Springfield Armory Socom 16 CQB introduced

Not a company to let their product line stay the same, Springfield Armory has come out with a new M1A, this one aimed at being a “CQB“, or Close Quarters Battle rifle. It looks like they have made the leap into really modernizing the M1A from the factory, different from how many shooters buy an M1A, then add the Archangel stock, or a Sage EBR. In this case Springfield Armory is offering a stock set up similar to the aftermarket Sage, but this time from the factory. They incorporated a collapsible stock with a raised cheek wield, standalone pistol grip, and picatinny rail segments at the 12,3,6, and 9 o’clock positions. The rest of the stock is modeled after the Archangel especially in regards to the magazine well. However one of the most important additions, is the mounting of a reflex sight in the position of the scope mount/stripper clip loading section. The sight is a Vortex Venom Red Dot. This setup is optional from the factory, with the basic rifle separate from the reflex sight. But each rifle will have an XS front sight installed. However, the rifle will come with a 10 round magazine, which is somewhat perplexing because Springfield Armory always includes these, while everyone eventually goes out and gets the 20 round magazines later on.



A modernized descendant of the distinguished M14 and M1A™ rifles, the SOCOM 16 CQB is designed for serious defensive use as its Close Quarters Battle name implies.

Nearly ten inches shorter than the M1A™ standard model, the CQB offers quick and easy handling for defensive use indoors or out. The authoritative .308 chambering with optional 20-round magazines won’t leave you wanting more fight-stopping effectiveness.

If you’re looking for a defensive rifle, you’ll find the CQB outfitted right out of the box with the features that can make all the difference when it counts. The adjustable buttstock, with 5 position length and 2 position adjustable cheek piece, is mounted on a standard AR-type commercial buffer tube, so you can always choose the perfect stock for your needs from hundreds of AR-compatible stocks. The AK-style pistol grip places the exact grip angle and distance desired between the hand and trigger, and the CQB accepts any standard AK-style replacement.

The CQB stands ready for the addition of your favorite gear with the M-Lok compatible system. One seven-slot and two three-slot rail segments, factory installed, that can be mounted at the three, six, or nine o’clock positions. Also there is a fixed top rail that provides the perfect location for a scout optic should your needs dictate engaging from a distance.

Out of the box, you’ll be ready to hit your target quickly day or night. An XS front post front sight with tritium insert appears effortlessly through the aperture rear sight, and an optional factory CQB rifle comes equipped with a proprietary Springfield Armory® clip guide red dot mount with a Vortex® Venom Red Dot sight which enables fast target acquisition indoors or out.

Not to leave out the finishing touches, we’ve packaged this new SOCOM 16 CQB in a custom ballistic nylon tactical case complete with internal supports, owners manual storage, and pockets for up to three magazines.



Infantry Marine, based in the Midwest. Specifically interested in small arms history, development, and usage within the MENA region and Central Asia. To that end, I run Silah Report, a website dedicated to analyzing small arms history and news out of MENA and Central Asia.

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  • salty

    nice, now design it like a sporter saiga where the trigger can be moved from so far aft on the gun…thus giving you shorter LOP and a better implementation of the pistol grip….

    oh ya, and first!!!!

    • JumpIf NotZero

      No one does that first nonsense since 2002. It’s not cool. It’s for idiots.

      • Patrick R.


      • Nate H


      • Indiana Finney


  • Anonymoose

    Don’t really like the gap between the trigger guard and grip, and I’d rather have a low-mounted non-scout scope than the red dot or a scout scope, but otherwise this looks awesome! Is there anyway to get the stock separately?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Agreed. The only time I’de complain about dat gap tho.

    • The gap has to be there in order to unlatch the triggerguard when dismounting the trigger group.

  • Rick5555

    I love my two M1A’s….not digging this set up. Seems if Springfield is attempting to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. The monte carlo type stock is just fine. The M1A is a classic and just looks like the company is trying to modernize the firearm. When it doesn’t need it. Just my opinion. I’m sure plenty of people will dig this style.

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip

      Why do you own a car? You have two feet. Just trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist…

  • Joe Lamb

    I wonder if it makes any noise…

    • Edeco

      Nope, probably not. Nor any recoil.

    • The Brigadier

      Oh it will be very loud and that is not a bad thing in a CQB rifle simply for the pucker effect.

    • James Madison

      “I wonder if it makes any noise…”

      I guarantee it makes a helluva lot more noise than sense

  • Michael Acuna


  • Nick

    That thing is fugly.

    • The Brigadier

      Beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder. I think it looks magnificent.

