Aklys QD Kel-Tec Shotgun Suppressor

Kel-Tec brought out their line of firearms to the range at Media Day. The suppressed KSG caught my eye. At first glance I thought it was a SilencerCo Salvo 12 but the shape is different. This is made by Aklys Defense and uses a unique QD attachment muzzle device. This allows the user to install muzzle brakes, standoff devices and their suppressor at a whim. The suppressor retails for just a little over $1,000. Check them out here.

Nicholas C

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  • HKGuns

    Seriously? Posting a video of a guy mucking around the business end of a shotgun with a round chambered? Sure the safety was on but that gun should have been clear before he messed with the muzzle.

    Please take the video down.

    • Luke

      ha just beat me to it. I agree

    • GearHeadTony

      Dear internet,
      Please remove everything that I disagree with.
      I’ll wait……..

      • Hkguns

        Right, because that is even remotely safe. Gotcha genius and the rest of the COD players that frequent this blog.

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      Though I agree, always keep guns pointed in a safe direction and at things you don’t intend to injure or kill,
      GIVE IT A REST! The people can’t hear you and they aren’t going to change.

  • Luke

    ummm….dq for passing hand over muzzle of loaded shotgun….?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Oh, so you mean KSG 😉

  • Bullphrog855

    Safety aside, that is pretty freaking cool.

  • Machinegunnertim

    They showed this off a couple of years back at SHOT show. It seems like Aklys has taken a long time to bring back products that previously had the Red Jacket Firearms name attached to them.

    • Well they had to restructure and exorcise everything connected to Will Hayden. That takes some time.

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      I know, damn shame his stench got all over so many other good people and companies.

  • Nick

    Attachment method seems sketchy. I’d be afraid it would fall off.

  • Edeco

    I want to see this in “No Country for Old Men 2: Anton Rides Again”

  • Jason

    Whoa. Where do you get that multicam cabbie hat dude is wearing in the video?

    • Nicholas Chen

      That is actually Pencott Greenzone camo and it is a flat cap. Custom made in Poland.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    Awesome. Three good purposes;
    Saves hands
    Looks good