Shooting the Springfield Armory CQB 16

We posted about the release of Springfield Armory’s SOCOM 16 CQB earlier on TFB, but at SHOT I got a chance to run a magazine through it, and get some hands on time. Perhaps a little late in the game, but Springfield Armory is trying to break into some of the black rifle market with this new rifle, by modernizing it up to certain standards with a pistol grip, AR style stock, and a Vortex reflex sight. Although some might argue on the choice of the stock, or even the look of it, from a practical standpoint, it makes some economical sense. Not everyone has the patience or money to deal with purchasing an M1A, and on top of that, an EBR stock. Through the CQB model, people who want something already set up in a similar way, can have it all ready from the factory.

The telescoping stock is on an AR dimensioned, 7 position tube, so shooters can remove the factory stock and replace it with any AR stock on the market. The pistol grip is actually an AK style grip and mounted as such, instead of an AR pistol grip that I originally thought it had on it. The Springfield Armory reps told me that this was because the designers liked the grip angle of the AK than that of an AR. In addition, shooters aren’t limited to the supplied picatinny rail segments, because underneath these are an M LOK system. The reason for M LOK over Keymod was because of the polymer construction that lead itself better to a square opening, rather than a complex Keymod opening. _MG_7241 _MG_7242 _MG_7244 _MG_7245 _MG_7246 _MG_7247 _MG_7248 _MG_7249 _MG_7250 _MG_7251 _MG_7252the angle of the AK grip over the AR one. Unfortunately the rifle will still ship with a 10 round magazine, and this is because many of their customers are living in states that have magazine restrictions. However, a coupon for a 20 round magazine will be included in the purchase.



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  • Lance

    Arc Angel seems to partner with Springfield inc alot these days.

  • Bill

    I’m not sure Springfield was “late” to anything, they are just giving the purchaser what they think they want, though unless you have to adjust for armor or storage a collapsible stock isn’t really needed. The SOCOM and Scout Squad have been out for years.

  • aweds1

    What type of mount is that for the optic? Can it be used with other kinds of optics, too?

    • Griz

      I believe it mounts to the stripper clip guide, restricted to smaller red dots in that position. If you want a magnified optic you’re going to want to utilize the scout rail on the rifle(included).

  • Griz

    M1a is a bucket list gun. This version is at the bottom of the list for me. Ballistics are imimportant when going up to .308, a 18″ barrel or longer makes a bug difference. I’m glad it isn’t another AR….ummm oh, it’s an m1a, AR, AK Franken gun.

    • Griz

      God Dang auto correct!

    • Jason Guhl

      Get the scout, it’s the best all around. It’s my favorite.

  • Slvrwrx

    So when if ever is Springfield going to offer an XD/XDM in .22lr? 😀

  • Jim B

    Bought my M1A prior to Clinton’s ban. Picked up several nice wood and fiberglass stocks from Fred’s. Great gun. But I think the stock on this new model is about the ugliest thing I have ever seen. Hurts my eyes and looks cheap to boot.

  • Jeebus

    “CQB” and “M14” are not two words I usually put together.

    • Just say’n

      Nor is “CQB” and “7.62×51”.

      Of course, if you miss, then at least the bad guy will be deaf and blind from being shot at with a .308 at close range.

    • n0truscotsman

      Which is why I really cant recommend the ‘socom 16’ TBH.

  • ThingsNwhatnot

    I haven’t seen many stocks that kills the beautiful lines of the M14, but this one does it.

  • dave

    Is the stock bedded or mounted?

    • AD_Rtr_OS

      The Archangel stock for the M1A (Archangel AAM1A, from which this is derived) is precision inletted in the molding process to be a direct drop-in for the M1A/M14 action.
      For those who think they require further inletting, the stock material is compatible with most inletting compounds. Experience has shown that doing so is just gilding the lily.

  • Zachary marrs

    You don’t buy an m1a because it makes economical sense

  • nadnerbus

    I’m not familiar with other ban states’ laws, but at least in California this is still illegal even with a ten round magazine. Seems like a cop out to me. It’s easy enough to change the magazine out for rifles destined to restrictive states. Give the free state customers the proper dang magazine, Springfield, you charge enough.

    I wonder if M1A sales are finally starting to flag. This monstrosity seems kind of desperate to make the M1A something it isn’t, and really never will be. And it is not compatible with at least my states restrictive laws, so it doesn’t even have that going for it.

    • Phil Hsueh

      You’re totally right, this is definitely illegal in CA unless they’ve come up with a bullet button for M1As, but even with a bullet button it might become illegal regardless because it’s an evil semi-auto rifle with a removable mag.

  • Evan

    Good initiative, but that stock is hideously ugly. The Sage EBR stocks and the Troy chasis do the same thing without looking like crap. They’re also really expensive though….

  • Wingbert

    does the red dot cowitness?

  • VolkCNC

    A dozen pictures and not a single one that shows the entire rifle. Come on, man!

    • Rock or Something

      There was an earlier article that did.

  • RenHoek

    Is that a Hi Point?

    Still love the standard M1A…

  • Holdfast_II

    The appearance is puketastic. I like ARs. I like M14s, I do not like this vile mashup,

  • Nice, but if you want modernization, consider installing your SOCOM 16 M1A in the lightweight Blackfeather “RS”, and adding the “LSP”