    • Smedley54

      Yeah, it has a face only a former Marine could love…

  • AD

    It doesn’t really look like the most practical weapon for close quarters use to me, but then I don’t have any experience with that sort of thing. However, regardless of how they market it, I’m sure it would work fine as general-purpose rifle; thought a scope might prove more useful than a micro red dot sight (possibly something like a 1-4x variable?).

  • DAN V.

    If I had the $ burning a hole, I’d chose a SCAR 17s over this atrocity.

    • thedonn007

      Is it the same price as a SCAR 17s? How does the accuracy compare?

      • Jason Guhl

        The Scar 17 will be a lot more accurate out of the box. This is coming from an M1A lover. Never really liked the Socom though.

      • BillC

        M1A’s have issues of staying accurate over a long time. Won’t affect a casual shooter though. Just look up the history of the M14/M1A, it was a pain to accurize and keep accurate.

        • The Brigadier

          Here we go again, the demonization of the M1 line of rifles by the
          AR motherlovers. Why don’t you all just marry your AR and live happily ever after.

          • Jesse Foust

            No one mentioned any AR here at all. You have an overly heavy chip on your shoulder. The SCAR 17 is a better rifle in every single category other than romanticism. It’s lighter, more ergonomic, more reliable and more accurate. The M1A lives on only because people like them. Nothing wrong with that, but to claim that it’s being “demonized” because it no longer measures up is just making yourself a martyr.

          • The Brigadier

            Perhaps, except for the short barrel length. Most SCARs only have a 16″ barrel length and that reduces the velocity from 2700 FPS to 2300 FPS.

          • Louis Chapman

            I love the M1 to death, and it’s one of my favored rifles. That said, having to completely remove the action from the stock every time you want to clean the weapon properly is neither practical nor conducive to accuracy. Frankly, I’d rather have a comparable FAL or G3. There’s a reason it was only our service rifle for a record-low 5 years.

          • BDUB

            Well, the M1A manual specifically mentions that you shouldn’t remove the action every time you clean it – you should do so only rarely for thorough maintenance and services only. Just sayin’.

          • The Brigadier

            Because with the chamber brush tool you have access to the chamber to clean it. The trigger assembly does not get that dirty and that obviates the need to remove the action every time you shoot. By the way, removing the action is simple and you can use the chamber tool as a pull bar to do that. One pull and the action is separated. The AR requires you pull two pins to do the same thing. I have both rifles and neither are difficult to pull the action.

          • BDUB

            I own both as well, but there is a good reason both of my ARs are also gas piston rifles.

          • Anon. E Maus

            Don’t have to be an AR lover to see the deficiencies of the M1A action and design.

          • The Brigadier

            In your opinion.

          • John Willis

            and what might those be ??? read the Brigadier’s post below the M1A never got our own people killed stoner and olin new there were probs and pushed the colt in because of politics and economics ,id call that a “deficiency” ,,

          • CommonSense23

            Don’t believe anything the Brigadier says. The guy is a absolute idiot.

  • Edeco

    Credit where due I said t’other day I’d take the AR first for precision, but if one must have a 16″ automatic 308*, the M1A would be my pick of the litter. Albeit I’d want the solid synthetic rifle stock… kind of more length, but trim, probably lower weight at a given stiffness.

  • OCD_Weaponry

    Looks pretty freakin cool but in my opinion a buyer could purchase a modern .308 rifle like the desert tech MDR and be happier with the 70yr leap in small arms technology. Not to mention mounting optics on m1a’s can be a nightmare!

    • De Facto

      After waiting since shot show 2014, I’m not waiting any longer for another piece of vapor ware. Anyone who wants a 308 rifle should consider an ar10 or a m14 before the election. If Hillary is elected expect an AWB. The Desert tech MDR has really missed the boat.

      • Jason Guhl

        Agreed, how do you know how good it is if it isn’t even here? I think the Scar 17 is the best 308 option out there.

        • CommonSense23

          What makes you think the 17 is the best option there is?

          • Jason Guhl

            The combination of weight, track record, out of the box accuracy and recoil management. I wish I could afford one. This is coming from a guy who has 2 M1A’s. AR’s in 308 are too heavy generally and the good one cost as much as the Scar anyway. The one thing I don’t like about the scar is the reciprocating charging handle.

          • CommonSense23

            Being pretty familiar with the SCAR program wouldn’t say it has a good track record. There is a reason JSOC didn’t adopt the guns.

          • James Madison

            “Being pretty familiar with the SCAR program wouldn’t say it has a good track record. There is a reason JSOC didn’t adopt the guns.”

            Credible source for these comments?

          • CommonSense23

            That JSOC never adopted the guns? Pretty well known.

