Beretta M9… In .22LR (SHOT Show 2016)

The Beretta M9 has served the United States military for decades now, and one could see how a .22lr version may well be beneficial as a training aide or just a fun plinker. At Media Day at the Range 2016 (the day before, technically) Patrick takes a look at the .22 version of the famous pistol.

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • While I agree that an M9 in .22 is pretty cool, .22 is still scarce and what you do find is at prices that approach a CPR of 9mm. I wish the WalMart hoarders would knock it off, or, maybe this is just the new normal with .22.

    • De Facto

      It’s true, 22lr isn’t as cheap as it used to be. I can find it reliably in my neck of the woods for about 10 cents a round. 9mm is usually closer to 20 cents. So still worth it, to me anyway. I’d love to see prices drop back to 5 cents a round but doubt that’ll ever happen.

      • Greg Thompson

        People also doubted we’d ever see $1.60 gas again, and, well, here we are

        • De Facto

          I’d love nothing more to be proven wrong. Much as I enjoy my other firearms in other calibers, none have come close to giving me the sheer volume of simple enjoyment the lowly 22lr has.

      • HSR47

        It may be half the price, but it’s not even half as satisfying; In order to get the same satisfaction out of it, I need to shoot a much larger quantity of ammo, and that destroys any financial benefit.

    • Kefefs

      “.22 is still scarce and what you do find is at prices that approach a CPR of 9mm”

      What? What I’ve seen is that .22 LR can be had for $0.10/rnd, seemingly regardless of brand, if you cave to the artificially inflated prices. You can find it everywhere for that price online. Otherwise if you keep an eye out you can still occasionally find ammo for $0.04-$0.08/rnd.

      Even at $0.10/rnd that’s still half the price of the cheapest 9x19mm.

  • Nick Wong

    My friend already has one – it’s been released and distributed out to the public already, just not heavily publicized. Unfortunately, his safety lever fell off (Right side)… but Beretta sent a replacement…

    • De Facto

      Aside from the safety lever issue, what was his overall impression of the gun? I have to assume that since it’s beretta it won’t be as cheesy & cheap as the low end 22’s.. *cough-Chiappa-cough*

      • Nick Wong

        From his post on the NJ Gun Forums:

        This is NOT a Chiappa. The weight, grip, fit, finish, and overall feel is extremely close to a regular M9/92 series… except it eats .22lr food.

        The box says Beretta, the grips have the Beretta trident, the take down is the same, the trigger feels the same, all the controls are the same, even the recoil spring and barrel come out the same. The only give away it’s NOT actually made by Beretta is the dust cover marking “Made in Germany by Umarex.”

        This morning’s outing allowed me to put about 150 rounds down range, and I can that I’m extremely happy with this purchase. I’ve been hunting for a full sized .22lr to practice with, and being a lefty I have certain “needs” for the controls. I’ve been kicking myself since last Christmas as I was going to pick up the .22lr conversion kit from Beretta when the price was heavily discounted, but I chose not to at that time. Now i’m glad I procrastinated. When I found it it wasn’t actually made by Beretta I was a little nervous, but after holding it last night at the dealer I could tell my concerns were unfounded.

  • BattleshipGrey

    I wonder how much they had to lighten the slide.

    • Ewit

      From the pictures I’ve seen, and the fact that it’s made by Umarex, the slide looks to be aluminum.

      • Jack Morris

        Probably Zinc. Lightweight, but wayyyy too soft for handgun slides.

        • De Facto

          According to their marketing rep the slide is made of Aluminum.

  • De Facto

    Crap. One day into SHOT show and I already have to buy a new gun. I wonder if I can order one of these immediately.

    • EWit

      Davidson’s (GalleryOfGuns) has them in stock right now for roughly $440 out the door.

  • ltulrich

    Excellent training tool. Was looking at Mosquito, or a Glock conversion, but this is even more perfect. Any info on cost?

    • De Facto

      $430 according to their website 😀
      I’ll post the link but it’ll be a while before the comment is approved.

      • Nick Wong

        MAP price is $398 I think…

      • ltulrich

        That’s not bad, same as Mosquito. Thanks!

  • john huscio

    Why don’t they just bring back the 87…..

    • Ewit

      Davidson’s (GalleryOfGuns) has two 87 Target models in stock right now for roughly $975 out the door. Not sure if they are currently making them or if they are new old stock.

  • Adam

    When I can walk into the store and buy .22lr again I’ll be looking to buy one of these.

  • Lance

    Chippa beat them to this 2 years ago!

  • Don

    Lost all interest as soon as I heard the word Umarex. I had a Umarex “Walther” P22, should have bought a Hi-Point instead.

    • De Facto

      My experience with Umarex has been positive. I have had the HK MP5A5 (licensed by HK funded by Walther made by Umarex, I believe. Could be wrong on that.) for about 4 years and 5,000 rds now and it’s run without a hiccup, aside from one or two dud rounds that showed a clear firing pin stamp. I think when a big name attaches their name to an Umarex product they’re made to a higher standard.

    • Jack Morris

      Here’s another angle of my Umarex pistol. They really are built like cap guns.
      The slide cracked in half at the slide lock.

  • nobody

    >made by Umarex

    Have fun with your cracked slides. Full slide .22 pistols have always been bad news.

    • Jack Morris

      The last time I bought a Umarex 22, this happened:
      Yeah…. never again.

  • JDC

    Have watched a few of these videos with him. So far, he has covered the end of the barrel with his hand in every one and brushed it briefly towards his stomach in this one. Not going to win any gun safety points, gun guy or not.

  • A Fascist Corgi

    I never really understood the appeal of .22 LR. For the people that argue that it’s good for training because it’s cheap(er), airsoft guns are way, way cheaper; and they’re way safer to shoot and easier to maintain. You don’t even need hearing protection. You can also do force on force training with airsoft guns. And you can have airsoft guns that replicate real guns almost exactly mailed directly to your house.

    Airsoft > .22 LR.

    • Leigh Rich

      Airsoft is not a real GUN. It is a toy.

    • De Facto

      Nah, I love airsoft but it’s not a replacement for the 22lr. I spent many hours shooting airsoft in my teens, but I find plinking with a 22lr to be a bit more satisfying, and I could use a 22lr for self defense in a pinch.

  • Kefefs

    “…made by Umarex”

    NOPE. Lost me there, sorry.

    I really wish more manufacturers would make their own .22s instead of handing them off to the monkeys at Umarex. I’m glad at least S&W wised up and made the M&P22 Compact themselves. That’s a great pistol, and miles ahead of the Umarex-made full size M&P22 in quality.

  • Leigh Rich

    Where is the 22 ammo for the zinc pistol

  • stu gotz

    If was stamped “Beretta” instead of “Umarex” I’d be interested. But it’s disingenuous of Beretta to call it an M9, which is misleading and deceptive. The quality won’t be there.

  • De Facto

    Thanks; your thread convinced me to purchase one, and it’s currently en-route to my FFL.