[SHOT 16] We shot the S&W SW22 Victory and Liked It! (Quick Review)

Over a week ago Alex and I made a special trip to the Dallas Safari Club Show in the hopes of being the first media outlet to get our hands on the new S&W SW22 Victory. It was not to be. They did not bring it along and we were told to try again at SHOT Show. Today, at Industry Day At The Range, we succeeded, and as far as I know we are the first media outlet to handle and shoot this pistol. Expect a full review in the near future, but for now let me touch on its main features, how it feels and how it looks.

First of all, let me say this is not a Ruger Mk. III clone as so many people on the internet have been screaming. Other than the same vague shape, which dates back to the Nambu pistol which inspired Ruger’s original Ruger Standard .22 pistol design, it does not feel or look like a Ruger. The receiver is chunky, rather than cylindrical, but with elegant curves and bevels. It looks like a 21st century .22 LR.



We experienced no malfunctions when we shot it. Shooting it feels much the same as shooting any other target .22 LR.


The barrels can be easily changed in less than a minute. S&W had three different barrel options on display, including a lightweight carbon fiber sleeved barrel that has not been mentioned in any S&W press releases to date and I forgot to ask how much it is going to cost (sorry!).

It has been over 10 years since I shot .22 pistols competitively and so I wish S&W had included a high capacity 15 or 20 round magazine option for us plinkers who just want to punch holes in tin cans as fast as possible, without much concern for accuracy or practically of a long extended magazine. The only magazine available now has a 10 round capacity. The MSRP of $409 for the base model seems reasonable.

Steve Johnson

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  • Don Ward

    This is something that is actually interesting and is more reminiscent of a Browning Buckmark although the operating systems look entirely different.

    It goes on my list as a viable gun for down the road.

    • Kevin Harron

      Agreed. Looks interesting enough for a second look down the road.

  • iksnilol

    I kinda want to mock one up to look like a retro 1950s space blaster.

    • BattleshipGrey

      I was just thinking the cover photo could pass as some sort of Star Wars blaster.

      • Budogunner

        Some green tracer ammo would help cement that effect, too.

  • derfelcadarn

    WOO-HOO ! A Star Wars blaster, how is its performance on Ewoks ? Will it be able to be fitted with a silencer and make it completely superfluous ?

    • Budogunner

      Clearly this is more pro-gun irresponsibility. This kind of product is attractive only to scruffy nerf-herders who would shoot first without even asking questions later.

    • Jim B

      Perfect discription! Toys for big boys.

      • derfelcadarn

        Marvin the Martiancalled he wants his DISINTEGRATOR back

  • kipy

    Not gonna lie, I want that setup in the first picture kinda badly now.

  • Sianmink

    Have to admit, this thing is starting to grow on me.

    I’d still like to see it with a beveled square bull barrel.

  • Blake

    Impressive that S&W would show a pistol with a VQ barrel on it to journalists at range day.

    Kudos to Volquartsen.

  • GlennG

    What was the grip like? It looks nearly the same as their previous .22, which was so square it was like holding a new bar of soap. Your hand would only touch the 4 corners…

    • charlesrhamilton

      I fondled one at the local gun show last weekend. I wasn’t impressed with the grip. It just wasn’t a natural pointer.

  • VF77

    Man, that looks fun. Gonna be hard to keep it off my ‘wish list’.

  • Dragonheart

    Looks very much like my Colt Target pistol, which I understand Colt only made 1500. The Colt has a more ergonomic grip. But at the current price of 22 ammo, I will just shoot my larger calibers.