          • Anon. E Maus

            Is that reason that they’re very expensive?

        • De Facto

          I would mostly agree; Battlefield Las Vegas spoke highly of their FN SCAR’s in terms of reliability over thousands of rounds. Only problem is the price and the weak folding stock. FAL is just as proven and cheaper, though not as light. The PTR 91 is also a good option. Still don’t understand why FN doesn’t offer a fixed stock version of the SCAR.

        • OCD_Weaponry

          Based on Desert Tech’s past history of innovation, current product line, and their integrity as a company (not selling to Pakistan) I am supremely confident that the MDR will be king of .308 bullpup rifles in short order. The big question for me is how well it will do in extreme conditions of dirt and grime.

      • OCD_Weaponry

        At this years shot show they are taking orders for the MDR. The ar-10 and FAL are 40 year old technologies. And you shouldn’t live in fear of Hillary if she bans freedom you should stand up and do something about it. Desert Tech has developed what looks to be a nice rifle and that takes a lot of time and resources.

        • De Facto

          Taking orders, yes. Depending on their production ability, you could have a long wait. If Hillary puts through another AWB the only guns we’ll have are the ones we already own, in which case we’d be defending freedom with whatever is on hand and battle tested. I’d love to have a bullpup .308, but I’m not willing to be a first gen buyer and I’m not waiting another year to buy.

          • OCD_Weaponry

            I got ya buddy. My thoughts on another AWB and Hillary is our gun rights have taken a beating lately and that might be the straw that breaks the camels back (enough is enough). The m1a, ar10, and fal will do just fine but for the sake of having the best rifle my pick would be a MDR. My current .308 is a VEPR AK platform that im holding onto in case I cant get a MDR.

          • M40

            It’s not panic time folks. We all need to remember that even if elected, Shrillary can’t unilaterally put ANYTHING through. Laws have to go through congress, so it would take a nationwide landslide Dem sweep to supplant the current conservative majority.

            Shrillary and Bernie “Red” Sanders are making all sorts of sweeping “I would immediately do X” promises, but they’re about as empty as any other Democrat promise.

            What we WOULD have to endure is years of her intolerable shrieking about the “obstructionist” congress, accusations that they are killing children, etc etc.

          • Daisuke0222

            Say what you like about Bernie, but his record on guns is pretty good, especially considering where he falls on the political spectrum. As for Trump, he’s got a lot of populist appeal and he’s currently saying all the right things with respect to the 2nd Amendment, but I don’t think he has any deep seated love for firearms. At best I’d guess a President Trump would be agnostic on gun issues (much like Obama, at least in terms of practical impact).

            Shrillary (I love that moniker, BTW) is a gun banner through and through, but I doubt she could move anything through the Congress. She’s more politically tone deaf than Obama, and she turns off just about everyone, so I don’t see an AWB in our future, though if she got to the WH I’m sure she’d talk a good game and whip the base into a frenzy as often as she could.

          • M40

            “Say what you like about Bernie, but his record on guns is pretty good”… REALLY? Pretty good? The guy was bragging in the debates that the NRA rates him at a D-minus (that’s pretty bad for a guy that hails from a generally pro-gun state).

            So not only didn’t you watch the debates, but you’re under the impression that Obama is an “agnostic” on the issue? What rock have you been hiding under?

          • Daisuke0222

            I didn’t say anything about Obama being agnostic regarding guns. I said Trump would probably be agnostic on the issue.

            My comments about Sanders were meant to be comparative vs. others on the left. Unlike most liberals, he understands that a one size fits all solution won’t work for guns, and that restrictions generally speaking, miss the mark. I’m not saying he’s perfect on the issue, or even great, but compared to most of the folks on the left he’s at least putting some rational thought into his positions. You may disagree with them but you can’t accuse him of doing it to please the liberal/progressive/Democratic base.

          • Pranqster

            50+ attempts to gut a law signed by the President and confirmed by the Supreme court is pretty much the definition of “obstructionist”

          • M40

            If you meant to say, “50+ spending bills that didn’t include funding for that train wreck”, then sure. According to its proponents, this law was NOT going to involve lots of deficit spending… so why is it “obstructionist” if we don’t engage in lots of deficit spending to fund it?

      • DonDrapersAcidTrip

        Yeah, just like Obama coming to take everyone’s guns, at least according to every old white man in a gun store for the past 8 years.

        • De Facto

          You mean like they’ve done in NY? Or perhaps CA? Whether they actually come to take them or not, expect another firearms sale surge to coincide with the election. ESPECIALLY if Hillary wins. I intend to beat the surge. If Hillary is elected, she has made gun control a big part of her platform. An AWB has already happened once in the US, there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again.

