Civilian IWI X95 Announced

After much teasing, IWI debuted their new civilian specific X95 rifle at this year’s Shot Show in Las Vegas. While we’ve seen select-fire SBR NFA controlled samples in the past, this was the first time a consumer ready rifle has been seen. For the unfamiliar, the X95 is an enhancement to the Tavor platform, currently in service with the Irsael Defense Force.

Essentially, the X95 changes the positioning of the Tavor’s magazine release and charging handle, while compressing the overall size. IWI US has had to undo some of that compression work in order to make the gun accessible in the USA, but they’ve gone about it in some very clever ways.

First, they’ve given it a 16.5″ US approved barrel. Then extended out the original handguard with it. The X95 handguard is actually a polymer quad rail with integrated rail covers forming the fore-end grip.

Second, they’ve extended the rear butt stock. Fun fact: the original rubber butt pad of the Tavor is designed around the 40mm under barrel grenade launcher. If you look at the IDF’s current X95 carbines, there’s little to no butt pad at all. But IWI US has expanded and reshape do the butt pad to meet overall length requirements.

These two changes, along with the dedicated semi-auto construction, mean that the X95 is finally out of NFA jurisdiction and ready for general sales.

The biggest difference for experienced Tavor shooters is the new magazine release that sits ahead of the pistol grip in a position reminiscent of an AR-15’s setup. The bolt release has also been slimmed down, and the repositioned charging handle now has a latch similar to the forward assist. The X95 ships with a slimmed down version of the extended Tavor trigger guard. But an alternate pistol grip is available with a traditional trigger guard.

Also new at the IWI booth was the original Tavor chambered in 300 Blackout. I’ve seen various valiant aftermarket conversions for the rifle, but IWI has redesigned the gas block specifically for the new cartridge. This adjustable gas block can be accessed through the Tavor’s side vents and calibrated for super-sonic and sub-sonic loads, as well as suppressed and unsuppressed firing.

I’m afraid I haven’t done a very good job attempting to photograph the new gas block on the range. We couldn’t exactly strip and disassemble a rifle. But I hope we’ll get a chance to take a closer look at IWI’s new system on the show floor.

The X95 is expected to be on the shelves of gun stores early this spring, with an MSRP of $2k. The .300BLK Tavor is slated to appear later in the fall of 2016. While a new .300BLK rifle is expected to be just under $2k, a conversion kit for existing Tavor owners was ball parked at $499.

Edward O

Edward is a Canadian gun owner and target shooter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Crawling over mountains with tactical gear is his idea of fun. He blogs at TV-Presspass and tweets @TV_PressPass.


  • Vhyrus

    Me. Right now.

  • Jose

    I give points to IWI for ingenuity and awesomeness; but, what about the Galil Ace pistols issue? I hope that the pistols come back with the right, two pin, lower receiver. That could have been avoided, IF IWI HAVE LEARNED ABOUT BATFE RULES ABOUT THE MACHINE GUN RECEIVER POLICY, FIRST!!!

    Next, a semi-auto only, NEGEV.

    • The ACEs at the show had no sear pin hole.

      • Jose

        That’s good. Can you post more pics of the Tavor X95? If they’ll be available for Spring, that mean it will be in the middle or late Spring?
        Anything on the HMG Sturmgewehr?

  • KestrelBike

    I wish they had left the X95 as-is (semi-auto, of course) with an exposed barrel and let owners SBR it themselves. IMO the whole point of the X95 was an SBR alternative to the Tavor. The mag release is nifty, the charging handle isn’t a game-changer, but it’s compactness and traditional trigger-guard/pistol-grip were the draws for me. They neutered the X95 in an attempt to appease the NFA, ruining it for those who would be willing to jump through the tax-stamp hoops.

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      Hell, I wish it was really as is, fun mode included, and current, unconstitutional laws thrown out.

      • Jwedel1231

        Well, everyone else here does too

    • JoelC

      Just found out on another site that the triggerguard/pistol grip on this are swappable to a more traditional AR Style.

    • Tom

      Is it really worth the trouble of SBRing it? Sure I get the because you can or because its more authentic but its seems a lot of effort for not much pay off.

      • KestrelBike

        By that same token, are the mag release and grip-swapouts between this quote-unquote “X95” and the current street-value of the Tavor SAR worth the $400 difference?

        On my tavor, I can drop the mag quite easily just rocking backwards with my firing hand and hitting the release-lever with the back of my thumb.

        • Tom

          As with anything else that’s up to the comsumer/user. Personaly I can see the X95 as an upgrade over the Tavor if one were starting from 0. That being said I think in its current [military] configuration it is too short for a “standard” rifle.

