5 anytime soon???

  • Edeco

    OK, think I’d rather just 3 or 4 mags. Admittedly I’m a little fixated about owning lots of mags being old enough to remember the assault weap… well never mind, I don’t want to give you kids nightmares.

    • Doom

      I was born just before the AWB, I own more than 30 AKM magazines lol… and several Glock 17 mags. I dont have to have lived through an event to be wary of a future event.

  • Bart

    For general plinking purposes, I always prefer the tube fed Marlin 60 to any magazine fed 22 rifle. I find filling the tube an easier and more pleasant experience than filling magazines. I do have a magazine fed Marlin 795 (and some 10, and 25 round mags for it). I love it too. The mags give you a little more “tacticool” and the 795 is shorter and lighter than the 60. I’m not nocking the 10/22. It is a great rifle too.

  • maodeedee

    I’d be happy just to have some decent AMMO to put in one of my two BX-25 mags, like some nice CCI Blazers at an affordable price.

  • Doom

    Yay, magazines I cant buy reasonable priced ammo for!

  • Griff

    I admit….I was stupid enough to buy one. YUP, STUPID! Edeco is correct…buy magazines. It is not that easy to use and is over-hyped. It is a pretty cool idea that just does not work well.