          • The Brigadier

            Hillary has made so many anti-gun statements she has already lost the election. At least half of the Democrats are as ardent gun fans as we all are. I have spoken to the few I know and they say they won’t vote for her. Surprisingly all of them said Trump will get the economy rolling again and they will vote for him. If this is true for all the Dem gun aficionados, she is going to lose handily.

          • Democrats; an endangered feces

            Excellent points.

            Because of the anti-gun insanity of the Azzklown-In-Chief, people tend to subconciously think that all Democrats hate guns and want them taken away. Nope.

            I have several friends and associates that own guns, hunt, love to take an hour or two at the range… but usually vote for anyone with the little “(D)” next to their name (no, I don’t understand it, either).

            That being said, you’d have your hands full trying to take their guns away.

            Hence, that is why it’s not wise to ‘paint” the word with a broad brush….

          • DonDrapersAcidTrip

            “Hence, that is why it’s not wise to ‘paint” the word with a broad brush….” – democrats; an endangered feces

            uh yeah, okay. also as far as the voting thing it could be because liberals turn into how conservatives are on literally everything else for guns: think suddenly life works like some john wayne movie. easier to vote for people dumb on guns than people dumb on everything but guns.

            Also calling obama the “azzclown-in-chief” and his “anti-gun insanity”…lmao literally what are you even talking about. do you any of you even have a grip on reality. I swear the gun community has all the emotional development of a five year old. It’s getting exhausting.

          • David Lanphere

            There are a lot more issues than gun control that the Dems. Stand up for, it’s more of a social platform,rather than a corporate platform

  • BattleshipGrey

    The red dot seems a little underwhelming for so much gun, but hey, this is America and we like options.

  • lowell houser

    Let’s see, SOCOM 16 with a scout mount clamped to the barrel and a plastic copy of the VLTOR stock.

    • Petto

      Well no surprise there , previously Springfield copied the JAE stock and now the VLTOR one – they are really out of ideas

      For the next SHOT show they will copy SAGE EBR stock with plastic ha

      • Texas-Roll-Over

        Looks like a tapco m1a…lol

  • Ax

    Five to ten years ago there was a lot of hype about the M1a platform. The amount of decent AR:s in .308 wasn’t as large as it is today and there was a lot of talk about the inferiority of 5.56 as a fighting round and talk about the inferiority of the AR gas operating system. The most hardcore operators also used mk39 EBR:s instead of SCAR mk17:s and m110:s. Now that you choose from a bunch of lighter and less expensive AR:s in 308 with the same or better accuracy, combined with the fact that the piston-hype is almost over, the market for Springfield’s rifles must be shrinking.

  • Don Ward

    Ah yes. Now we have another weapon designed for an arbitrary make-believe term like “QBR”.

    I fully expect Nathaniel to do a Five Worst QBRs post or I want my money back!

    • DW

      1st place should be M82a1 CQ
      That thing “can” clear a room, but only from outside

      • Zach

        Nah, just take one of those flared flash suppressors off an AA gun, like Han Solo’s DL44, and the fireball does the job from the doorway.

    • The Brigadier

      Nate is the chief demonizer of the M1 line and posts negative articles about those rifles regularly. This in spite of the historical fact that the M1 Carbine has inflicted more casualties than any other military rifle in the entire history of our nation. If you want a really dependable and light assault rifle the M1C is a very good choice.

      • CommonSense23

        Were do you come up with this? And the M1 Carbine isn’t the M1 rifle.

      • Tom Currie

        Do you even know the difference between the Springfield M1A line, the M1 (Garrand) line and the M1 Carbine line — all of which share ONLY the Letter M and the number 1 as part of their names as their total similarity
        I won’t even bother laughing at the rest of your nonsense.

        • CommonSense23

          This a guy who thought the M1A SOCOM was named so due to it being issued to SOCOM.

          • Tom Currie

            That must be SOuthern COMmand

          • CommonSense23

            I am hoping that was sarcasm. If it was, well done.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    The stock seems to be an inch, or more, below the barrel line.

    How will that affect muzzle rise?

  • thedonn007

    Well, that looks interesting. Any word on the MSRP?

  • WFDT

    A 7.62 CQB rifle for people who use a 16-pound sledge to drive finishing nails.

    • The Brigadier

      No its a rifle for people who want to shoot bigger game than mice. Now take your Barbie rifle and go clear a small room or a hooch. That’s what it was designed for.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    No more short barreled M1As please. The only modernization worth considering is the expensive Juggernaut bullpup chassis, and that just makes the longer barrel more appealing.