          When it comes to bullpups there seems to be two schools of thought, Firstly that its a way of putting a full length barrel in a short package and secondly that its a way of making the smallest possible rifle.

          • KestrelBike

            I forgot to add, it’s a matter of authenticity within reason (full auto no-go).

            The good news, is that on IWI’s facebook page one of the top comments for their post about the X95 has a guy asking if they’re going to release an “SBR version” to which IWI replies “Yes”.

        • Kivaari

          Wasn’t unintended magazine dropping a problem for TAVOR users? It’s one reason I didn’t like them the mag latch and the open trigger guard. I like the more conventional grip with a one-finger guard.

    • JSmath


      Besides getting their barrels machined ($50-100), or buying a second barrel assembly ($500? IWI may very likely sell short-barrels directly), what would stop owners from buying the X95 SAR then SBRing it after the fact? It’s not like that handguard is too small in diameter, or like there can never be aftermarket solutions.

      Also, guys, the handguard and triggerguard are swappable. Not only is it in the article, but that’s been one of the key features of the X95 as long as it’s been around.

      • KestrelBike

        Because that $50-100 or $500 (sounds reasonable and something that IWI would do) would have been all that was necessary for the SBR conversion (sans $200 tax stamp, of course) had they simply kept it at a length necessary to satisfy OAL requirements (26″ w/ a 16″ barrel? So just make the barrel whatever length makes the system come out to 26.5″ [they like to stay on the safe side with that half inch]). Instead, they apparently lengthened the back end with the buttpad, and also the foreend is not the only enlongated part, but the top rail piece as well (and who knows how much else would need to be fiddled with). Yes, aftermarket support may supply a shorter rail and handguard, but that’s two more things to have to sink money into besides the barrel, if alternatives will even exist.

        And I never stated that they did not have the swappable trigger-guard/pistol-grip, I was simply saying that that part (included) along with the compactness (decidedly hampered) were the main draws. Sorry for the confusion there.

        • Stan Darsh

          Going by the IWI specs, the Israeli X-95 has a 13″ barrel and a 23″ OAL, so they could have simply used the 16.5″ barrel from the SAR-21 and kept everything else the same.

  • Drew Coleman

    I really want one of these. Hopefully there will be SBR kits (or aftermarket support for such) for those of us who want to Form 1 one.

  • Zack

    I really needed these to be factory SBR’s. As is, I can’t justify the financial loss of trading the old one in just to move the charging handle and mag release.

    • JSIII

      Same here, after a lot of training the mag release is not really that cumbersome on my normal Tavor anymore. I would rather buy a Galil ACE in 308 with the $$$$$.

  • Jack

    Can anybody chime in on if the conversion barrels when in both the SAR and x95? Anybody know what kind of options for handguard removal or inside diameter are?

    • No, the barrels are not interchangeable due to the positioning of the gas block and charging handle.

      • JSmath

        Many people had posted videos/remarks before that the X95 was supposed to use the same bolt/carrier, so then is the gas block part of locating the barrel into the receiver?

  • JoelC

    I hope someone comes up with a replacement slim buttpad. I know some state’s have a 26inch overall size restriction, but I thought it actually wasn’t required in the 1934 act.

    Also, I really wanted them to fix the grip and replace it with a regular triggerguard/AR grip.

    I’ve held off buying a Tavor for quite a while in hopes of the X95… I just don’t know if it was worth the wait thanks to ATF/import/export restrictions.

    • KestrelBike

      26″ is federal overall length requirement with everything fully extended. Some states like CA mandate 30″ OAL.

  • GhostTrain81

    Any info on the trigger characteristics for the X95? I’m reading in some sources that it’s more “manageable” than the original factory Tavor pack.

    • JSmath

      Out of the box, my Tavor trigger was really bad, but after about 300 rounds and after removing the return-assist spring, it started feeling pretty damned crisp and consistent in my opinion.

      I’ve felt worse triggers in ARs and AKs, not that that’s saying too much.

  • NewMan

    Does the X95 has the adjustable gas block as well?

  • Paladin

    I have two questions, first: when will I be able to get my maple syrup stained fingers on one of these, and second: will there be an 18.6″ barrelled version for non restricted status here in Canuckistan?

    • Indiana Finney

      Amen, brother. I’m loving that mag release specifically. Love my T97, but Bullpups are Pokemon for me. Gotta catch em’ all.

    • North Sylva should have had this for us years ago. It’s disappointing that they’ve waited for the US company to take the lead. The RCMP FRT lab is not getting faster, it’s getting slower.

