[SHOT 2016] AR platform .510 Beck

A company by the name of Beck Defense, in collaboration with Devil Dog Arms, and Lancer, has brought out a new cartridge by the name of .510 Beck. The cartridge is a monster round that is fired from an AR rifle, along the lines of an AR10. Similar to other large cartridges that have come out in rest years, the round is designed for hunting. But unlike some of these other rounds, it has a straight walled case. This could allow it to be used in certain states that are very restrictive when it comes to hunting with rifles, while allowing handgun cartridges. Because the case is straight walled, it allows it to be defined as not a rifle cartridge and be used in these restrictive states for hunting. Devil Dog Arms makes the rifles, Beck Defense developed the cartridge, while Lancer makes the straight magazines. The cartridge itself is absolutely massive in size, but has comparable recoil to a 12 gauge shotgun. I’ve posted a video on youtube showing a shooter at SHOT shooting one of these rifles on the line. Bullet weights go from 327 grains to 610 grains. In addition they have a number of different types of bullets that can be loaded in it, including one with a metal sabot surrounding a .308 bullet.

_MG_7423 _MG_7424 _MG_7425 _MG_7428


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  • OCD_Weaponry

    I believe this round and gun would perform quite nicely against wild boars!

  • Jim

    .510? Destructive device? Or does the intended hunting use exempt it.

    • The number describes the case diameter. The rounds are .500.

      • ostiariusalpha

        Nope. Both the 50 BMG and this cartridge fire projectiles with diameters of .510″, and that is the perfectly fine as long as the bore of the weapon they are fired from has a diameter of only .5″ between the lands.

  • HenryV

    Off on a tangent I think the .50AE would be an interesting carbine round. 🙂

    • Guest

      there are ARs in .50 AE, i’ve shot one and it was a blast.

      • HenryV

        I shall do a google search. 🙂

  • Mark

    Shame they didn’t test its penetration ON A PANEL DOOR…

  • Greg Beals

    I’m new to the whole AR field, but what would be needed to convert a regular 5.56 to a .510, or .308, etc? Pretty much need to buy .308 or .510 versions of all the main components right?

    • raz-0

      .308 ARs are bigger than 5.56 ARs. You have to start with the larger platform for the larger calibers. All the larger caliber conversions are based off of a the .308 AR receiver (well one of them, there are several varieties out there that are not 100% compatible, it’s non-standard unlike the mil-spec used for 5.56 AR bits).

  • Michael R. Zupcak

    Does it work for FOX news?

  • Justin

    I wonder if the reloading components will be available. I’d love to get my hands on so .50 dia bullets to load for my Beowulf but I’d have to check the specs to make sure I have enough room for powder.

    Respectfully Submitted

  • Leigh Rich

    There are ARs in 50Beowolf. Isn’t over 50 illegal except in select states with restrictions? A DD…GLEN BECK?

  • dltaylor51

    What is the parent cartridge used to form the brass?I would love to see this round in a Marlin lever action carbine with a 16”barrel,a 600gn bullet would be a real thumper.

    • RICH

      It would be a real a$$ kicker in the brush !

      • dltaylor51

        I think it would be,I have a 45-70 that i shoot a 535gn.r.n. cast bullet out of at 1350fps so i have all the thump i need for hunting already without gearing up for another round.If i were in a urban survival situation where moving from bldg to bldg was my only option the automatic format and 30 rnd clip of the Beck would come in real handy,even wearing steel body armor it would hurt like a bastard to get thumped with it and without armor you’d pop like a stepped on grape.

  • RICH

    A great video…. that shows absolutely ‘nothing’ ! A 327 to a 610gr bullet, no ballistics, no information, no nothing….! PLEASE… come up with a ‘bit’ more information on this platform. It could prove to be really interesting.

  • BigFED

    As old as I am, folks keep coming up with solutions for problems I have never seen in 72 years!!! Just what/how does this “new” round do that is/can not be done with an existing round? Nothing on the receiving end will know the difference. I see this and the first thing I think of is Jack O’Connor and his venerable Winchester .270 with which he is reputed to have taken almost anything that could be hunted! And from what I have read is that his “other” gun was a 7×57 Mauser.

  • Lee Attiny

    they essentially took a 500 Phantom cartridge and modified it so it
    wouldn’t eject from a standard .308 ejection port or work with a
    standard OEM 20 round magazine. They added proprietary barrel threading
    so people would be forced to use their muzzle devices. Oh, and instead
    of the 8 choices of ammo that the 500 phantom had you now only have 4,
    all sold only by us. Sounds great!