  • nadnerbus

    I feel like that little optic is going to get the snot beaten out of it by ejecting brass. Though maybe the extractor and ejector is better tuned than mine to throw the brass sideways.

  • idahoguy101

    Got a PTR91 with a 16″ barrel instead

  • Mr_Fastbucks

    I’d rather sit on a flashbang grenade than attempt to fire that weapon inside a confined space. In either case, my eardrums will rupture and bleed.

    • Smedley54

      Since when does any of this make sense?!

      Besides the noise and pressure wave, there would be a fireball to contend with. Much like a flashbang and a flamethrower, but it would definitely clear the room.

  • desert

    How much?

  • Tejanojack

    I’m still saving for a wood “Scout Squad” w/optics, etc. Kleeeen Macheeeen!

  • jeff

    I have an M1A and want a scout model. That said I believe this is a solution looking for a problem.

    • Daisuke0222

      Wondering why .308 would be a better choice for CQB than .223? Seems like you’re losing a lot with that short barrel.

  • Tom Currie

    Leave it to the Marketing Department to take the last good product of the Engineering Department and bastardize it to be a Tacti-Kool toy for Mall Ninjas. Shorten the barrel to get less muzzle velocity and more muzzle flash and add lots of black plastic

  • MartinWoodhead

    Well It’s less stupid than a modernized bar

  • Wingbert

    At one point in my life I had a Scout with a SAGE EBR chassis. It was one sexy firearm but f I were to do it again I would get a SCAR 17.. The trigger on the M1A really isn’t very ergonomic with a pistol grip. I do find the red dot mount on the stripper clip guide interesting.

  • OCD_Weaponry

    Brigadier, I definitely agree with you on the m1a not being a CQB type weapon I think the MP5 would be a better tool for the job. I really dont know why the market seems to want short .308 barrels on their rifles. Seems like you lose alot of velocity and create giant fireballs out of the muzzle. I’m all about finding the best gun out there I think it is the MDR. But that doesnt mean the M1A, FAL, SCAR etc are bad, they are great rifles, just not the best IMHO. Thanks for the mounting info I had a heck of a time finding a solution for optics mounting last year 🙁

  • louieleblanc1@aol.com

    I would rather have this rifle in battle than those POS AR rifles anyday…ARs are the most unreliable rifles in history…That’s why other developed nations would never give their soldiers any AR platform…GARBAGE..

  • CommonSense23

    Where do you come up with this crap. Honestly are you a troll or mentally ill?

    • The Brigadier

      Your ignorance is breathtaking. Read more and babble less.

      • CommonSense23

        I am going mentally ill.

  • This is my SOCOM 16 and I really like this rifle. This one is in the new multi-cam stock.

  • xler8rdoug

    I agree. I was drafted in 66, went through basic at Ft. Benning in the middle of a super cold winter. We trained with the M-14s. I truly loved that rifle. Accurate as hell. I could not miss with it. I had never shot a large caliber rifle but during the introduction was told that recoil was moderate and I was not afraid of it. When we went to the range to sight them in our wussy 2nd Lt. commander told the sergeant let me show the men how to shoot that rifle in full automatic with a twenty round clip. The sergeant said I don’t advise that sir. Nonsense ! He pointed that rifle downrange and when he pulled the trigger it climbed so fast that it threw him on his back and he was shooting at the troops in the bleachers ! We all dove for cover so yes the M-14 should have never been a full auto rifle. The first six shots I made with it on the 25 meter range I put the first three in the same hole, the sergeant didn’t believe it so he laid down beside me and I put the next three in the same hole. He walked down to the target pulled out a dime and could cover the hole with it so he said take three more shots. I put them in the same hole and he could cover the hole with a nickel. Nine 7.62s in the same hole ! I sent that target to my father who lost it eventually. I wish I had an M-14 today. Just my favorite rifle ever. My best friend was the Marine Corps greatest Recon Marine. he was a squad leader. Spent six tours in Vietnam. I’ve seen the citations given to him by the Corp stating that. He told me that he disliked the M-16 and he got M-14s for his men even though they were heavier and the ammo was heavier. They had to have reliability in their missions. Thank you for defending the M-14, and thank you for your service to this great country.

  • Marvin

    I don’t have the CQB, but do own a socom 16, been shooting for over 50 years. This is my favorite rifle. Shoots great, I do not notice recoil, and the round kicks ass. Not getting rid of my ARs, but if I went back to one of those American hating countries and I had a choice, would love to be armed with the Socom.

  • Secundius

    I’d probably go with a 1st Generation Beretta BM-59, in .30-06 instead with Folding Stock…