  • Joe

    The already long LOP is now longer, hurray.

    • Colin S

      The gap between the mag-well and the grip on the x95 is smaller than the Tavor, so other than the new butt pad it “could” be a little shorter… In theory at least.

  • Rick5555

    Would like to know the overall weight of the X95. I love my Tavor, but wished for its compactness that it weighed in less.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Just checking…. But is there ANY reason AT ALL to buy the Tavor over this? It seems like this in this config is the better “long” version, and it seems like if IWI sells the parts you could SBR this in to it’s “proper” config.

    • I think you’d actually have an easier time SBRing the original Tavor.

      • JSmath

        Strongly disagree with you, though I respect you are a bit of a resident expert on the design.

        1. The forward locating lug that holds the front end of the barrel is much closer to the end of the SAR-21’s barrel. In fact, it’s right inside of the end of the front, under the screws that hold the foregrip. Can’t go much further back then, without deliberating adding freefloat to a design that didn’t originally have it except…
        2. The charging handle is in the way. Primary reason that they moved it to the side of the weapon, imo (it’s easier to manipulate and more natural to have it forward on the weapon).

        There is the actually reasonable chance that they deliberately chose to reuse the SAR-21’s barrel assemblies for cost/ease of redeveloping the SX95 (since they had to make it longer to get it out of SBR status anyway). The charging handle rod just passes alongside the gas block, so it’d be right at home just repositioned further back, so long as the receiver had the guides to support it.

        • I guess the question is how short you want to SBR it. My factory CTAR barrel works great in my Tavor. Single part to change. If you’re going back to the 13″ or even the ultrashort X95, you’re likely going to replace that fore-end.

          • JSmath

            I and most others definitely wouldn’t remotely consider SBRing a rifle ($200 tax stamp/movement restrictions) just to go from 16.5″ to 15″. Though installing the 15″ barrel with a permanent, suppressor-compatible muzzle device; that might be quite worth the effort.

            For “some reason”, I doubt I’d be able to convince IWI Canada to ship me a 15″ barrel under the presumption that I will modify it in good faith for legal use.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    The hand guard is hideous.

  • JSmath

    If one of these new Tavors is sporting an adjustable gas block, I’m a little peeved that now I have to (HAVE TO) sell mine.

    • The .300 BLK does use an adjustable gas block. None of the other 5.56 models I saw on the range or on the floor had the same mystery shape to their gas-block

      • JSmath

        Ah, well at least that can sell retrofit kits.

        You know what, just go ahead and imagine that that scene from Downfall, just with me playing the role of Hitler complaining about the SAR-21’s integrated gas block/barrel assembly.

  • Colin

    X-95 and mdr picture quality are terrible is this going to be corrected .?

  • HSR47

    I want one, but not in this neutered configuration. The day they decide to sell SBRs to we mere plebeians is the day that I’ll buy an X95 or Galil Ace. Until then, my wallet remains closed.

  • Jim Jones

    Wow, that X95 is ugly. It shouldn’t matter, I know, but firearms are very much like cars. If you can provide functionality AND ergonomics, you will have a winner on your hands. I very much am a fan of the original Tavor design. This abomination? No thank you.

  • Stygian64

    Does this still have the integral sights in the top rail?

  • Nate H

    Still not in 7.62 NATO? Hmm… missing out on a large part of the market there, I already have 5.56 in my AR, I would really like a bullpup 7.62. For the money, I’ll be checking out the MDR. As much as I like the Tavor and this X95 looks pretty good too, the MDR offers both aesthetics and a full power rifle round. Sorry, IWI, but Desert Tech will probably be getting my hard earned dough.

  • n0truscotsman

    I cant wait. Itll go nicely to complement my ‘full size’ tavor

  • Dual sport

    I spent a couple of days with a buddy and his Tavor in the right hand configuration. I loved it but not as much as my AR since you lose versatility. One can get used to the controls if you put everything else down and work solely with it for some time. I am just not getting over the price of $2k for a system as simple as this one.

    Perhaps the x95 being released will drive down the costs of new and used models so they are a better value and then this design would be more prolific. I love capitalism!

    Btw, at $2k the left and right hand bolt should be included, and the built in sights were a waste of material. Overall a great rifle and proven to be accurate and easy to shoot in my experience, even with the factory trigger.

  • Elvis

    Original X95 with a 16 inch barrel so I can form 1 it. Not looking for a ‘new for the US market’ rifle, looking for an X95… and this isn’t it.

  • David R Priest

    This article should have mentioned the trigger improvements. The new trigger is much lighter and is a great improvement on the Original Tavor.