Samco Global up for auction

Samco Global was a firearms importer and distributer that has been around for decades. Recently the company got into a large legal battle in July of 2015. This was between two of the owners both arguing over how much of the company the other owned and who owed whom. That legal battle has ended in the company filing for bankruptcy, and the entire warehouse inventory is now up for auction. Unfortunately this isn’t an individual auction where the public can attend, and bid on firearms like with Rock Island Auction Company or James Julia. The auction is for the entire warehouse, of not just firearms, but also all the assorted ammunition, spare parts, and warehouse equipment such as forklifts and tools. A local Miami newspaper lists the assets and liabilities from one to ten million dollars, while the actual auction page lists it as 1.5 million dollars. It is a pity that such a good supply of historic rifles had to go under due to money squabbling, but it appears that it was for the best, many people have recently complained of bad service from the company, and it appears to have been equally mismanaged from the inside.

Take a look at the inventory, and there are some pretty interesting finds. I think they have several examples of every company that ever produced an M1 Carbine during World War Two, great find there. Almost all of their rifles are pre 1960s military surplus as well.

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  • I just love those firearms wearhouse images and would spend hours looking around at all the historic items therein. It is sad to see another longtime supplier going OOB.

  • I now wish I had bought a lotto ticket.

    • Knight

      I’d sell it all as part of my private collection and shove a middle funger up the governments bunghole.

      • Common Man

        Hum, sounds reminiscent of Pat Burns. That is Exactly what he did, it took him a few years, but he sold every Finn M39 on the planet for a few years. His website is still there but I’ve not seen any M-39s for sale in a long time. He dropped his 01 FFL and his importer license, and sold everything of as a private individual.

  • Oh my…. Is it hot in here?


  • Lance

    Mauser heaven!!!

  • Full Name

    Well, that explains why their website has gone dark

  • Gjert Klakeg Mulen

    Now i just need a small loan 1.5 million dollars.

  • Joe

    Damn shame, hope it all turns back up on the open market shortly.

  • skusmc

    I want to live there.

  • Rooftop Voter

    They are south of me about 70 miles and I have been there many times. We would go on ammo runs when the price was the best around and we would each grab about 4 crates of ammo. They had tons of SKS rifles and yes, the ammo was always stacked that high in the warehouse. Every time we visited, there was always a semi unloading stuff into the warehouse. Gun porn for sure!

  • Poppa Grock

    Don’t worry. Bloomturd will be along shortly to buy it all up… and have it destroyed.

  • John Smith

    F! I was just about to buy a rifle from them too! I went to their website and it was offline.

  • Bon Secour

    Damn, I really liked doing business with the guys and gals at Samco.

  • JoelM

    Is that an entire crate of GEW88 bolts with heads? Didn’t they import and sell a ton of those rifles that were missing bolts a few years ago (actually yes they did because I bought one for $28).

  • Mosin miser

    I visited them a few times and bought a couple rifles from them. Always very friendly and would talk shop for as long as you were there. A real shame, I’ll miss them and their collections.

  • Common Man

    I had just gotten an 1895 Chilean 7mm Mauser (Lowell Berlin) from them in December. It is beautiful, I was trying to order a Spanish Mauser and a Swiss K31 to go with my 1898 Swiss just TWO DAYS later, BOOM, they were DOA. Over the past many years I had purchased many fine surplus firearms from them, I will miss them very much.

  • Common Man

    AIM does not have deep enough pockets, nor does SOG. Century Arms may well be the only player on the block with the pockets deep enough.

    • nova3930

      I’m not particular about who, I just don’t want to see them sold for scrap or something similar.

      • Common Man

        I AGREE with that! So many beautiful rifles. If I had any inclination of what was about to happen I would have gotten several. In the past I’ve always gotten great rifles from them, their 24/47s at one point were the most beautiful mausers on the market. I’m hoping Century gets them, then places like AIM and SOG will have them eventually.