PR 15 Pistol (SHOT Show 2016)

At the day before Industry Day at the Range, we swung by the Radom booth and were charmed by this little pistol fresh from Poland. Disassembly is easy, the pistol feels nice in the hand, and they are now pending ATF approval for importation.

Thanks to Industry Day at the Range for hosting us:

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Porty1119

    Nifty! Any word on the expected street price?

    • Unfortunately no. The pistols are in ATF approval limbo, and the reps from Poland were unable to provide a solid street price for a gun that is pretty far out.

  • Twilight sparkle

    Nice to see the recoil guid rod comes out easily too 😉

  • Riot

    Guide assembly: “I want to be free!”

    Could be a good first handgun since the disassembly is so easy – depends on price obviously.

  • seems very Beretta 92 like. A lot of the same lines on the frame

    • thedonn007

      I think that is due to the beavertail and trigger guard. The Slide looks like a P226, the picatinny rail reminds me of another pistol. I guess there are only so many ways to make a pistol look unique.

  • Lance

    Another polymer 9mm pistol…. YAWN!!!

    • Jghnc

      Another post by Lance…. YAWN!!!

    • PL

      At least it’s not another 1911

      • Poconosnow

        This! 1911’s and Ar’s seem to be new grounds for manufacturer’s these days. Am I the only one that is sick of them? Some new ideas that do not cost a leg would be nice. Hear that Sig and IWI?

    • Looks like an aluminum frame to me….

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip

      Yeah too bad it’s not made of an overly heavy material and in an unneccessarily large caliber to appeal to more people who chose firearms on nostaligia and image than any sense of practicality, then we might have something

  • JumpIf NotZero

    I’m surprised because the Walther PPQ came from Radom tinkering with the P99… This gun… Looks like it clearly came from… a different department.

  • OCD_Weaponry

    I hope this can sail through the ATF approval process along with every other thing that Radom makes. This company makes some really cool guns…probably getting their military ready to face another russian invasion!

  • santi

    I loved the John Woo reference.